Tony Shalhoub Net Worth with Detailed Salary in 2022

Being a famous actor made Tony Shalhoub net worth increase from time to time. Thus, no need to ask how possible he earns much money because of being a multitalented star.

Moreover, the following is a full review of Tony Shalhoub net worth, complete with his salary in detail.

Summary Table

Stage Name Tony Shalhoub
Legal Name Anthony Marcus Shalhoub
Date of Birth October 9th, 1953
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178 in centimeters)
Weight 159 lbs. (72 in kilograms)
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $30 Million to $35 Million (Estimated in 2022)
Income per Year           $4.85 Million
Profession Actor, Voice Maker
Nationality American

Tony Shalhoub’s Background Information

tony shalhoub net worth

Interestingly, Tony Shalhoub is a famous multitalented Lebanese-American actor. Also, apart from appearing in various TV series and shows, he is known for his roles in many Broadway plays.

Furthermore, he has actively contributed to voice work in several animated films such as Cars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Indeed, this famous man was born with the full name Anthony Marcus Shalhoub. Hence, he became well-known as Tony Shalhoub since working as an actor.
  • Tony Shalhoub’s Date of Birth: Joe Shalhoub and Helen Shalhoub are Tony’s parents. Further, the father is Lebanese descent, whereas his mother is Lebanese-American.
  • After that, on October 9, 1953, Tony was born in Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA. Also, he has nine other siblings with him.
  • Gender & Height: First, Tony Shalhoub is a male. Then, this man’s height is approximately 5 feet and 10 inches (178 centimeters). Meanwhile, his weight is 159 lbs (72 kilograms).
  • His Nationality: Furthermore, suppose you are curious about Tony Shalhoub nationality. Then, here is the answer. Indeed, many people know that he is an American, and his ethnicity is Middle Eastern.
  • What is Tony Shalhoub Best Known For?
    • Thankfully, Tony Shalhoub has become widely known as detective Adrian Monk. Likewise, it is the character’s name he played in the USA TV series ‘Monk.’
    • Besides, he became iconic in his role as Antonio Scarpacci in the NBC sitcom entitled ‘Wings’.
    • Additionally, his acting as Abe Weissman in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ gets much attention from the audience.

Life Beginnings

Shalhoub started showing his interest in acting, especially theater. Therefore, his sister asked him to join a high school production entitled The King and I.

Although he did not get a role as an actor in that production, he kept exploring his acting skills.

In addition, he continued his bachelor’s and master’s degree in the same field. However, he studied at two different universities.

Furthermore, his love of theater made him decide to move to New York. Finally, he made his first Broadway debut in 1985.

Even though he got many offers of TV shows and movies, which made Tony Shalhoub net worth begin to rise, he still kept returning to the world of theater.

Moreover, in Broadway, Tony not only met his career luck, but he also managed to meet his wife, Brooke Adams.

  • Education

Tony studied at Green Bay East High School. Then, he continued his studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

After that, Tony Shalhoub joined the student exchange program at Southern Maine and obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Further, Tony pursued his studies and earned his master’s degree in the performing arts department at Yale School of Drama in 1980.

  • Tony Shalhoub Personal Life
tony shalhoub personal life

As mentioned in the previous section, Tony Shalhoub’s wife also has a theater background. Additionally, she is an actress.

Further, they ever played a role in one Boardway stage of Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days in 2015.

Moreover, having married Brooke Adams in 1992, Tony adopted two daughters named Josie Lynn and Sophie Shalhoub.


After finishing his master’s degree, Tony’s career began when he worked with the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Then, he was starting from his appearance in ‘As You Like It’ in 1980. After that, he continues to grow as a Broadway actor since 1985.

Next, he has acted in many plays such as The Odd Couple, Waiting for Godot, Zero Positive, Conversations with My Father, and many more.

Indeed, that is the beginning of Tony Shalhoub net worth soaring.

Furthermore, a year later, in 1986, Tony made his TV debut and appeared in The Equalizer. Besides, he played in Stark Raving Mad as Ian Stark, Nurse Jakie, and We Are Men, and Men in Black II.

Additionally, with his distinctive voice, Shalhoub has voiced in the Elena of Avalor series and several video games such as Cars and Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game.

  • Awards & Nominations

Tony Shalhoub net worth increase from time to time due to his successful career. Also, he got nominations and won several awards as follows:

  • Primetime Emmy Awards (4 times)
  • Golden Globe Awards (his role as Adrian Monk in the TV series ‘Monk’)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards (six times)
  • Tony Awards (the Best Actor in Musical category in 2018)
  • Daytime Emmy Award (2019)

Tony Shalhoub Net Worth

Now comes to the Tony Shalhoub net worth part. Interestingly, all the wealth he has comes not only from his income as an actor but also from his investments.

  • Real Estate

Tony Shalhoub net worth also comes from the several properties he owns. Further, he and his wife have owned a long-time home in Windsor Square since 1993.

Otherwise, they sold it in 2016 for $3.6 Million.

In addition, suppose you are curious about where does Tony Shalhoub live now. Likewise, he is living in Los Angeles with his wife.

Moreover, they own a luxury home in Martha’s Vineyard.

Income Details

Calculating Tony Shalhoub net worth, of course, needs to be accompanied by knowing his income per year.

Thus, bellows are approximate Tony’s detailed salary:

  • 4.85 Million Dollars/year
  • 404,166.67/month
  • 93,269.23/week
  • 13,287.67/day
  • 553.65/hour
  • 9.23/minute
  • 0.15/second

How does Tony Shalhoub make money?

This actor contributes to many movies and TV shows. Hence, Tony Shalhoub net worth and income primarily comes from these jobs.

Interesting Facts About Tony Shalhoub

Additionally, apart from discussing Tony Shalhoub net worth, it seems great to know some facts about him.

Therefore, these are several interesting facts about this actor:

  • First, Tony is fluent in Lebanese
  • Second, Shalhoub’s birth flower is Marigold
  • Third, his birthstone is Opal and Tourmaline
  • Then, his life path number is 1
  • Next, Tony’s ruling planet is Venus.

What Is Tony Shalhoub Concert at Now?

  • Is Tony Shalhoub Retired?

No, he is not. Although being in his late sixties, Tony is still active in acting.

Unfortunately, in May 2020, Tony Shalhoub had been positive for Covid-19. However, now both have recovered well. Also, they are doing activities as usual.

Despite all Tony Shalhoub net worth, he is a professional actor with fantastic talent in TV series, movies, and theater, indeed.