DramaAlert (Keemstar) Net worth

Information Details
Real Name Daniel Keem
Stage Name Keemstar
Net Worth $5 million
Date of Birth March 8, 1983
Place of Birth Buffalo, New York
Profession YouTuber
Best Known For DramaAlert
Height 5’9″
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
Live in Buffalo, New York
Relationship Status Single
Children None
Doing Lately Hosting DramaAlert, a YouTube news show focused on internet drama and controversies
Income per Year $500,000
Income Source YouTube, Sponsorships
Education Unknown
Official Site https://www.dramaalert.com/
Social Media Twitter: @KEEMSTAR | Instagram: @keem5tar | YouTube: DramaAlert

DramaAlert (Keemstar) Net worth- $3 Million

Daniel Keem or Keemstar is an American YouTuber best known for hosting the popular news show, DramaAlert. As of 2021, Keemstar has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars and has a substantial social media following. He is the number 1 news channel on YouTube regarding framing entertainment. His channel DramaAlert on YouTube is the number one more subscribed channel on BlogTV.

With more than 2 million followers on Twitter, DramaAlert or Keemstar has a massive social media presence which has helped his YouTube career reach great heights.

DramaAlert (Keemstar) Bio, Birthday, age, height, relationship

Net worth $3 Million
Real name Daniel Keem
Age 38 years old
Birth date March 8, 1982
Born in Buffalo, New York
Height 5 ft 8inches
Lives in Buffalo, New York
Relationship Status Single
YouTube DramaAlert
Twitch keemstar

Born on 8th March 1982 in Buffalo, New York, Daniel Keem is professionally known as Keemstar, Killer Keemstar, and DJ Keemstar. Not much is known about his family and personal life besides the fact that he has two siblings- one brother and one sister and his daughter, Mia.

He was working as a lawyer full-time before he became a YouTuber. He claims that he isn’t the sole owner of the channel, and he appears on the channel as part of his contract as a producer. He has more than 2 million followers on his social media account.

How did Keemstar start his career?

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Daniel Keem, Keemstar started his career as a lawyer and even spent some time collecting debts. His online career began in 2009 when a fellow gamer recorded him while playing Halo 3 and has since gained a large following. He wasn’t aware of his initial breakthrough until people started messaging him about the viral video. He found out about the uptrend of people reporting about the various drama that unfolded in the YouTube community and decided to capitalize on this opportunity.

He later launched his channel called XDJKEEMSTAR, a channel dedicated to reporting news related to the YouTube community. His other alias, DJ Keemstar, is known for being the former leader of F@G (Federation of Asshole Gamers”. This group was known for trolling on games like Halo.

Keemstar’s previous channels’ main focus was on reports about the gaming community on YouTube and YouTubers’ events. He started with Call of Duty-related content before venturing into a more diversified range. Such as holding debates and voicing opinions about the topics.

Before deleting this channel in 2014, he started another channel called TheDramaAlert or New DramaAlert. Ryan Thompson manages this channel to ensure that all the content follows YouTube’s guidelines and nothing is under violation of YouTube’s code of conduct. He gives his personal views about the topics that he covers on his channel and regularly changes the world’s relevant issues.

This channel has accumulated over 1.3 billion views in total and is gaining more popularity as it ages. DramaAlert (Keemstar) is now worth 3 million dollars.

How much money does DramaAlert (Keemstar) make on YouTube?

DramaAlert (Keemstar) personal info

With a combination of advertisement revenues, sponsorships, partnerships, and endorsements, he makes a significant sum of his money from YouTube. DramaAlert has over 5.5 million subscribers and gets an average of 600,000 views per day on the channel. In this estimate, the channel earns about 5000 dollars every day, adding up to more than 1 million dollars per year, from the ads alone.

Each video starts with him at the table, giving the viewers a breakdown of what to expect and the day’s news.

DramaAlert, for the intensity of its reach and popularity, is not the work of one single person, Keemstar, but the collective output of several cast and staff members who help bring the content together, edit, and produce the final video. This system works on par with other news outlets.

The staff brings in the news and keeps updated on the latest developments. The rest work on editing and proofing the materials that Keemstar eventually ends up reading to the audience. He also holds interviews with guests predominantly for the YouTube community and debates current affairs on his channel.

Content creators typically get paid about $20 to $12per 1000 monetized views, ranging from 40% to 80% of the total views. With this payment and ad revenue, the DramaAlert channel earns a lot of its income from YouTube itself.

Besides advertisements, YouTubers get paid even more if their audience is subscribed to YouTube red because they pay a monthly fee to watch premium content. Along with this, DramaAlert’s sponsor is G-FUEL, an energy drink company created by Gamma Labs.

How much side income does DramaAlert (Keemstar) earn?

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In addition to his massive success on YouTube, Keemstar, DramaAlert has branched out other ventures such as podcasts. He is the founder and host of the podcast called ‘Baited!’ This podcast was up and running from 2016 till 2019.

In this podcast, Keemstar covered a wide array of topics that were associated with the YouTube community. It reached the top 20 in iTunes podcasts and was a significant hit right from its inception.

After terminating “Baited!” Keemstar started another podcast called the ‘Mom’s Basement’, which he launched in 2020. In this podcast, he is helped by co-hosts- Colossal Crazy and FaZe Banks. All the guests who come on the podcast are YouTubers, and they also cover all the news that is predominantly about the YouTube community.

He also earns money by asking fans for 20 dollars to become a Blog TV moderator or get added to his friend list on Twitter.

Interesting facts about DramaAlert (Keemstar)

•          Keemstar used to be a part of the FaZe Clan.

•          In 2014, he was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Web Series.

•          Keemstar has released two singles titled “dollar in the woods!” in 2017 and “Keem Pop” in 2020

•          DramaAlert was the most significant news channel in 2017

•          Keemstar has over 74,000 followers on Stream.me, a game streaming platform. •          He is also on Spotify with a considerable number of followers.