David Choe Net Worth, How Rich is He Before and After Facebook?

For those who adore the artwork, knowing about David Choe net worth would be necessary. So, you will know how rich the artist is.

Well, let us find out.


Stage Name David Choe
Legal Name David Choe
Date of Birth April 21, 1976.
Gender Male
Height 5.57 ft (170cm)
David Choe Net Worth                        $300 million
Profession Artist, actor, podcast host                      
Nationality American

Who Is David Choe?


David Choe is a professional graffiti artist from the United States of America. Thus, people know him because of his works.

He is also known as an actor, musician, and podcast host. Meanwhile, David Choe is a former journalist.

Likewise, his artworks appear in many urban culture and entertainment contexts. David Choe became an illustrator and writer for magazines like Ray Gun, Vice, and Hustler.

He also published his work in Giant Robot magazine.

Furthermore, the figurative paintings made by David Choe contain the exploration of themes of desire, exaltation, and degradation.

Additionally, those are characterized by a raw, frenetic technique that goes with the “dirty style”.

  • There is no clear information about his full name. Therefore, he is only known as David Choe.
  • David Choe was born on April 21, 1976.
  • He is a male and his height is 5.57 feet (170cm). Meanwhile, this man weighs 156.5 lbs (71 kg).
  • David Choe is an American
  • Davie Choe is best known for his paintings and other artworks. Hence, the dirty-style figure painting made him a millionaire. Therefore, it is really the one that keeps growing David Choe net worth until now.

Early Life Of David Choe

david choe net worth

David Choe was born in Los Angeles, California. Further, his parent was Korean immigrants. Therefore, his childhood was mostly around Koreatown in LA.

Since his youth, he drew graffiti on the streets.

He attended the California College of the Arts. However, David did not graduate from college.

Personal Life

In his life, David Choe also involves himself in a lot of charities. Also, that includes raising funds for several organizations or foundations.

For instance, one of them is The LIDE Haiti Foundation in which he painted with at-risk children.

Meanwhile, in 2000, David Choe was forced to spend 3 months in prison. It was because he punched a security guard which was undercover.

Furthermore, the incident happened in Tokyo, Japan. While in the prison, he created hundreds of drawings.

Then, he left Japan after the release. Moreover, in 2014, what he did in his podcast caused him controversy.

Additionally, in 2017, he faced more controversy towards him that made him apologize about it to the public.

David Choe’s Career


In 1996, David Choe published a graphic novel “Slow Jams”. He had made 200 copies only. Then, the book was given away for free at Comic-Con in 1998.

Afterward, a year later, he got the book into Xeric Grant, a corporation that gives awards for charity purposes.

Additionally, David Choe was awarded $5,000 to make a second edition of the book. He made the expanded version for 1,000 copies.

Moreover, he released it in 1999 for $4.

Meanwhile, in 2008, Harry Kim made a documentary about David Choe. The title is “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe”.

The Facebook founders gave mural commissions to David Choe. He also held some solo shows. For example, his events were in San Jose and San Francisco.

Besides, David Choe held it at the Santa Rose Museum of Contemporary Art. In addition, there are several other locations he had been in for a solo exhibit from 2005 to 2008.

American Street Artist & Painter

When David was still a teenager, he used to spray-painting or draw some graffiti works on the street.

Thereupon, he became a street artist at a young age. After doing a lot of solo art shows, he was approached by Shane Smith, the chairman of Vice magazine.

He recruited David Choe to write and make artwork for his magazine.

Furthermore, David Choe got involved in a popular online series “Thumbs Up! With Vice”. They published the documentary series on VBS.TV for three seasons.

Meanwhile, the fourth season got published on Snapchat and Instagram.

Moreover, the series shows that Choe and Harry Kim hitchhiking from some locations to another interesting place.

David Choe Movies

Besides starring in several web series, David Choe net worth also include appearing in some movies or films.

For example, one of them was “We Are the Strange”. It was an indie animated film (2007).

In addition, the other one was “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe” an autobiography documentary film (2008).

David Choe also appeared on some TV series like Vice and The Mandalorian. Besides, he played a role as a ringside spectator in the 2020s The Mandalorian series.

David Choe Net Worth


If you are curious about David Choe net worth, you will be surprised to know how rich he becomes. This year, his wealth has reached over $300 million.

But, how? Well, that is because of his stocks on the Facebook company.

David Choe Net Worth from Businesses

Most of David Choe net worth comes from his Facebook stock. Likewise, in 2007, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg asked him to paint his artwork in a form of a mural for the company’s office.

Then, David Choe chose to receive some Facebook stock.

Years later, his value grows so big. According to Facebook’s 2012 IPO, David Choe has approximately $200 million in a form of stock in the Facebook company.

Besides, his artwork is his business. Thus, he can get a lot of money by selling his paintings.


More about David Choe Net Worth

  • Only in 2012, it was known that his wealth grow massively. Subsequently, $200 million worth of stock was added to him.
  • Indeed, he made money by investing in stock and of course making artworks.
  • According to mutualart, David Choe’s work of painting has been offered a lot of money in the auction. Then, the price range is from $199 to $13,500.
  • Outside the Facebook stock, David Choe net worth would only be around $100 to $200 million. Hence, that is still super-wealthy, right?
  • Currently, David Choe net worth is still growing a lot. He became a host on a TV show called “The Choe Show”. Moreover, in this program, people can watch an interview, a performance art, and a therapy session all in one show.