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How Do Bumper Cars Work? Part & Physics


How Do Bumper Cars Work? – A bumper car which is also known as dodgems, is a common name for the flat riding type and it consists of many small powered cars that work with the help of electricity. These cars will draw the power from the floor or from the ceiling under which they are being operated.

The electrical connection to the cars can also be turned on and stop with the help of the operators. These cars are also known as bumping cars and smashing cars. The main answer to the question of how do bumper cars work is that they work with the help of electricity.

How Do The Bumping Cars Designed?

The bumping car is designed in such a way that it gets electricity from the floor or the ceiling of that place. The main confusion for everyone is how do the bumper cars work on the floor? Electric power to the car is being supplied by any one of the methods given below according to the convenience of the operator. 

  • The most oldest and the common method of giving electricity to the car is by using the method of Over Head System known as OHS. This method utilizes a conductive floor of the room and the ceiling with a particular power polarity between them. When the contacts which have been fitted below the vehicle touches the floor and the pole- mounted contacts shoe touches the ceiling, the complete circuit is being formed and the car gets moving.
  • Another method is known as the Floor Pick-Up system and this method uses the alternating strips of the metal across the floor which is being separated by the insulating spacers but not with the ceiling grid. So in this method, the alternating strips will carry the current supply and the body of the cars covers the least two strips.
  • The array of brushes which has been fitted under the car helps in making the random contact with the strip given below and the voltage polarity during the contact of the car and strips provides the accurate and complete circuit which is being needed to operate the vehicle. 
  • The bumper cars which are on the quantum class cruise ships run with the help of electric batteries. This method helps in avoiding the conductive floor or the ceiling method which is being used in the traditional bumper car setup.

How Do The Bumper Cars Work? 

The main question for everyone is how do the bumper cars work? The bumper cars will have a front axle which is being powered with the help of the electric motor. The electricity flows in the circuit where each of the bumper cars will have a metal pole on it with a wheel which touches the metal ceiling.

The electricity flows through the wheel of the car through the electric motor and this completes the circuit. The pedal on the car is a very simple on-off switch for the electric motor provided in it. 

This car will not have the steering the way normal automobiles do. The front wheel of the cars can do a 360-degree turn which makes more excitement and fun for the users while driving it.

These cars also cannot move so fast as they will be controlled by the operators or they have set the maximum speed of the car while building it which is safe for the kids.

But these bumper cars only work in the bumper car arena which is available in the amusement parks and the other gaming centers in the mall. They are designed in such a way with more attractive colors which will give a happy feeling to the kids. These bumper cars are really a very good relaxation for both the kids and adults who love driving. 

Advantages Of The Bumper Cars:

This bumper car will give more excitement to the children and it is mostly available in the popular carnivals and the amusement parks from the 1920s.

It allows people from children to adults to experience the thrill of driving the car without being their head out to the road. Some of the main benefits of these bumper cars are being listed below:

  • They appeal to both the adults and kids alike –Both the kids and adults love driving the bumper cars as it gives a very good and a thrilling experience like driving a real car. Most kids love driving these bumper cars as they pretend like they are driving a car. For adults, they enjoy driving these bumper cars as they will not have any tension on concentrating over the traffic and they will drive it in a relaxed way. Mostly everyone will collide with each other as that makes more fun between the people. 
  • The bumper cars are safe –The bumper cars are extremely safe and also this is the safest ride which is available in any amusement parks. In some parks, these bumper cars will be designed in such a way that they get bumped into one another which makes more fun for the people riding it. This is also being provided with the seat belt which keeps the people standing up during the driving or from falling outside the car.
  • They are inexpensive –Comparing to the other games like the roller coasters or the other rides, these bumper cars are inexpensive to purchase and being installed. As this is not more costly, the amusement park owners recoup the investments through the ticket sales of these bumper cars. 

Disadvantages Of Bumper Cars:

  • It is not reliable – As time passes by and the bumper cars get old, the parts will degrade and they will be stuck during the drive. 
  • The cars will show the symptoms of wear – As the usage of the cars is getting high, it will get rust and the color of the car gets fades off and this will give an old look to the car. 
  • High cost – Even the old bumper cars will cost high equal to the new one. So if you are investing in it a very crowded place, you will be getting profit else you will be disappointed.

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