Billy Corgan Net Worth, Life, and Career: When Genius Meets Music

Billy Corgan net worth and wealth have become a public concern because the amount is unbelievable. Jumping into music since 1985, he is a musician and vocalist for the band The Smashing Pumpkin.

With the group, Billy Corgan became one of the idols of the 1980s, releasing many hits that brought him awards. In addition, he has also expanded his career by getting into the world of wrestling.

Furthermore, how much is Billy Corgan net worth? Check out the full story below:


1 Stage Name: Billy Corgan
2 Legal Name: William Patrick Corgan Jr.
3 Date of Birth: March 17, 1967
4 Gender: Male
5 Height: 6 ft 3 in (190 cm)
6 Billy Corgan Net Worth: $60 million
7 Salary per year: The annual salary is under review
8 Profession: American musician, singer, producer, songwriter, and wrestling personality
9 Nationality: American

About Billy Corgan

billy corgan net worth

Before Billy Corgan net worth, the first thing to know is his personality. He is an American musician who took on the position of guitarist and vocalist for the band Smashing Pumpkins, famous from the late 80s until now.

Billy Cogan makes John Cale, Black Sabbath, Queen, and other rock genres his inspiration and influence for music.

In addition, he also likes the flow of alternative rock, such as Bauhaus and The Cure.

Further, his interest in the melody industry is rooted. Despite getting a scholarship offer to continue his education, Billy Corgan even insisted on choosing music for his future.

  • Billy Corgan’s legal name is William Patrick Corgan Jr.
  • Billy Corgan was born on March 17, 1967. Thus, his zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Talking about gender and body measurement, Billy Corgan is a male with a height of 6.3 feet (190 cm) tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 185 lbs (84 kg).
  • Billy Corgan was born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, U.S., so he is American.

What is Billy Corgan Best Known for?

His appearance became an idol after he joined Smashing Pumpkins. This group still exists today, even though it has been active in the United States entertainment world for 30 years.

Billy Corgan’s music inspiration is rock and alternative rock musicians, including Black Sabbath and Queen. Apart from being the founder, he also makes songs and music videos.

He has many contributions to the band. Besides playing the guitar, he is also good at other instruments such as keyboards, harmonica, bass, and the ukulele.

Therefore, it makes a positive impact on Billy Corgan net worth.

Early Life Billy Corgan

William Patrick Corgan was born in Illinois, United States of America to his parents, William Corgan Sr. and Martha Louise Maes Corgan Lutz.

His father is a guitarist, and he has a brother named Ricky.

This man of Irish descent lives in a Catholic family. Unfortunately, his parents divorced in 1970. Billy Corgan lived with his father but suffered physical and emotional abuse from his stepmother.

Despite this, he is very close to his half-sister, who has special needs and is very protective. Meanwhile, Billy Corgan regards his father as a crazy musician but respects him.

At school, Billy Corgan was a fast learner and liked sports. Likewise, he briefly joined time baseball at Marquardt Middle School.

He was very talented but eventually chose to study music under the guidance of his father.

Billy Corgan finished school and graduated from Glenbard North Highschool.

Corgan married Chris Fabian in 1993 but only lasted four years. In 1997 the two agreed to separate. They have two children, Augustus Juppier Corgan and Philomena Clementine Corgan.

Billy Corgan dated several Hollywood women, such as Lisa Marie Presley (2017 – 2018), Chloe Mendel (2013), Jessica Simpson (2009), and Courtney Love (1989 – 2008).

Billy Corgan’s Career

Indeed, Billy Corgan is one of the smartest musicians in the rock music industry.

Starting from a classic but impressive performance at Smashing Pumpkins, Corgan has become an influential person in the world music industry.

Hence, his hard work paid off sweetly.

In addition to popularity and multi-million dollar contracts, Billy Corgan net worth also grows because of the number of works that have become hits of all time.

Billy Corgan Music Career

Firstly, Corgan started his musical career in 1988 when he came to Chicago. He met James Iha and recorded their demo music entitled ‘Bleak Little Goth-pop Record’.

They also played the drum machine in the club with their two friends, and after that, they together formed a band called ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’.

During this time, Smashing Pumpkins has undergone several member substitutions. D’arcy Wretzky, Melissa Auf der Maur, Mike Byrne, and Nicole Fiorentino were among the former members.

Then, he launched his initial album entitled ‘The Future Embrace’ assisted by Bon Haris in 2004. Meanwhile, in 2005, Corgan re-published Reprise records and sold 69 thousand copies.

In the same year, he teamed up with Linda Strawberry, Brian Liesegang, and Matt Walker into Smashing Pumpkins and later renewed the band’s format with new players and re-released albums.

Moreover, in 2014 Corgan recorded for the 10th “Smashing Pumpkins” and released the cassette “Siddharta”.

Billy Corgan Greatest Hits

With The Smashing Pumpkins, he spawned several hits, including “Silvery Sometimes (Ghost)”, “Tonight, Tonight”, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”, and much more.

Thereupon, they contributed to Billy Corgan net worth.

Billy Corgan Pro Westling Career

Billy Corgan wrestling career is long enough. After finding the Resistance Pro Wrestling in 2011, he joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2015.

Next, he became the president in 2016, but he left TNA that same year.

After leaving TNA, he bought National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in October 2017 and turned it into a brand licensing organization into a sole promoter.

Awards and Nominations

With The Smashing Pumpkins, he won various awards. For instance, they are The Best Rock at the MTV Europe Award (2016), “Best Hard Rock Performance” at the 2018 and 2018 Grammy Awards, and others.

Another award is a favorite alternative artist at the 2017 American Music Award. In addition, The Smashing Pumpkins was on the list of nominations at various prestigious events.

Billy Corgan Net Worth

The latest news revealed that Billy Corgan net worth reached $60 million. The amount is from her salary, income, investment, contract, etc.

Here are the details.

  • In addition to being a musician, Corgan is also president of the NWA in Professional Wrestling.
  • In 2003, Billy Corgan purchased a $6.8 million 9,600-foot lakeside mansion in the suburbs of his hometown of Chicago. Then, he paid $1.25 million for the house next door to create an 8-acre complex. Afterward, in 2009 he paid $3.85 million to buy a house in Beverly Hills.
  • Billy Corgan net worth calculation also comes from his luxury vehicle. He once bought a Mercedes Benz and a Ferrari in the same year.
  • Nonetheless, there is no detailed information about his annual income. However, the latest reference states that Billy Corgan net worth reaches $60 million.

Billy Corgan makes about $60 million per year from his career in music. Apart from music, he is also a professional wrestling and poetry writer.

His sales in writing are also extraordinary because his book and poetry works were on the bestseller list in the New York Times.

Is Billy Corgan Retired?

He has never announced retirement and is still active in music today. Thus, all his activities in music are contributing to Billy Corgan net worth.

He still exists in the music industry, especially alternative rock music. His most recent activity is co-writing the singles “Into Happiness” and “Love Me Now”.

Those are parts of the album “Ceremony” by Phantogram.

For him, music is the future and way of life. With his talent, experience, and abilities, Billy Corgan net worth grows as time goes on and more works appear.

Moreover, you can see his activities on social media too.