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Chris Marek Net worth (2021), Age, Height, Bio

chris marek net worth, bio, earnings

Chris Marek Net worth- $1 Million

Born on 10 August 1962, Chris Marek is a 59-year-old man from Idaho. He is someone who loves motorcycles, road trips, and photography. Chris Marek is a real estate agent with more than 20 years of experience in the business.

He has an average rating of five stars on Zillow, the leading Real Estate marketplace. Chris Marek works as a real estate agent in Portland, Oregon. There is no specific net worth for Chris Marek, as his salary will depend on the number of houses he sells.

Still, it is estimated that, on average, going by popular statistics, as a real estate agent in Portland, he has a net worth of about 1 million dollars.

Chris Marek Bio, age, height, Wife

Net worth$ 1 Million
Real nameChris Marek
Age59 years old
Birth date10 August 1962
Born inIdaho
Height5 ft 9 inches
Lives inPortland, Oregon
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
WifeAmy Roloff

Chris Marek started dating Amy Roloff in 2017 and proposed to her in 2019. By 2020, the couple has plans to get married. However, due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, they had to postpone their projects to the summer of 2021.

Amy Roloff, his spouse, was a star in the American Reality TV show called “Little People, Big World.”

Amy and Chris met at a Singles Mixer in Portland called Vine Gogh Artist Bar and Studio. Amy’s net worth is about 4.5 million dollars which she gained from her popularity in the show on TLC and from visiting the Roloff farm that she partly owns with ex-husband Matt Roloff. She makes an estimated 25,000 to 40,000 thousand dollars for each episode of the TLC show.

What does Chris Marek do?

chris marek biography

Chris Marek is into the Real estate business. He is the top realty owner in the US, called ‘Keller Williams Realty, Inc’ in Portland, Oregon. It is known for holding the top spot in units, sales volume, and agent count. Marek is part of the KInipe Realty team and is known for selling houses all over Oregon, including Beaverton, Colton, and Aurora.

He has excellent ratings on the real estate app, and clients often recommend him to other customers.

Who is Chris Marek’s Wife?

chris marek personal info

Chris Marek’s wife is Amy Roloff, an actor who worked on the “Little People, Big World” show. Amy Roloff was born on 17 September 1964 in Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University. Amy Roloff is also known for her work with Jay Leno, Oprah, and The View.

Amy Roloff was married to Matt Roloff for 27 years. They met at a Little People convention as they both were born with dwarfism. Together, they have four kids- Zachery, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. This family of six lived on a farm near Portland, Oregon.

After their divorce, Amy bought a house outside of the farm and moved in with Chris Marek. Although divorced, Amy and her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, are still good friends and even stated that he would come to her wedding ceremony with Chris Marek.

Since the divorce, the show has been circling who gets the property and how to split it. For Amy, since she was already engaged on the show with Chris Marek, fans thought she would opt for a buy-out of her share of the farm and cash in the money while leaving the entire property to Matt Roloff. However, Amy announced that she would like to live on the farm whereas, Matt Roloff opt for the buy-out of his shares in the farm. This decision is yet to be made on the show.

As for Matt Roloff, he is starting his life again with Caryn, his former assistant, and they are building their dream house on the farm.

Chris Marek’s relationship with Amy Roloff

Chris Marek, a real estate agent, and Amy Roloff, a celebrity wife, have been in a relationship for over two years and are finally engaged. The show brought Amy Roloff’s life into the limelight.

They first met at a single’s wine painting night in Portland, Oregon. Although the mixer didn’t pair them during the event, they did get to meet and talk for a few minutes.

A week later, both Amy and Chris were at the same pool party and stuck up a conversation, beginning their love story. Since they both shared the same interest and love for motorcycles and road trips, they took a ride.

Chris Marek confessed that it was challenging to start a relationship with someone who was into reality TV because they always had cameras and people following them around. After their relationship blossomed, Chris Marek was introduced officially to the show, and Chris had to adjust to his new life.

Initially, Christ Marek received many negative comments from the show’s fans for being a paid actor, which negatively affected his real estate business.

This incident scared Amy into thinking that Chris wouldn’t stay, but both of them braved on despite the challenges. Eventually, their love for each other only grew more prominent, and they started planning a future together.

On their 3rd anniversary, 2029, Chris proposed to Amy with and the season finale of ‘Little People, Big World’ ended with them starting work on a new home project, possibly for the future together as husband and wide.

About ‘Little People, Big World’

‘Little People, Big World’ is a reality TV show in America that launched in 2006. This show revolves around the lives of the Roloff family. It mainly focuses on the relationship between the husband and wide- matt ad Amy Roloff and their three children, out of which one has dwarfism just like Amy and Matt.

After the sixth season, TLC announced its end of the series, and a spinoff was reproduced, called ‘little people, Big World: Wedding Farm.’ This series chronicles Amy and Matt’s life as they begin their family wedding venue business premiered in November 2012.

After this, the show producers brought back the 7th season of the show and continued till the 21st season, wherein they all follow the relationship developments among the family members.

The show has enjoyed its success because it shows the real, uncut footage of how people with dwarfism also gave life challenged that is made even more difficult because of their condition.

Facts about Chris Marek

•          He is not active on social media; although he does have an inactive Facebook account where he has changed his relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ after getting together with Amy Roloff, his soon-to-be wife

•          Chris Marek owns Keller Williams Real Estate and is a real estate agent himself •          He studied in Lewiston High and graduated from here