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Todd Bridges Net Worth in 2022

Most American people, especially older ones, must be familiar with Todd Bridges, an actor and a former child actor back in the seventies. This year counts to 47 years since his first appearance in Barney Miller in 1977. But even with an extended active year as an actor, Todd Bridges net worth is still considered small among celebrities. This might be caused by mental health problems he needed to face in his early life, such as addiction. Please continue reading to learn more about Todd Bridges net worth and more information about him.

Who is Todd Bridges? (Biography)

Todd Bridges is an actor and formerly a child actor. He was in Little House on the Prairie in Police Story and the miniseries Roots in 1977. He appeared in many other tv-series in his early career and later started joining the film industry in 1989. 

Summary Table
Stage Name Todd Bridges
Legal name Todd Anthony Bridges
Date of Birth 21-May-65
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Net worth $500,000
Salary $50,000-$100,000
Profession Actor, Producer, Comedian, Host
Nationality American

Legal Name & stage name

His legal name is Todd Anthony Bridges, and he is usually called Todd Bridges or just Bridges. He doesn’t have another nickname representing his career except for his real name. Although Todd Bridges net worth is not directly related to his name, but, sometimes our names indeed influence our fortune and happiness in the future. So it is important to give a good name to your child.

Date of Birth

He was born on May 27, 1965. He turns 57 in 2022. 

Todd Bridges Gender, Height, and nationality

Todd Bridges was born as a male, and his latest known height is 5 ft 10 in or about 1,8 in meters. He has American nationality as he was born in San Francisco, California, USA, and has lived in this country for a long time.

What is Todd Bridges Best Known for?

Todd Bridges net worth is highly correlated to his participation as Willis Jackson on the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes for eight years since 1978. His play for this sitcom amounted to 169 episodes, which improved his popularity even more at that time. The only drawback he experienced back then was his addiction problem which kept causing more issues in his personal life.

Early life of Todd Bridges

He already appeared in show business when he was still a kid. One factor determining this is that his mother, Betty Alice Pryor, was also an actress, director, and manager, while his father, James Bridges Sr., was a talent agent. 


Unfortunately, there is no thorough information about his education or how it might relate to Todd Bridges net worth accumulation. He studied at Hollywood Professional School, a private school in Hollywood, California. This investment in acting education might have helped his work later in life. 

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Todd Bridges has two kids. His son, Spencer Bridges, was born July 15, 1998. He also has a daughter that was born in his previous marriage. There is little information regarding his personal life. 

Todd Bridges’s career

Since his debut as a child actor, Todd Bridges has appeared on many other occasions throughout his life. There are more than 100 credits for his work, whether from films, television series, as a host, and many more. 

Todd Bridges Movies

There are almost 50 times Todd Bridges take part in movies. His highest number of television appearances was in 2016 when he played 8 times. Among the films he appeared in was: Nightblade, when he played Detective Francesco. There was also Dependent’s Day when he was portrayed as Hank Wright.

Todd Bridges TV shows

Todd Bridges net worth accumulated from his career in the TV shows is not as much as his time when still a kid, but he still makes some appearances in it. His latest work in 2022 is becoming the HouseGuest for competing in the third season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Awards & Nominations

He was a nominee for Best Young Actor in a Comedy Series for his part in Diff’rent Strokes (1978) two times, in 1983 and 1984. He won the best actor at New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in 2008 for his acting in the film Frankie D (2007).

Todd Bridges Net worth 

Todd Bridges net worth, last known from celebritynetworth is about $250,000. This number is still considered small for celebrities, especially if we compare it with many celebs with millions of dollars in net worth. Some other sources said Todd Bridges net worth is actually twice that amount, which is about $500,000. But still, his wealth is far more than half the American population, as their latest median net worth was $121,760 in 2019.  


On November 17, 2010, Todd Bridges and his brother James Jr. Established their own production company. The name of the company is Little Bridge Productions. Todd Bridges net worth might also be originated from this company. But there is not enough data to calculate the amount of money he received or any contracts related to the company’s production. There are two films credited to this company: Black Ball in 2003 and Flossin in 2001.  

Todd Bridge net worth from real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

Todd Bridge appears in one Youtube video discussion about his personal life. His house is located in California and looked pretty decent home. It is not as big as a mansion but tidy and comfortable to live in. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any data indicating his ownership of another investment in houses or apartments.  

Sport cars / yatch / vehicles 

Todd Bridge had a Porche in 1986. His latest car is still unknown for now. But considering the amount of his net worth and the price of expensive vehicles nowadays, it is less likely for him to have a sports car. 

How much does Todd Bridges make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income) 

Internet sources claim that Todd Bridges net worth derives from a salary of $50.000 a year. There are also sources calculating his net worth as monthly income, but working as a celebrity usually does not come with a fixed income. Instead, celebrity wealth is generally accumulated through the number of contracts they can gain during their active time.  

Todd Bridges was most active during his childhood. His first debut was as a child actor. Therefore, it can be estimated that Todd Bridges net worth must have been gathered up during that time. Then as he experienced solving many hardships later in life, he gained more work contract and wealth in his adult life.

Todd Bridges net worth

How does Todd Bridges make money? 

His earlier wealth is from his participation in a sitcom television show named Diff’rent Strokes for 8 years. As an adult, he appeared in many films and television shows. Among his noticeable appearance is truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest… in which he becomes a frequent commentator from March 2008 until 2012. He also got his income from other works like appearances in music videos, such as Penny Ford’s single “Change Your Wicked Ways” (1984) and many more. 

Is Todd Bridges Retired? 

Todd Bridges is not yet retired. He continues contributing to show business until this day. There have been almost 40 roles in films alone during the last 20 years. Todd Bridges net worth is still increasing even now.  

What is Todd Bridges Doing now? 

He is still working to this day. This year, he was announced as a houseguest for competing in the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother, an American tv series that premiered on February 2, 2022.