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How Much Money Do The Mixer Streamers Make?

how to make money on mixer 2020

How Much Money Do The Mixer Streamers Make? – Mixer streamer is a live streaming video game platform and it is officially launched in the year of 2016. This service carries an emphasis on the interactivity in which low stream latency allows the viewers to perform some actions and can also influence the stream.

This service was introduced by Microsoft in the year of 2016 and then it was renamed as Mixer in the year of 2017. 

How Much Money Does A Mixer Streamer Make?

There are so many option available for the question how much money does a mixer streamer make? Because streaming has become a one of the best way to bring a hobby to the life and it is more interesting in knowing that it also gives some ways to turn it into an income.

At this point everyone asks, but how does that work and how much money a mixer streamers make? Here are some lists of ways to monetize the stream and to start getting some income.

Mixer Monetisation:

Setting up a mixer streamer for our self has become more simple and easy. First you need to sign in to the mixer monetization and you should verify it with some of the personal informations like our name, age, address and so on.

After this sign up process, you should go to the dashboard and then click the monetize tab. After you complete this process you should wait for 24 hours for the verification of your account.

Once the verification process is over, you should sign up with the partner center. This will help you in creating your account by accepting the mixer program agreement and finally gives you the payment information. 

Ways To Get Money From Mixer Streamers:

Some of the ways to get money from the mixer streamers are given below: 

  • Build an audience
  • Asking for the donations
  • Getting more sponsorship offers
  • Get your viewers to use the skills and the embers
  • Activate the direct purchase programs
  • Becoming a mixer partner

1. Build an audience – For earning money using the mixer streamers, building up a huge audience should be your one of the main priority. Having a loyal audience will help you out in reaching the target very easily and this is the main thing you should focus on in mixer streaming. The more you establish your channel, the more money you get through it.

For getting more audience, the content you post should be very interesting and should be a good content. The streamers you use should be in high quality with a very good camera and the microphone. You should very often get into interaction with you followers even if they are small in bunch. 

2. Asking for the donations – This way is the most straight forward way to make money using mixer streaming. Asking for donations has become a quite common method and it helps in improving your stream and the stream gear. Many mixer streamers upload exclusive contents which can be watched only by the donators. By this way, you will get more loyal audience who will make you feel like they are a part of your mixer streaming. 

3. Getting the sponsorship offers –This option is little bit tough for the new streamers because none will sponsor for the new comer as they don’t know about them. When they get more audience and starting their growth, then at that time this sponsorship works. Or if you have a well known company, then you can ask them the sponsorship and can develop your streamers.

This will help in promoting the sponsors product and also your streamer will also be promoted. When you give some different content in the streaming which is more attractive, then more company will come forward towards you to accept their sponsorship. In this segment, when the viewers reaches 10,000 you will earn between $1000 and $10,000 per hour depends on the game they plays. 

4. Get you viewers to use skills and the embers –Skills are something that the users use it in the middle of the game like sending messages or the emojis and stickers or the gifts. Also the mixer streamers earn $ 1 per 100 embers they make. This type is very good for the beginners to earn money using the mixer streaming. 

5. Activate the direct purchase programs –When the user plays any game and if he likes it most and continuously playing it, then there are more chance that he will directly purchase it. So at this time the streamers will earn money. Also the streamers can promote the game through which they can earn more profits. The streamers can earn 5% for every game which has been purchased directly through their mixer streaming. The streamers also earn $3 for the every viewer who signs up the game. 

6. Becoming a mixer partner – Becoming a partner in the streaming sector is considered as the highest accolade for all the content creators. Becoming a partner in a very famous mixer streamer will help you in earning the actual money. But at this time your income will not be more and you will get an increased income as the days pass by. Some of the guidelines which should be followed to get a high payment are given below:

  • The account should be started at-least before two months.
  • You should have 2000 and more followers.
  • The streams per month should be 12 or more number of days.
  • You should streamed more than 25 hours per month.
  • You should follow the rules and conditions of the streamers correctly. 
  • You should posses good quality videos and audios with unique content.

These are the ways to make more money using the mixer streamers. When you ask how much money do mixer streamers make, the more you give a good quality videos with a very unique content, then you will make more money using the mixer streamers and lead a happy life.