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Jeezy Net Worth – The entRAPreneur Career and Income

Familiar With Jeezy

Jeezy, also known as Young Jeezy, is one of the most successful rappers with an ever-increasing career and income. Jeezy net worth is estimated at $10 million US dollars. He has the nickname “entRAPreneur” due to his expertise of managing salaries and investments while making music.

Summary tabel
Stage name Jeezy
Legal name Jay Wayne Jenkins
Date of birth September 28, 1977
Gender Male
Height 5′9″ (175 cm)
Net worth $10 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Rapper
Nationality American
  • Legal name & stage name: Jay Wayne Jenkins, otherwise known as Jeezy in the music world.
  • Date of birth: Young Jeezy is a rapper who was born on September 28, 1977 in Columbia, South Carolina, United States
  • Gender & height: Jeezy net worth is so much that he is known as a male rapper with a height of 5′9″ (175 cm), who has been inspiring artists & businesspeople to set and reach their goals.
  • Nationality: Jeezy is an American singer of African descent.
  • Best known for: Once known as Young Jeezy, now he is been known by the stage name Jeezy

Life Story

jeezy net worth

Jeezy net worth puts him on a par with other well-known successful rappers. Jeezy started his career by selling drugs and also having gang ties, but he eventually stopped selling drugs and focused on hip hop music.

Jeezy was just in a bad spot for a bit, but now things are different. He can finally get his life back on track after his experience at the foundation that allows minors who have committed crimes to receive treatment.

  • Jeezy’s Personal life

Young Jeezy recently married his partner, Jeannie Mai. He had previously been involved with several women and one of his relationships was blessed with 3 children. Jeezy hasn’t publicly discussed his personal life in a long time, and as such we don’t have any information about him.


Much of Jeezy net worth comes from his successful rap music career. He started by releasing music on a record label, which later changed its name to CTEWorld. When running this business, he realizes that the work is not easy because he has a lot of things to take care of, while also feeling that he has a talent in music.

He began his career as a rapper under the name Lil J when he released an album with the title “THuggin Under The Influence”. In addition to collaborating with prominent rappers like Lil Jon and Kinki B, he also has his own studio where he produces music.

Then he released Come Shop Wit Me, which includes unreleased tracks. The album was released using his label so it is not exactly known how much the contract value of the album was.

Jeezy’s career took off when he first joined “Boyz n da Hood”. He later moved to Bad Boy Records and got a shining spot on their roster thanks to one of the label’s top producers, Shakir Stewart.

Jeezy’s debut album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was a huge success & ranked 2 on Billboard Top 200. He also worked with famous rappers like Mannie Fresh and Akon. This was the path that boosted Jeezy net worth.

Jeezy Net Worth

jeezy net worth

Jeezy net worth in 2020 as of our calculation stands at $10 million. Jeezy net worth is mostly a royalty income musician and owns many record labels.

  • Music Catalog

Some of the music catalogs that he has are sets of albums (Let’s Get It) which he had made: Thug MOtivation 101 (2005), The Inspiration and USDA (2006-2007), The Recession (2008), TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition and Its Tha World (2010-2012). And finally, he released The Recession 2 in 2020.

  • Real estate

Jeezy bought a penthouse in Peachtree Complex for $1.3 million dollars and a home in Atlanta for $1.5 million dollars. Jeezy also owns a house which was later converted from a studio into a closed off area for $685 in 2016.

  • Jeezy’s sport cars

The two cars still in Jeezy’s garage are a Bentley Mulsanne and a Lamborghini Murcielago. He is unquestionably known for his love of luxury cars.

  • Jeezy’s Businesses

Jeezy net worth comes from a variety of businesses such as Defiance Fuel, which is a beverage product; Agency 99, a marketing agency; Avion Tequila, the beverage company he co-founded with Ken Austin; and Naud Spirits, another beverage company.

  • Fuel Deficiency

It’s fairly easy to find energy drinks in grocery stores throughout the US. This variety of beverage is designed for athletes – both professionals and amateurs.

  • Agency 99

Marketing agency with a full range of creative services that does not go unnoticed. Influencers from this agency are also put to use by clients.

  • Avion Tequila

Jeezy net worth has greater than ever before because he co-created the tequila product with his teammate Ken Austin in 2013.

  • Naud Spirits

Agency 99 just released their another drink brand in September 2021. Naud Spirits is an iconic global beverage brand that is also owned by the agency itself.

  • How much he makes per year?

Although he is one of the richest rappers, it is not known how much net income he gets from his career and business.

  • How does he make money?

For the last 15 years, Jeezy net worth has increased considerably through both album contracts and business income. He also owns a lot of properties that provide him with extra cash.

How Jeezy got so rich?


Jeezy net worth comes from his knowledge of managing salary and income as a musician. He is also good at building relationships so he has several businesses due to the collaborations he does with other prominent figures.

Jeezy Recent Activities

Jeezy has retired from music after completing his last few mixtapes. He also released Seen It All: The Autobiography in 2014, which landed as number 4 on the top 200.

After exiting for good from the world of music, he decided to focus on his existing business. He released at least 3 albums during the period 2016-2019 before stepping away from singing.

With a net worth of over $10 million, Jeezy is stepping back from the music world & focusing on building his business. He also chooses to support his wife’s career who has a reality show of her own.