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This Is Victor Cruz Net Worth, A Successful American Football Athlete

American Football continues to be an all-time favorite sport for residents across America. Victor Cruz and other great athletes are examples of players living the best wealth possible.

While Victor Cruz was playing in the NFL, Victor Cruz net worth was certainly interesting. We have a lot of great content on Victor Cruz net worth. Visit our review below or consult with one of our experts in the contact information below.

Summary table
Stage Name Victor Cruz
Legal name Victor Michael Cruz
Date of Birth November 11th, 1986
Gender Male
Height 6′
Net worth $20 million
Salary / earning / income per year $8,600,000 per year
Profession American Football Athlete
Nationality American

Get To Know Victor Cruz

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • This football athlete has the real name Victor Michael Cruz.
    • He is an American-style football athlete who plays for the New York Giants. While defending the club, his name was then often referred to as Victor Cruz.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Cruz is 35 years old, he was born on November 11th, 1986. He lives in the high-rise city of Paterson, New Jersey.
    • This man has had a great career and has won many awards, including six in total – illustrating his many prestigious achievements over the course of his life.
  • Gender & Height:
    • This male athlete has a proportional body size as an American Football player.
    • His height is 6 feet. While the ideal body weight is 204 pounds.
  • Nationality:
    • This Paterson Catholic School graduate was born in New Jersey, USA.
    • He is a United States team player who supports his chosen team every single day.
    • He always sticks by the squad and faithfully follows the program that is set out for him.
  • What Is Victor Cruz Best Known For?
    • Victor Cruz has been playing professional American football in the NFL since 2008. Although his career is winding down, he has been seen as quite successful and has high Victor Cruz net worth.
    • People love watching him and he’s quite popular with the public. Cruz is known to defend several teams. But the most famous is when he defended the New York Giants team, who Cruz has a long history with.

Very Beginnings

early life of victor cruz

Michael Walker was a firefighter and his son, Ryan, later earned a career in American football. Although his father is American and his mother is Spanish, he has citizenship in the United States.

Cruz grew up in a rough neighborhood and his father committed suicide when he was young. Now he has to live with the consequences of what happened, but they don’t seem to be that big of a concern.

Marlins outfielder Tommy Cruz is trying to keep his future in either football or basketball. Growing up, Cruz’s parents were tough on him but they provided the support and guidance he now needs to succeed in the NFL.

Cruz also received a lot of guidance and support from his father, especially in the field of sports.

  • Education

Cruz never thought he would ever become an NFL player. He was studying at one of the colleges in Paterson when he suddenly had a chance to be signed to the NFL.

After graduating from a prestigious university, Victor studied for a master’s degree at Peterson Catholic University. He continued his postgraduate program at Prestigious Bridgton Academy in North Bridgton, Maine.

  • Personal Life

Victor Cruz’s parents are Michael Walker and his mother Blanca Cruz. His father died by suicide in 2006. 2012 was the year he and his partner, Eleina Wattley became parents.

They had their first daughter, Kennedy. Cruz is known as a figure who is so close to fans. In December 2012 before playing against the Atlanta Falcons, he came to the funeral of Jack Pinto.

Jack Pinto isn’t just a huge fan of Cruz’s and was the victim of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, he was also Cruz’s inspiration for writing his own name on his glove.


victor cruz's career

His career consisted of the two stages. He was a freshman before entering the university, he later became an NFL player then joined a professional club.

College Career

Victor Cruz net worth is highly dependent on his days as a college athlete. Cruz initially found it difficult to juggle school with his athletic career.

Fortunately, he was happy to be able to find athletic success as soon as he started playing. Unfortunately he twice failed at the University of Massachusetts.

Cruz only qualified to play at the university in 2007. Despite failing football, he managed to complete his studies by successfully earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University.

During his time at UMass, Cruz was the fourth player with the most catches and 11th best scorer on the team.

Professional Career (NFL)

On August 16, 2010, Cruz made his professional debut with the New York Giants. The man of African-American-Puerto Rican descent suffered a serious hamstring injury & he came back in the 2010 season.

In June 2013, Cruz started his first Pro Bowl season. He made $43 million with a five-year contract from the New York Giants. The following year he also suffered a left patellar tendon tear, which ended his season with only 6 games.

Victor Cruz Net Worth

victor cruz businesses
  • Businesses

Victor Cruz is one of the richest athletes in the world with high Victor Cruz net worth. Although injuries have slowed his progress, he has been able to build a huge Victor Cruz net worth through his professional career. After his career, he focused his work on sports. He only had a personal life but was unable to find other means of income.

  • Real Estate

The NFL star, Victor Cruz net worth has been on the lower end for quite a while now. On top of that, he was recently picked up by an American Football club in New York to play for them. However, the information is still limited about his personal assets. Cruz is currently under federal investigation for misuse of funds, and it is predicted that he does not have a luxury home.

  • Vehicles

Cruz’s information about cars and other types of vehicles is still limited. With a Victor Cruz net worth of $20 million, top-tier luxury cars are now possible for Victor to acquire. It’s easy for him to collect one of those cars and put it in the garage.

  • How Much Victor Cruz Make Per Year?

Victor Cruz is earning an estimated $8.6 million for his New York Giants jersey. He has a large Victor Cruz net worth from his work as a professional footballer. This means that he is one of the richest athletes in New York, with an estimated Victor Cruz net worth of $16 million as of December 2021.

  • How Does Victor Cruz Make Money?

Cruz started working as a teenager in college. Of course, the biggest income he gets is by playing in the NFL.

He makes millions of dollars on top clubs that have offered him contracts. In addition to the campus club, he also got an interesting contract at the New York Giants.

Victor Cruz’s Recent Activities

Now that Victor Cruz has an estimated Victor Cruz net worth of $16 million, there are still many ways for him to increase his wealth. On August 21, 2018, Cruz finally retired due to injury problems.

He retired after a long career and he spent his time not too far from sports. Even though he is relatively new to the profession, he joined ESPN as an analyst and hosted MTV’s The Challenge first season.

In November 2021, Cruz announced that he would join Prophet Exchange as an advisor and strategic partner. Sure, the New York Giants rewarded Victor Cruz with a three-year contract worth $16 million, but it is predicted that Victor Cruz net worth for next year will increase – thanks to new endorsers.

Despite many injuries, Victor Cruz continued his career. He also found success in other fields that likely increased Victor Cruz net worth during his playing career.

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