Best Car Insurance for High School & College Students – 2021

Every individual driver is supposed to get their car insured which will protect them from unforeseen damages and accidents. For high school and college students, car insurance is comparatively higher than normal age groups, as they are more inexperienced on the road. However, lots of insurance companies offer great discounts for this age group based on their academic performance and driving habits. 

To help you understand what the best car insurance is for high school and college students, here’s a list of different types of insurance based on pricing, discounts, and other benefits. 

1. Progressive

progressive company

Progressive offers the most moderate-priced vehicle insurance for high-school students and undergrads. Its statement is hundreds of dollars less expensive than its rivals. Also, in case you’re in a mishap, Progressive’s minor accident program enables you to you keep your rates low along with repair coverage.


Students on a limited spending plan can get every one of the fundamental coverage. Those with somewhat more money to spend on their car insurance should consider adding additional coverage. Furthermore, on the off chance that you and your pet are harmed in a mishap, the company will cover your medical bills up as far as possible.


The company also offers discounts for college students for maintaining good grades. The grades should be B on a minimum. Students can also get discounts on the account that they practice safe driving, getting their quotes from the internet, and using no papers.


geico company

GEICO is perhaps one of the best car insurance provider for undergrads on account of its numerous discounts and markdown alternatives, expansive accessibility, and predominant advanced experience. Based on rates and statements, GEICO’s rates for youthful drivers were optimal, and clients all over the country over were profoundly happy with GEICO’s accident coverage, as indicated by J.D. Force overviews.


Like most of the insurance companies for high school and college students, GEICO covers every one of the essentials with its  clinical, uninsured driver, and vehicle inclusions. Yet, it additionally offers highway assistance, rental vehicle repayment, and mechanical breakdown protection (MBI) as discretionary additional items to your arrangement. You can demand emergency aides immediately from the GEICO phone application, which utilizes GPS information to locate your coordinates and send the service technicians.

GEICO also offers insurance for two-wheelers, so you can safeguard every one of your vehicles with one organization and appreciate a multi-strategy rebate. It additionally offers individual protection joined with business rideshare protection however an accomplice organization in many states.


If you’re a student with good grades, you can avail a 15% discount. You can meet all requirements for a markdown dependent on participation in expert associations, and once you graduate, you might have the option to get a graduated class discount from the company.

3. Root

root company

Root varies from customary vehicle insurance agencies because your expenses depend essentially on the way you drive, as opposed to statistics. Drivers of a younger age frequently get billed with more charges in light of their age. However the individuals who obey street rules and follow traffic protocols are more likely to get discount with this company.

A quote from Root will require you to download the phone application and ride around  for half a month while it assembles and examines information about your driving patterns, after which you’ll receive a quote.


The company offers all the fundamental coverages where you can use their highway assistance up to 6 months. 


You’ll get a discount for not using a mobile phone while you drive. You can also save up to ten percent for house insurance if you already paid for your auto insurance.

4. State Farm

state farm company

State Farm has the absolute least charges for high-school students and undergrads in the country. To some degree, the good reviews are there because State Farm offers a twenty-five percent discount for any student who maintains grade B or higher. Additionally, they also compensate youthful drivers with discounts for lawful driving. Other than normal vehicle protection inclusions, State Farm provides road assistance in the case of an emergency.


They also offer discounts adding up to fifteen percent for drivers who have zero accidents and traffic violations on their record.

What’s the average car insurance for college and high school students?

Insurance companies offer different rates based on your age, your car’s model, how often you drive it, and your record. They may also check your grades and credit scores. The premium is also affected by the rate of insurance coverage you buy. On average, high-school students and undergraduates pay an average of $1,720 over a span of 6 months, given that there have been no accidents on your end. 

What can you cover with a car insurance? 

Your car insurance is made to mainly cover any type of driving you may engage in your everyday life, whether it may be going to school, college, journeys, etc. It also covers when another driver other than you drives your car with consent. However, if you monetize your car, like signing up with Uber, you’re no longer able to have your car insured, as it violates the terms. 

Usually, car insurance coverage differs from every single location. But mostly, car insurance covers any bodily injuries that you may suffer in the case of an accident. They also cover physical damages if your car is involved in an unforeseen collision. A car insurance company also covers property damage to a third party if an accident occurs. 

These car insurance policies are separated into various components, as you are given the option to select what type of coverage you want based on the amount of money you want to spend. 

Do high-school and college students need car insurance?

If you’re a student who owns a car and commutes to the institution daily, you’ll definitely need to get your car insured. Most of the states legally need a car owner to have their vehicle insured too.  Car insurance will protect you from spending from your pocket if an accident occurs and you’re injured, along with damages to your car and other properties. So, you should do some research and choose the best coverage for you to be insured and secure financially.