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20 Best YouTube Cooking Channels For Beginners

best youtube cooking channel new update

If you love cooking, YouTube is one of the best places to learn a thing or two. Here is a list of the 20 best YouTube cooing channels for beginners to help you out.

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1. Bon Appetit

best youtube cooking channel Bon Appetit

With over 5.8 million subscribers on YouTube, Bon Appetit has some excellent content for you. You can find some of the everyday meals you can easily make, like pasta with chickpeas and tomatoes or something simple like breakfast. It also teaches you some basic kitchen things like sharpening your knife.

2. Steve the Bartender

best youtube cooking channel Steve the Bartender

If you love cocktails, Steve the Bartender is one of the best channels to learn. You can find almost any cocktail recipe on the channel, from classic to modern drinks with some funny names. Plus, there is a particular quarantine cocktail tutorial as well.

3. Binging with Babish

best youtube cooking channel Binging with Babish

This one is for the start-from-scratch learners. Each cooking tutorial on this channel gives you detailed information on the ingredients to help you improvise in the future. And the video formats are excellent, with close-up shots so that you see everything.

4. Tasty

best youtube cooking channel Tasty

Tasty has some great content on its channel. It is famous for the over-the-top recipes and the signature overhead filming of videos and focuses primarily on pantry food cooking and gadget reviews of kitchen tools. So it helps you decide on which utensils you should get to get started with.

5. New York Times cooking

best youtube cooking channel New York Times cooking

New York Times Cooking is another excellent channel for some food tutorials. All the YouTube videos are for free, and there are o many recipes for you to learn. You can find every tutorial on pie, pasta, chickpea stew, dumplings, Christmas cookies; you name it.

6. Maangchi

best youtube cooking channel Maangchi

This one is for Korean food lovers. You will find all the Korean cuisine recipes o this channel and tutorials on how to make them yourself. You can find some of your favorite meals, like Korean fried chicken, noodle soup, traditional kimchi, Omurice, and many more.

7. Tabitha Brown

best youtube cooking channel Tabitha Brown

For all the vegans, Tabitha Brown is one channel to check. You can learn some fantastic recipes, and she has a knack for making everything look appetizing. You can discover her recipes of hot dogs, carrot bacon, chocolate banana, etc.

8. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

best youtube cooking channel J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is an award-winning chef who started a YouTube channel that teaches you easy-to-follow recipes and informative ideas all about cooking. And the video formats are shot in POV, so it shows you everything in detail from the chef’s perspective.

9. Disney Eats

best youtube cooking channel Disney Eats

If you are into baking, Disney Eats is the best to learn some excellent recipes. And it has excellent content where you can learn how to bake some of your children’s favorite cartoon characters. All the recipes have them based on Disney characters.

10. De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina

best youtube cooking channel De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina

De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina is a famous YouTuber that grows her food and cooks them. All her ingredients are homemade, and her recipes are fantastic. She cooks her recipes from scratch and is a great way to cook with what you have at home.

11. Almazankitchen

best youtube cooking channel Almazankitchen

For ASMR lovers, the Almazan kitchen is the best channel. He cooks the food in an open fire outdoors. So this makes it an exciting way to learn. You can watch him cook some of your favorite food, like pizza, chicken, steak, etc., deliciously on the fire.

12. Jamie Oliver

best youtube cooking channel Jamie Oliver

You probably already know him. Jamie Oliver is a famous British chef with multiple TV shows and cooking books. But he also runs a YouTube channel where he takes you on a cooking journey. He teaches some excellent recipes that you can cook at home.

13. Sunday cooking with mom and me

Sunday cooking with mom and me cooking channel

This mother and son cooking due has some amazing cooking recipes and tutorials on YouTube. Their recipes of southern cuisine from homegrown ingredients and simple cooking methods make it easier for anyone to learn in no time.

14. America’s Test Kitchen

best youtube cooking channel America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen is probably the most educational YouTube channel for cooking. It is a household name and has excellent content that can make anybody learn some great recipes. And if you are a beginner, you should check this channel out.

15. Twaydabae

Twaydabae best youtube cooking channel

This Vietnamese YouTuber makes some unique, authentic cuisines and is a treat to watch. She also uploads Mukbang videos. But apart from that, she shares many cooking ideas that help anyone trying to do some cooking.

16. Joshua Weissman

joshua weissman cooking channel

This one is for all the junk food lovers. He can make anything look incredibly delicious. The contents are excellent and straightforward, and you can learn how to make your regular junk food into a scrumptious bite. Everything he prepares has a tutorial where you can understand easily.

17. Not another cooking show

best youtube cooking channel Not another cooking show

As the name suggests, Not Another Cooking Show is an excellent YouTube channel that teaches you useful cooking hacks. The chef, Stephan Cusato, teaches you how to make your mundane dishes or ingredients at home into deliciously cooked meals. 

18. Belqui’s Twist

best youtube cooking channel Belqui’s Twist

Belqui’s Twist is another excellent channel to learn some fantastic recipes. The channel has some amazing recipes like beer-soaked chicken wings, fried Latin salami cheese, potato sausage casserole, etc. And she guides you through the cooking process with easy-to-learn steps that you can follow.

19. Gordon Ramsey

best youtube cooking channel new update

He is one of the most famous chefs globally, known for his TV shows and series. He also has a dedicated YouTube channel where he takes you through simple and easy recipes that you can make yourself. So if you are a beginner, you should check out his tutorials on YouTube.

20. Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cooks - top list cooking youtuber

And finally, Pro Home Cooks is one of the best YouTube channels that teaches you things like what not to do while cooking, cooking the perfect steak, cooking food in winter, etc. There are tons of useful cooking contents that you can pick up quickly to become better at cooking in general.