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Ann Margret Net Worth – A Hollywood Legend Career Journey

Ann Margret is a famous actress. Her popularity encourages the public to discover Ann Margret net worth.

Thus, on this page, you can find out detailed information related to Ann Margret personal life, source of wealth, and success story.


Stage Name Ann Margret
Legal Name Ann Margret Olsson
Date of Birth 28th April 1941
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 4 inches (165cm)
Ann Margret Net Worth $28 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                      N/A
Profession Actress, Singer, Dancer                         
Nationality American

Detail Personality About Ann Margret

Ann Margret is one of the multitalented actresses since she is not only an expert in acting but also singing and dancing.

Besides, she has starred in a lot of popular movies during her acting career. Further, this singer has released 14 albums.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: This famous actress was born with the name Ann Margret Olsson. But, people mostly know her as Ann Margret.
  • Date of Birth; Ann Margret was born in 1941 and she celebrates her birthday every 28th April.
  • Gender & Height: This multitalented celebrity is a female. She is 5 feet 4 inches (165cm) tall. Besides, Ann Margret weighs 123 lbs (56 kg).
  • Nationality: Since Ann Margret was born in Stockholm, she has Sweden nationality. But, after moving to the US, she became an American in 1949.

What is Ann Margret Best Known For?

Ann Margret becomes a popular actress due to her acting in several movies.

For instance, she has starred in The Train Robbers, Viva Las Vegas, Carnal Knowledge, Tommy, All’s Faire in Love, and Grumpy Old Men.

Furthermore, Ann Margret is a popular singer as she has launched 14 albums. You may only recognize Ann Margret as a successful actress and singer.

Otherwise, you may not know her hard work to be a wealthy person.

So, keep scrolling down this article to discover Ann Margret net worth and how she achieved it.

More About Ann Margret’s Life

ann margret net worth

Ann Margret’s parents are Carl Gustav Olsson and Anna Regina. Then, she was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since her father worked in the US, Ann and her mother moved to Chicago, the United States in 1946.

  • Education
    • Ann Margret took a dance class in Marjorie’s Young School of Dance. Subsequently, her parents really supported her as she is very talented at dancing.
    • While being a high-school student, she took part in school events and productions.
    • Then, Ann Margret continued her study at North-Western University. She joined the Kappa Theta Alpha sorority.
    • Unfortunately, she could not continue her study in journalism as she join a dance group called The Suttletones.
    • Furthermore, this dancing group performed in several clubs in Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • Personal Life:
    • Ann Margret met her husband, Roger Smith when she was in the film shooting. Afterward, in 1967, they decided to get married.
    • Their marriage last long until Roger Smith passed away in 2017.
    • From this marriage, Ann Margret does not have any children. But, Roger Smith has three children from his previous marriage.

Ann Margret and Elvis Presley Relationship

When Ann Margret was in the filmmaking process of Viva Las Vegas, she also had an affair with a famous singer, Elvis Presley.

Ann Margret’s Career

Ann Margret released her debut after signing in the contract from Warner Bros. However, the result of her first album was not satisfying.

Besides, her debut in acting was started when she starred in Pocketful of Miracles in 1962.

Additionally, Ann Margret struggled hard to build her career in the acting and the music industry. Then, her hard work pays off.

Likewise, she gains success, popularity, and wealth that she can enjoy in her elderly life. No doubt, Ann Margret net worth achieves a fantastic amount.

Here is Ann Margret’s career journey as an actress and a singer.

Acting Career

Ann Margret’s first film was box office. Then, she performed in a musical comedy entitled Bye, Bye Birdie.

Her performance was so amazing that she got a lot of praise. She also performed to sing at the birthday party of John F Kennedy.

Meanwhile, in 1964, she played in Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley. They also recorded three songs.

But, two of the songs has never been released until Elvis passed away. Moreover, Ann Margret was busy making films. She played in a lot of movies.

For instance, her movies were The Cincinnati Kid, Once a Thief, Murderers Row, The Swinger, and Carnal Knowledge.

Therefore, her success in the film industry gives a positive impact on Ann Margret net worth.

Music Career

Even her first album was failed, Ann Margret never gives up. She tried to join audition for a role in George Burn’s Christmas Special.

Then, her performance was so great. As the result, she signed contracts with RCA Victor and 21st Century Fox.

Furthermore, Ann Margret launched her second album in 1961. She also released a song entitled I Just Don’t Understand which could rank at Billboard’s Top 40.

Currently, Ann Margret has released fourteen music albums. Hence, her passion and dedication to the music industry also contribute to Ann Margret net worth.

Awards and Nominations

Ann Margret received a lot of awards such as the Golden Globe and Golden Laurel. Besides, she was the nominee of the Best Supporting Actress in the Academy Award.

Additionally, she received an Emmy nomination.

Ann Margret Net Worth

Considering her success, the estimation of Ann Margret net worth is $28 million. Thus, she gains this spectacular amount of wealth from her movie contracts and album sales.

The amount of Ann Margret net worth is not surprising as played in a lot of movies.

Further, many of her movies are box office. She also received numerous awards and nominations for her acting.

Ann Margret Investment

Considering the amount of Ann Margret net worth, it is easy for her to buy real estate and other properties for investment.

Indeed, this actress is currently living in a luxurious house in Beverly Hills, California.

How Does Ann Margret Make Money?

There is no information about Ann Margret net worth from annual income. Besides, it is quite difficult to estimate her annual earning.

It is because she earns money from album sales, movie contracts, and singing performances.

The source of Ann Margret net worth is from the salary of her performance in many movies.

Besides, she gets income from her album sales. Furthermore, she often performs as a singer and dancer.

Retirement of Ann Marget

Finally, at the age of 80, Ann Margret announced her retirement from entertainment.

At present, Ann Margret lives in her house in Beverly Hills. Thus, she enjoys her elderly life after her long dedication to the entertainment industry.

Ann Margret Face Accident

In 1972, Ann Margret broke her jaw and arm after falling from a high platform before she performed at the Lake Tahoe Casino.

She also suffered some facial and knee fractures.