TommyInnit Net worth (2021), Age, Height, Bio

TommyInnit Net worth- $2.5 Million

TommyInnit is a famous YouTuber from the United Kingdom, his real name is Thomas Simons. As of 2021, TommyInnit has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. At the mere age of 16, TommyInnit has become a Minecraft prodigy and have more than 600 thousand subscribers on twitch that gives him about 150,000 in a month. 

He is known got his Minecraft videos, collaborations with other YouTubers and streamers in the Dream SMP Earth Videos, hacks, and even Hypixel Skyblock. Since 2018, he has been a consistent YouTuber while also simultaneously growing his audience in Twitch streaming. In the Minecraft community, his fans as the fastest-rising breakout stars know TommyInnit.

TommyInnit Age, Birthday, Height, Bio

Net worth$2.5 Million
Real nameThomas Simons
Age16 years old
Birth date9 April 2004
Born inNottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Height6 ft 1 inch
Lives inNottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Relationship StatusSingle
YouTubeTommyInnit; TommyVods; TommyOutlt
TommyInnit biography

TommyInnit, also Thomas Simons, is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, twitch streamer, and social influencer. He was born on 9 April 2004 in England, United Kingdom. 

As he prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight, not much is known of his family or how many siblings he may have. As he is currently busy focusing on his academics and juggling his social media career, TommyInnit is single. 

He is well known for his gameplay on YouTube and his online streaming on twitch. He is popularly known for his streaming of games like Minecraft, Fortnite, PubG, and Hypixel. 

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He is active on many social media and gaming platforms, with millions of viewers and subscribers increasing as he grows along with his various channels. His Instagram account has 1.2 million followers as of 2021 and 1 million followers on his Twitter account. 

How did TommyInnit start his career?

TommyInnit youtube income

At the age of 16, TommyInnit was already a professional at what he does. He finished his high school graduation from a local private school and is currently pursuing his post-high school program while simultaneously managing his social media career. 

The first time viewers know of his existence was in 2015 when he entered the online gaming community. He started with streaming Minecraft and Hypixel Skyblock. Soon after, his first YouTube channel was launched when he was 12 years old, under the name “ChannelNutpig.”

He changed this name to Tom after a year and kept all his videos in private. After a few years, in December 2015, he joined the YouTube community again with the re-launching of his channel with the name “TommyInnit.” 

He started posting his content regularly only by 2019. He became a Twitch affiliate and posted live streams of his gameplay, predominantly Minecraft and Hypixel Skyblock. His fan base was mostly composed of Hypixel Influencers because of his Hypixel videos, and he started posting edited live streams of Hypixel Skyblock on his channel.

Because of his videos, the hype for Hypixel blew up, and since then, he has been known as one of the first and youngest YouTubers to gain instant fan base and growth. After months of consistent uploads, he ventured on to other similar planes such as SMPEarth and Minecraft.

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After posting several live streams, his following skyrocketed and garnered over 600 thousand subscribers. As of 2021, TommyInnit has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

How much money does TommyInnit make on YouTube?

TommyInnit personal info

TommyInnit’s channel has over 4.64 million subscribers and has garnered a total view count of over 372,417,223. His videos get millions of views on average every single day from different sources. This estimated view count means that he gets an estimated 30,400 dollars to 485,700 dollars monthly from his videos’ advertising revenue. Roughly, in a year, TommyInnit should get about 5.8 million dollars.

YouTubers and content creators get paid from 2 dollars to 7 dollars per 1000 monetized views. After all the cuts that YouTube takes automatically for each view, the advertisement revenue will accumulate the total amount of money you get for each video. Advertisers typically bid from 0.01 cents per view and up.

He has two other channels on YouTube, namely, TommyVods and TommyOutlt. TommyVods has over 1 million subscribers and a total view count of over 150 million views currently. Since his channel, TommyVods garners an average of 720,000 views per day from various sources, he gets an estimated revenue of 3,600 dollars every day, which totals up to 1.3 million dollars yearly from just the advertisements that show up in his videos.

As for his third account, TommyOutlt, the channel has more than 1.8 million subscribers and has accumulated about 80 million views. His channel gets about 300,000 views on average daily from a variety of different sources. This gives him estimated revenue of about 1,500 dollars per day, amounting to 550,000 dollars in a year solely from the advertisements that show up on his videos.

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How much side income does TommyInnit earn?

TommyInnit networth, bio, earnings

Apart from his YouTube earnings, TommyInnit also generates a substantial income from his twitch account through the features on the twitch platform like subscriber count, advertisements, donations, and bits. His twitch channel has over 2.8 million followers A++ rank channel.

For each subscription, his channel change is at 3.99 dollars in exchange for exclusive content. Approximately his streaming report in a month is about 8.36 million with an 880k fan base increment. TommyInnit has about 39,829 total subscribers- 15.290 paid subscribers, 19,899 prime subscribers, and 4,665 gifted subscribers to his twitch channel.

By only calculating his paid subscribers’ revenue, TommyInnit earns about 61,007 dollars. In addition to this, his fans can also make donations and gift bits. His streaming income is also separate from this revenue. He also has a TikTok account where he is actively posting creative content regularly. 

Finally, he also has his merchandise line, which sells several different apparels. 


Interesting facts about TommyInnit

  • He opened his channel TommyInnit as an alternative to his actual initial YouTube channel ChannelNutpig.
  • His classmates for choosing ChannelNutpig as his YouTube channel’s name bullied TommyInnit.
  • His first video was titled “Manual for Lobby Spamming,” posted in 2018.
  • TommyInnit was given the YouTube rank on Hypixel in September of 2019.

As of 2021, TommyInnit posted a new video on his ChannelNutpig and stated that he will be returning to his first channel ever and posing a new video per hundred subscribers. This video also got instant views and is increasing in subscriber count.

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