Bill de Blasio Net Worth – The Former Mayor of New York City

As Warren Wilhelm Jr becomes a well-known American politician, the public is curious about Bill de Blasio net worth. Therefore, in this article, you can find his accomplishment, personal life, and career journey.

Summary Table

Stage Name Bill de Blasio
Legal Name Warren Wilhelm Jr
Gender Male
Date of Birth 8th May 1961
Height 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm)                        
Bill de Blasio Net Worth $3 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                  $260.000
Profession Politician
Nationality American

Who is Bill de Blasio? (Biography)

bill de blasio net worth

The public recognizes Bill de Blasio as a prominent politician in America. Likewise, he has an impressive career as a civil servant.

Furthermore, he served as the mayor of New York City from 2014 up to 2021.

  • The birth name of this politician is Warren Wilhelm Jr. However, the public knows him as Bill de Blasio.
  • Bill was born in 1961 and he celebrates his birthday every 8th May.
  • Bill de Blasio is a male. He is 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm) tall and he weighs 176,3 lbs (80 kg).
  • As he was born in New York, the nationality of Bill de Blasio is American.

What is Bill de Blasio Best Known for?

Bill de Blasio gained fame after being elected to be the Mayor of New York City. Subsequently, people recognize him as a great civil servant and politician.

You may only know about his story at glance. But, you may not know about Bill de Blasio net worth and his personal life.

So, keep scrolling through this article to discover detailed information about this politician.

Early Life of Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio is the son of Warren Wilhem and Mariah Angela. However, his parents separated when he was 7 of age.

Then, Mariah Angela raised him alone. Meanwhile, he has two siblings named Donald and Steve.

Indeed, the birth name of this politician is Warren Wilhelm Jr. Otherwise, he took down the father’s surname and started to use the surname of his mother.

It is because his father did not contribute to his life.

Bill de Blasio studied at Cambridge Ridge and Latin School. He was very brilliant so he became a student leader.

After that, he attended Columbia University majoring in International Affairs.

Bill de Blasio met his wife for the first time when they worked together for Mayor Dinkin. Then, he married Chirlane McCray in 1991.

Further, Chirlane is a poet and activist. Afterward, this couple is blessed with two children named Chiara and Dante.

Bill de Blasio’s Career

Indeed, Bill began his career by working at the Urban Fellows Program. Then, he worked at Quixote Center as a political organizer.

After that, in 1988, he relocated to Nicaragua.

Bill de Blasio Job before Mayor

Before serving as a New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio worked as a public Advocate of New York City.

Although the amount of his salary is not revealed to the public, his income as an advocate gives a positive impact on Bill de Blasio net worth.

Bill de Blasio Political career

Bill de Blasio joined politics for the first time in 1989. He also became a volunteer coordinator for David Dinkins’s campaign.

Furthermore, Dinkins was elected and he hired Bill de Blasio as an assistant.

Then, Bill became the head of Charles Rangel’s political campaign. Luckily, Rangel also got elected. Besides, this politician worked with Hillary Clinton to succeed in her election.

Moreover, Bill de Blasio became a part of the New York City Council after winning the vote. His political career is so amazing.

Thereupon, without a doubt, his political accomplishment contributes to Bill de Blasio net worth.

Mayor of New York City

The biggest achievement he can reach is when he was elected to be the Mayor of New York City. Likewise, he worked from 2014 up to 2021.

Additionally, his salary as a Mayor is so great. No doubt, many citizens are curious about Bill de Blasio net worth.

When he was serving as a mayor, he was concerned with several issues. For instance, he focused on marijuana decriminalization, police reform, and many other essential issues.

Bill de Blasio Net Worth

Widely known as the 109th New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Hence, he received a big salary for his position as a mayor.

Besides, the source of his wealth is the earning he received when he worked for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  • Businesses. Even Bill de Blasio net worth is fantastic, it seems that he is not interested in establishing some businesses. However, no trusted source presents the information about Bill de Blasio business.
  • Considering the amount of Bill de Blasio net worth, it is easy for him to buy real estate for property investment. Thus, the former mayor of New York City purchased a yellow house located in Park Slope. Otherwise, Bill de Blasio decided to rent out this house. Besides, this man has a rowhouse on 11th street in Park Slope.
  • Indeed, Bill de Blasio can earn $260.000 per year as a salary of a Mayor. Likewise, he became a mayor from 2014 – 2021.
  • Bill’s net worth was accumulated from his income when he worked for a non-governmental organization and his salary as a civil servant.

Is Bill de Blasio Retired?

Finally, the position as a Mayor of New YorkCity ended in 2021. Then, he was ineligible to participate in the mayoral election in 2021 because of term limitations.

At present, Bill de Blasio spends his time with his family. Otherwise, they left Gracie Mansion. There is no further information about political events that Bill will do.

However, he stated that he will not run for the New York governor election.