Best Car Insurance for Teens and Young Adult Drivers In 2021

Suppose you are a young unseasoned driver looking to purchase car insurance for the first time in your life or a father/mother trying to put your teenage child into the policy you own. Finding the right amount to maintain the balance of costs is essential. Usually, car insurance for young adults is more pricey than compared to adults. So, getting an insurer to allow yourself to find the elements that suit your profile financially is very important. This includes discounts that are suitable for the younger generation of drivers. 

Here you’ll find some of the best car insurance policies for new drivers that are teenagers and young adults. We’ll provide you in-depth information along with the pros and cons of each insurance company. 

1. State Farm 

state farm company

State Farm is a reputable national insurance company. Their business structure focuses primarily on insurance, where their local agents will lend a hand in producing auto insurance quotes. They’ll also give importance to building a relationship with you and talk through the options laid out to you. 

With State Farm, receiving online quotes will connect you to an agent where they’ll assist you with working your way through the policy. They’ll help you with discounts and other markdowns. State Farm is great for someone who’s looking to set up all of their insurance with one company. 


  • Local agents are at your service
  • Great student discounts. Up to 25% 
  • Policies catering to people 25 and under 


  • Customer ratings are average
  • No emergency road assistance 

2. USSA 

best car insurance for teens - USSA company

This insurance company is best suited for both active and retired military servicemen and their families. USSA gives clients who are 25 and under good discounts who keep up their school grades. The insurance firm also rewards its clientele with reward points and other discount options. 

Since this insurance company deals with military members and veterans, it provides banking, retirement, investments, and other insurance policies for said group. 


  • Tailored to ensure military personnel and their family members 
  • You’re eligible for a ten percent discount on legacy if your parent is a USAA member
  • Great ratings from consumers 


  • Only military personnel, their family members, and veterans are eligible 


geico company

GEICO is a company with one of the largest numbers of customers based on car insurance. Their online quotes add value to their market since it makes it easier for potential customers. 

GEICO deals with auto insurance along with highway assistance. They also offer insurance coverage if your car breaks down due to mechanical problems. Also, if you’re someone who likes to control your policies on the phone through an app, you’ll definitely want to choose GEICO. 

Having multiple cars can also be beneficial for you, as you can get a twenty-five percent car discount. 


  • Terrific customer ratings nationwide 
  • Around-the-clock customer service 
  • Roadside car assistance and repair coverages


  • No Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Insurance) 
  • No assured repair services in all the states


best car insurance for teens - AMICA company

This insurance company has its primary focal point on discounts for families with loyalty pledges. AMICA extends discounts to members who have remained with an insurer for about two years. 

If you’re a driver, you can gain reward points for introducing their insurance policies to friends and family members and also for lawful driving. You can also get discounts for maintaining good grades in school. 


  • Loyalty discounts 
  • Ranked highly in auto insurers list
  • Additional discounts for teen drivers 


  • No computer-mediated program
  • No payback policies in all the states

5. American Family Insurance 

best car insurance for teens - American Family Insurance company

American Family Insurance offers a program for teenage drivers which encourages safe driving and following traffic protocols. If a client also uses their app for over a year, they offer a ten percent discount. 

The company also offers discounts for the parents of the insured. Also, if you bundle auto and home insurance, you can save up to twenty-nine percent. AmFam is the right choice for teenagers as it has lots of rewards and discounts.


  • A plethora of discounts and offers for teenage and young drivers
  • Coverage for Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
  • Highway assistance 


  • Lukewarm reviews and ratings from customer services

6. Allstate

best car insurance for teens - Allstate company

Allstate has a good reputation for always taking care of its customers, that’s why they offer good discounts for teenage drivers. They also offer roadside assistance at any time of the day. If you’re also a driver who follows traffic regulations and can be considered a safe driver, you can get one of their many discounts. 

They offer teenagers an education initiative to promote safe driving practices, where they can be eligible for extra discounts. 


  • Safe driving initiative for teens
  • A good phone app that promotes safe driving 
  • Safe driving discounts


  • Inadequate discount information on their app
  • Average ratings and response from customers

7. Nationwide

best car insurance for teens - Nationwide company

This insurance company is known as Nationwide, issues all fundamental auto insurance policies and a variety of discounts. Nationwide also pledges accident forgiveness and auto restoration. 

Two main highlights of Nationwide are SmartMiles and SmartRide. SmartMiles is a program that establishes pricing on the number of miles you cover every month. SmartRide is a program that observes a client’s driving pattern and provides analysis to assist them in becoming better drivers. Both these programs can be useful for new teen drivers who hit the road with minimal experience. 


  • Their exclusive programs are helpful and provide up to 40% discount 
  • Highway assistance 
  • Assured repairs 


  • Less than average customer ratings 
  • Limited claims 

8. Progressive 

progressive company

Progressive offers discounts if you practice safe driving routines on the road. You can get online quotes from Progressive with no hassle at all. On their website, you can compare prices with other insurance policies from different firms. 

If you’re on a budget, you can even offer them a rate that allows you to ask for a quote. This is known as “Name Your Price.” This feature is an option for teenage drivers who have limited funds to spend on insurance policies. 


  • Good discounts for teens and young adults
  • Name Your Price feature 
  • Safe driving discounts
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)


  • Varying rates on quotes based on where you log in from 

Less than average customer ratings