Anne Heche Net Worth – The Shining Star the Another World Soap Opera

Anne Heche net worth is plentiful enough to bring her wealth. Most of it comes from her involvement as an actress, writer, and producer in various films and TV shows.

Her name became notable after starring in the soap opera titled “Another World” (1987-1991). She also appeared in other films.

For instance, in 1997, she starred in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Donnie Brasco”, and so on.

Her activities contribute to popularity while Anne Heche net worth grows. How was her career? What about personal life?

So, check out the following reviews!


1 Stage Name: Anne Heche
2 Legal Name: Anne Celeste Heche
3 Date of Birth: May 25, 1969
4 Gender: Female
5 Height: 5 ft 4 in (165 cm)
6 Anne Heche Net Worth: $10 million
7 Salary/earning/income per year: under review
8 Profession: American actress, screenwriter, and director
9 Nationality: American

Who is Anne Heche? (Biography)

anne heche net worth

Apart from the abundant amount of Anne Heche net worth, she is a very talented artist. She also showed interest in acting from a young age.

Besides Anne Heche net worth, people’s attention is on her love life.

She was once in a relationship with comedian Ellen DeGeneres but later married James Tupper. However, her marriage ended in divorce.

Legal Name & Stage Name

Anne Heche’s legal name is Anne Celeste Heche.

Date of Birth

Anne Heche was born on May 25, 1969. Thus, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Gender & Height

Talking about gender and body measurement, Anne Heche is a female with a height of 165 cm tall. Meanwhile, her weight is 115 lbs (52 kg).

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She was born in Aurora, Ohio, U.S., so she is American. Her social media are officialanneheche (Facebook), @ anneheche (Instagram), and @AnneHeche (Twitter).

What is Anne Heche Best Known for?

Anne Heche is well-known for her various roles in films and television shows. Furthermore, she appeared in “Donnie Brasco” (1997) and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (1997).

She also collaborated with Thomas Jane on the series “Hung” (2009). Besides, this actress appeared in the “Ally McBeal” (2001) and “Dancing with the Stars” (2020) programs.

In addition, her personal life is a spotlight as this former lover of Ellen DeGeneres had a feud with her mother, Nancy Heche.

Despite the abundant amount of Anne Heche net worth, she has a history of mental ilness.

Early Life of Anne Heche

Anne Celeste Heche is the daughter of Nancy Heche and Donald Joseph Heche. Then, her family moved frequently and eventually settled in Ocean City, New Jersey when Anne was 12 years old.

At that time, her family was poor. Therefore, they lived in the house of a fellow church member. It forced Anne Heche to help support the family’s economy.

Then, she worked a dinner theater in Swainton for $100 a week. The nominal means a lot to the family. Therefore, they can get a decent place to live.


Anne Heche was a student in the progressive Francis W. Parker School. But while still in school, she got an audition offer for the soap opera “As the World Turns” (1985).

After that, she graduated in 1987.

Personal Life (Family, Spouse, Kids)

On Larry King Live, Anne Heche talked a lot about her father. He is a choir director but claims to be in the oil and gas business.

The family also got information that Donald Joseph Heche was homosexual, which he denied.

On March 3, 1983, Donald Joseph Heche died of AIDS. Anne Heche also revealed that she did not believe her father was gay.

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The reason, he has sexually assaulted her several times from childhood to the age of 12 years.

Anne Heche also revealed that she had contracted genital herpes because of her father’s actions, and no one took her to the hospital.

However, the mother denied it and explained that her daughter only had a diaper rash.

3 months after her father’s death, Heche’s brother died at 18. He had a car accident, but Anne revealed that her brother Nathan had committed suicide.

Apart from Nathan, Anne Heche has three other siblings. They are Susan (who died of brain cancer), Cynthia (who died in infancy), and Abigail.

Regarding her love life, Anne Heche was once close to Ellen DeGeneres. They started a relationship in 1997 but broke up in August 2000.

Finally, Anne Heche married Coleman “Coley” Laffoon in 2001 but divorced after having a child.

In 2008, a spokeswoman for Anne Heche revealed that the actress was pregnant with their first child with James Tupper.

However, the couple later separated in 2018. Now, her marital status is divorced.

Anne Heche’s Career

Gait in acting has brought popularity and the abundant amount of Anne Heche net worth. Then, here is the journey:

Anne Heche Acting Career

Since starting his career as Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in “Another World” (1987-1991), she immediately captured the public’s attention.

Further, the films “Donnie Brasco” (1997) and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (1997) are some of her best works in acting.

Apart from starring in major films, Anne Heche has appeared in television dramas. She is also a voice actor in “The Legend of Korra” and a contestant in Dancing with the Stars season 29.

Television Producer & Writer

Anne Heche also tried out the world of directors. Some of her works are “If These Walls Could Talk 2” (2000) and “Ellen DeGeneres: American Summer Documentary” (2001), and “On the Edge” (2001).

Awards & Nominations

Her notable acting brought her various awards, including the Daytime Emmy Awards and the Soap Operas Digest Awards.

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Moreover, the films she starred in were no less successful and gave her popularity.

Anne Heche Net worth

According to Wealthy Person, Anne Heche net worth is approximately $10 million at the moment. Most of the sources are acting works. Here is the detail:


Nonetheless, there is not enough information to explain the business that boosted Anne Heche net worth.

Real estate (Mansion / House / Home / Apartment)

In 2013, Anne Heche and James Tupper bought a house in Arrowhead for $899,000. But then the investment was on the budget for $1.05million.

They also owned a house in Hancock Park, which was then on the market for $3,695. All the property has contributed to Anne Heche net worth.

Sport Cars / Yacht / Vehicles

The assets are under review.

How much Anne Heche Make per Year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

Anne Heche’s estimated net worth per year is under review.

How does Anne Heche Make Money?

Most of Anne Heche net worth comes from acting.

Is Anne Heche Retired?

The news of Anne Heche’s retirement did appear in cyberspace. However, the search results revealed that it was a hoax.

Even though she has not appeared much, the actress is still active now.

What is Anne Heche Doing now?

Anne Heche is still actively acting to this day. After successfully starring in “The Vanished (2020) and “13 Minutes” (2021), she is now under contract for the television program “The Idol”.

A career that is still running makes her name continue to soar. Her earlier works also still contribute to Anne Heche net worth.

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