Blake Mycoskie Net Worth – From Business School Dropout to Billionaire

Blake Mycoskie is a businessman who has great influence in the United States. He is the founder of TOMS Shoes. He was inspired to start the company after seeing a pair of shoes on a child in Argentina that had worn through at the heels.

Blake Mycoskie has donated over 1 million pairs of shoes every year since 2006 for every person in need across the world. Thanks to this business, Blake Mycoskie net worth is currently estimated at $300 million.

Blake Mycoskie is also the man behind the successful TOMS Roasting Company. Because of such a large fortune, it was no wonder that many people were curious about him.

What is the secret that made him so successful and rich? Try to follow the full discussion about Blake Mycoskie through this article.

Summary Table
Stage Name Blake Mycoskie
Legal name Blake Thomas Mycoskie
Date of Birth: August 26, 1976
Gender: Male
Height 177 cm
Net worth $300 million
Salary / earning / income per year $400,000 dollars per year
Profession Businessman and philanthropist
Nationality American

Familiar With Blake Mycoskie

Apart from Blake Mycoskie net worth, there is of course a lot more to know about him. For those of you who are new and don’t know much about Blake Mycoskie, it is advisable to read his biography first since it includes important facts and events that happened during his life.

The following is some important information about Blake Mycoskie that you may not have known before.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • Blake Mycoskie is the name most recognized by the public as the founder of TOMS Shoes and TOMS Roasting Co.
    • The full name of Blake Mycoskie itself is Blake Thomas Mycoskie.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Mycoskie is a male.
    • The person who is called the founder of TOMS Shoes and TOMS Roasting Co. has a height of 177 cm.
  • Nationality:
    • Blake Mycoskie was born and raised in America.
    • At this time he also lives and settles there as a citizen of the United States.
  • What is Blake Mycoskie Best Known for?
    • Many people know Blake Mycoskie as the founder of TOMS Roasting Co.
    • However, he is generally also well known for having run the Shoes for Better Tomorrow business.

Life Story

Blake Mycoskie Early Life

Blake Mycoskie was born in Arlington, Texas on August 26, 1976. His father, Mike Mycoskie, had a job as a renowned orthopedic surgeon and his mother, Pam Mycoskie, was a writer.

His parents were both educated and had a passion for education. He grew up to be a young man who was very smart, but had no other career aspirations besides becoming an entrepreneur.

Blake grew up in a wealthy family that always had money and often traveled to exotic places. He spent most of his childhood and high school years attending private

Blake Mycoskie had a dream to become a tennis player. However, it had to be abandoned because he had suffered from an Achilles tendon injury.

In 2006, he founded TOMS Shoes, which has become a huge success and has grown into one of the largest shoe retailers on earth. In this time, Blake Mycoskie net worth was abundant as an entrepreneur,

Personal life and Education

Blake Mycoskie Family

Mycoskie lives in Jackson, Wyoming. He was once married to Heather Lang, but divorced in 2020.

From this marriage, they have one son named Summit and one daughter named Charlie. Blake Mycoskie also supports a son named Wubetu Shimelash from Ethiopia.

  • Education

Blake Mycoskie attended Arlington Martin High School. After that, he continued his education at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. In 1995, he received a tennis scholarship to attend Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas where he studied journalism and economics.

Blake then went on to start the company that would eventually become TOMS Shoes in 2006 when he had the idea to sell shoes and give away. The company has grown tremendously and touches more than one million lives every year.


Blake Mycoskie net worth was millions of hundreds dollars earned through a long career. How’s the story? Read more below.

  • Starting His Business Career

Blake Mycoskie’s first career business was named EZ Laundry. This idea arose because at that time there was no laundry service available around the campus.

Blake Mycoskie net worth started as EZ Laundry finally grew rapidly. His business earned revenues of almost $ 1 million dollars.

Unfortunatelly, he is no longer actively running the business. In 1999, he sold the business to a friend.

  • Successful Businesses and other Ventures

After selling his EZ laundry business, Blake Mycoskie net worth grew in value as he founded several new businesses.

The first business after EZ Laundry was Mycoskie Media. The company is engaged in the promotion and marketing of music in the country.

In his next job, he co-founded Realty Central, a wireless network for delivering original reality-based content and replays. However, the network was shut down in 2005 following the launch of the Fox Reality Channel.

Blake Mycoskie net worth still gaining even the closure of Reality Central, he decided to be a partner with the founders of and founded Drivers Ed Direct. The company offers training behind the wheel in hybrid and sports vehicles.

  • Creation of Shoes for Better Tomorrow and TOMS Roasting CO.

Blake Mycoskie’s best-known businesses are Shoes for Better Tomorrow and TOMS Roasting Co. From these two businesses, Blake Mycoskie net worth has grown and reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2006, Mycoskie visited Argentina. There he saw many poor children who did not have shoes. Starting from here, he built Shoes for Better Tomorrow. Through this business, he will donate a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes sold.

In 2014, Blake Mycoskie net worth growing fantastically as he founded TOMS Roasting Co., a coffee-based business sourced from trade in Peru, Rwanda, Honduras, Malawi and Guatemala.

Blake Mycoskie Net Worth

Blake Mycoskie net worth, salary and income

Total net worth of entrepreneurs is always interesting to peel. Those who already have a big business can certainly also have a salary and wealth which is fantastic, as is Blake Mycoskie.

Blake Mycoskie net worth is said to be at $300 million. If this value is converted to rupiah, it is approximately Rp. 4.3 trillion.

Not only that, there is still some interesting information about his net worth . Here is the full explanation.

How does he make money?

Blake Mycoskie has a million-dollar fortune because he runs the TOMS Roasting Co. His business is very successful, this can be seen from how its products have spread all over the world.

Apart from TOMS Roasting Co., Blake Mycoskie net worth was also obtained from Shoes for Better Tomorrow.

  • How much does he make per year?

A person with a net worth of $300 million dollars certainly has a very large income. In order to get that much wealth, Blake Mycoskie made approximately $ 400,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 5.74 billion per year.

Belongings and Businesses

The value of a person’s wealth can not only be seen from his total income during his career, but also from the assets he has. Blake Mycoskie net worth in this case can also be seen from his residence.

Blake Mycoskie net worth is also include a house in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles. The house was bought for $3 million. However, right now he is looking to sell it on the real estate market for approximately $7 million.

Apart from his house, the car can also be a testament to Blake Mycoskie net worth. Unfortunately, there is not much information that explains what cars he has. Only one car that has been seen in his house, Land Rover Defender 90, which price is around $ 46,900.

  • Businesses

Blake Mycoskie has actually been through several business, there are including EZ Laundry, Mycoskie Media, Drivers ED Direct, Shoes for Better Tomorrow, and TOMS Roasting Co. However, the only business that gaining Blake Mycoskie net worth is TOMS Roasting Co who still currently running.