Gary Busey Net Worth, Why His Wealth Is Decreasing?

Gary Busey net worth would be an interesting topic to talk about. Likewise, the actor has a quite great career in the entertainment industry.

However, this situation is different from his wealth. Unfortunately, Gary Busey net worth is gradually decreasing.


Stage Name Gary Busey
Legal Name William Gary Busey
Date of Birth 29 June 1944
Gender Male
Height 5,11 ft (182cm)
Gary Busey Net Worth                   $500,000
Profession Actor, Voice Actor, Drummer                    
Nationality American

Who Is Gary Busey?

Gary Busey is an Actor from the U.S. This man became famous due to his acting in a biographical film that was released in 1978.

Then, Gary Busey was even nominated the best actor in the Oscar.

Additionally, there are some other awards he received throughout his career. Besides acting, Gary Busey was also involved in some celebrity competition shows.

Meanwhile, in 2014, he even became the spokesperson for Amazon Fire TV. Moreover, Gary Busey performed as God in the “Only Human”, an Off-Broadway musical in 2019.

  • His full name is William Gary Busey.
  • Gary Busey was born on 29  June 1944
  • He is a male and his height is 5,11 ft (182cm). whereas, he weighs 170 lbs (77 kg).
  • Gary Busey is American.

Gary Busey Best Known For

Gary Busey is best known for his performance as Buddy Holly in the biography film The Buddy Holly Story.

He also participated in several celebrity competition shows. For instance, they were Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice.

Meanwhile, in the world of Video games, people know Gary Busey as the voice of the main character of “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game, Phil Cassidy.

Early Life Of Gary Busey

Gary Busey was born in Goose Creek Texas. Then, he was the son of Delmer Lloyd Busey and Sadie Virginia.

Furthermore, his father worked as a construction design manager. Meanwhile, his mother worked as a homemaker.

After that, he moved to Tulsa when he was still in fourth grade.

When he lived in Tulsa, Busey studied at Nathan Hale High School. Then, he went to Coffeyville Community College.

Afterward, on a football scholarship, he attended the State University of Pittsburg.

Otherwise, Gary Busey moved to Oklahoma State University. Finally, he quit college only one class before graduation.

Personal Life

In 1971, Gary Busey had his first child, William Jacob “Jake” Busey. Thus, it was from his marriage with Judy Helkeberg.

However, the couple got divorced 19 years later. Besides, Gary Busey has a daughter with a stunt coordinator, Tracy Hutchinson.

Further, in 1988, Gary Busey was injured severely because of a motorcycle accident. Subsequently, he got a fractured skull because of not wearing a helmet.

Hence, it made him suffer from permanent brain damage.

Moreover, in 1996, Busy married Tiani Warden, a fellow actress. They eventually got divorced in 2001.

Gary had cancer that he got removed in 1997. The surgery was successful.

Additionally, he has a pet parakeet, Pee Wee.

Gary Busey’s Career

gary busey net worth

The early career of Gary Busey happened when he was part of a band called “The Rubber Band”.

Otherwise, while he is still active in the band, he continued to play some small roles in TV shows and films in the 70s.

Further, in his music career, Gary Busey was not so successful. Likewise, with his band, he can only release several albums to the market.

Finally, his success began when he got his major film debut in Clint Eastwood’s film “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” in which he played a supporting role in it.

The music industry is considered as part of the early part of Gary Busey career. However, it did not affect Gary Busey net worth.

He became a drummer in “Teddy Jack Eddy”. Besides, he joined another band called “Carp”. Moreover, in 1969, the group launched one album.

Gary Busey Acting Career

Busey’s rise to prominence began in 1974 when he played a supporting role in a movie starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.

Then, he continued to impress with his acting in the 1978’s biography film of Buddy Holly “The Buddy Holly Story”.

After that, he continued to be involved in many successful films both as the main character and supporting roles.

Meanwhile, in 2002, Gary Busey voiced a character in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”. The game was so popular among gamers.

Further, he continued his success in the entertainment industry by starring in many TV programs. Moreover, he got involved as a participant in several popular reality shows.

For example, his programs were Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Rehab, Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, and some others.

Awards & Nominations

Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, he has received several important awards. Therefore, it is definitely growing Gary Busy net worth every time.

Hence, Gary won third place as the best actor in 1978’s Los Angeles Film Critics Association. In the same event, he won the New Generation Award.

Additionally, Gary Busey became one of the nominees for the best ctor for Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Gary Busey Net Worth

According to the Celebrity net worth website, Gary Busey net worth has only reached $500,000 this year.

Likewise, his decreasing wealth is because of his debts. Thereupon, he once filed for bankruptcy because of that.

  • Businesses. As part of Gary Busey net worth, he must have several other ventures outside the show business. However, it is not enough to boost his wealth higher than before.
  • Real Estate. With his family, Gary still lives in a house located in Malibu, California. Nonetheless, there is no clear information about the value of his property.
  • Luxury cars. Gary Busey net worth seems to be inadequate to purchase a collection of lavish cars.
  • However, there is no provided information about his salary and earnings per year.
  • Obviously, Gary Busey net worth would still grow because of his appearances in shows, films, and events.
  • Indeed, Gary Busey Net Worth quite low because of his debt and his rampant drug use.
  • According to records, Gary Busey net worth had reached over a million in the past.