America Ferrera Net Worth and Success Story as an Actress

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Summary Table

Stage Name America Georgine Ferrera
Legal Name America Ferrera
Gender Female 
Date of Birth 18th April 1984
Height 5 feet (154 cm)
America Ferrera Net Worth 20 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                     $2.67 million
Profession Actress, director, producer                        
Nationality American

Introducing America Ferrera

america ferrera net worth

America Ferrera is an actress who took part in several popular blockbusters. She not only has amazing acting performance.

But, she is also talented in directing a movie. Furthermore, Ferrera is a producer too.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: This actress was born with the real name America Georgine Ferrera. However, the public knows her as America Ferrera.
  • Date of Birth: Ferrera was born in 1984 and her birthday is celebrated every 18th April.
  • Gender & Height: America Ferrera is a Female. She is 5 feet (154 cm) tall. Meanwhile, this actress weighs 130 lbs (59 kg).
  • Nationality: As she was born in Los Angeles, her nationality is American.
  • What is America Ferrera Best Known for?
    • This actress gained fame after starring in Real Women Have Curves in 2002. Then, her popularity skyrocketed after appearing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
    • Furthermore, America Ferrera gave a perfect acting performance in various TV series and films.
    • For example, she stole the public attention when she acted in Ugly Betty, Our Family Wedding, The Dry Land, and End of Watch.
    • Thus, her success in various movies encourages her fans to discover America Ferrera net worth.

America Ferrera’s Formative Years

America Ferrera was born in Los Angeles. Additionally, she was the youngest child of Honduran immigrants and she has five siblings.

However, when she was 7, her parents decided to divorce.

  • Education
    • While being an elementary student, America Ferrera studied at Calabash Street. Then, for the middle level, she continued her study a George Ellery Hale.
    • Then, El Camino Real was her high school.
    • Firstly, America Ferrera showed her acting talent when she was 10.  Likewise, she played in school productions entitled Oliver! as well as Romeo and Juliet.
    • Meanwhile, she often performed in community plays when she was a teenager. After that, she studied International Relations and Theatre at the Southern California University.
    • However, she dropped out from this university. Finally, she returned to the educational institution to obtain her degree.
  • Personal Life:
    • America Fererra is the wife of Ryan Piers Williams who is an actor and director. In addition, they got married in 2011.
    • She met her soul mate while studying at the University of Southern California.
    • Furthermore, from this marriage, Ferrera and Ryan are blessed with two children. They are Sebastian and Lucia.

America Ferrera’s Career

america ferrera net worth

Ferrera’s debut in her acting career was when she appeared in Gotta Kick Up. Then, after this debut, she got a lot of offers of TV shows and movie contracts.

Moreover, after gaining success and fame from movie and TV show appearances, she started a new job as a movie director.

America Ferrera has starred in a lot of films and TV series. Hence, America Ferrera net worth and wealth can be accumulated easily.

Acting Career

Getting success from her debut, America Ferrera then appeared in many drama series. For instance, she became a guest appearance on Touched by an Angel.

In addition, she also appeared in TV movies and series such as Plainsong and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Then, she got a big role of Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty. Afterward, this actress got enormous praise and accolades for this role.

Ferrera’s movie career is also impressive. Her film debut was Real Women Have Curves. This film received many awards.

Besides, other movies starred by America Ferrera are Lords of Dogtown, Under the Same Moon, and The Dry Land.

As a voice-over artist, she played in How to Train Your Dragon. As the result, her salary from those films increases America Ferrera net worth.

Film Producer and Director

In 2007, America Ferrera starred in a movie entitled Toward Darkness. Besides, this actress was the executive producer of this film.

Then, in 2010, she also worked as an executive producer in a movie entitled The Dry Land.

Ferrera’s first appearance as a movie director was in a feature film that was about growing up in a Mexican American family.

Therefore, the income from these jobs makes America Ferrera net worth grow bigger.

America Ferrera Awards

America Fererra obtains a lot of achievements and awards due to her acting talent. For instance, she received Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award.

America Ferrera Net Worth

As a successful actress, director, and executive director, this woman becomes one of the richest celebrities.

Likewise, America Ferrera net worth is $20 million.

She accumulates her wealth from movie contracts. Besides, Ferrera earned a big income from her appearance in TV series.

Thus, her passion and talent in acting inspire many people. Then, she becomes a successful actress receiving many awards at a young age.

  • Production Company
    • America Ferrera is passionate about the entertainment industry. As a result, she launched her own production company named Take Fountain Productions.
    • This entertainment business also contributes to America Ferrera net worth.
  • Buildings Investment
    • America Ferrera spends her wealth on purchasing property as her investment. Therefore, she purchased a new house for $1,4 million.
    • This property is in Hollywood Hills. But, she listed this luxurious house for sale 8 months later.
  • Expenxive Cars: Considering America Ferrera net worth, she can purchase an expensive car. Otherwise, she opts for driving a BMW.
  • America Ferrera’s Investment
    • This actress has some property investments. Besides, she becomes the investor of the US Women’s National Team with other celebrities.
    • For example, they are Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, and Jennifer Garner.
  • Total Amount of Earning
    • America Ferrera can earn $2.67 million per year. Thereupon, the total amount of America Ferrera net worth is impressive.
  • How Does America Ferrera Make Money?
    • Indeed, America Ferrera accumulates her wealth from the salary of the movies she starred in. Besides, she got great income from her appearance in TV series.
    • Additionally, her hard work as a director and executive producer increases America Ferrera net worth.

What is America Ferrera Project Now?

America Ferrera does not state what her upcoming project is. But, she is still actively running her entertainment career.

America Ferrera Quotes

Moreover, America Ferrera is an inspirational woman due to her success at a young age. Here are some of her quotes:

  • “The most important thing you wear is your personality.”
  • “Finding the one is not just a feeling, it’s an educated guess”
  • “I’m okay if people don’t know who I am, but if you remember my character that would be great.”