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Tiffany Pollard Net Worth – How Rich Is The TV Personality?

Tiffany Pollard net worth is reckoned to be $500 thousand as a television personality from the United States.

Summary Table
Stage Name Tiffany Pollard
Legal Name Tiffany Pollard
Date of Birth January 6, 1982
Gender Female
Height 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)
Net Worth $500 thousand
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession TV Personality & Actress
Nationality American

Keep reading this article for further details of Tiffany Pollard net worth and all you need to know about her.

About Tiffany Pollard

Let’s take a glance at her short bio before we discussed Tiffany Pollard net worth.
  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • She goes by Tiffany Pollard for both her legal name and stage name. In addition, she is also known as Tiffany “New York” Pollard.
    • The name “New York” was given by his ex-fiance during the VH1’s Flavor of Love. 
  • Date of Birth: As a New Yorker, she was born in 1982. Pollard celebrates her birthday on January 6 every year.
  • Gender & Height: Tiffany Pollard height is 1.68 m. She is a female television reality star.
  • Nationality: Born and growing up in New York, Tiffany is a Citizen of the USA.
  • What is Tiffany Pollard Best Known for?
    • You may not realize that most of the memes or GIFs you frequently saw on social media is Tiffany Pollard.
    • She is crowned as the meme queen which comes from the reactions she made in the popular I Love New York, VH1’s Flavor of Love shows, and Celebrity Big Brother.
    • The “Beyonce?” meme is extremely popular until it is rumored that Beyonce herself knows about it.

Education and Relationship

Tiffany’s parents are Alex Pollard and Michelle Rothschild-Patterson. The early life of Tiffany Pollard is undisclosed and not being discussed in media or public.

Pollard was entranced to the John F. Kennedy Middle School and continued her study at Thomas R. Proctor High School.

This part will discuss further Tiffany Pollard’s personal life and relationship. She had dated several men and had three unsuccessful engagements, including David McIntosh, Ahmad Givens, Kamal Givens, Scott Timlin, Ezra Masters, and Flavor Flav.

Tiffany had been through tough times during some part of her life. She revealed her miscarriage back in 2016 and had diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Although there are no more details of who is her current man is, Tiffany is reported to engage in 2020 and she is happier than ever.

Tiffany Pollard’s Career

The Ts Madison Experience is Pollard’s present television show which aired last year. A long way before that, the early of Tiffany’s career began with her appearance in VH1’s Flavor of Love in 2006 with 7.5 million viewers for season 2. Later, she moved to her own I Love New York show as the spin-offs of VH1. The I Love New York continued with I Love New York 2, New York Goes to Work, New York Goes to Hollywood, I Love New York 3, Brunch with Tiffany, and followed with other lists of shows.

Tiffany Pollard also participated in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2016 and won the show in fourth place. Three years later she guest-starred on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 as a judge. In addition to her television career, Tiffany Pollard is experiencing a few acting roles in movies, including The Shop and First Sunday, alongside the famous Regina Hall, C. J. Sanders, and Ice Cube. Based on the records of her involvement in many shows as the main character or guest star, we can conclude that these experiences contribute to Tiffany Pollard net worth in general.

Awards & Nominations

Throughout her career in Flavor of Love, Tiffany Pollard become a two-time victor of Fox Reality Awards for different categories including Favorite Villain and Favorite Fight in 2006. Additionally, she was also being nominated for another Fox Reality Awards in 2007 and the 12th Annual Shorty Awards in 2020.

Tiffany Pollard Net Worth

As mentioned above, Tiffany Pollard net worth is reckoned to be $500 thousand mainly for her work in television shows for many years.

Tiffany Pollard Businesses

Tiffany Pollard net worth from her business investment is known with HBIC Ink, a Nail Polish Line with limited edition availability that debuted in November last year. She stated how important the project is for her and how much effort, love, and creativity she put into it. Some of the color Tiffany released is Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow that speak her personality, for example, the color blue depicts women like the one who is being in charge of themselves. Although she planning on increasing her business, there is no report about Tiffany Pollard net worth or how much income she received from this business.

How does Tiffany Pollard make money?

Tiffany Pollard net worth or salary came from her work in the television for a few decades as a television personality and actress, alongside her investment through the side business she created.

Tiffany Pollard Present Days

The fourth victor of Celebrity Big Brother is doing just fine and being content with her life. As for her career, she is reportedly doing acting on The Shaw, which is currently in the post-production process. There is no more report about any contract or project that the meme queen will be doing soon.

Are Tiffany Pollard and Flavor Flav still friends?

During a few seasons of Flavor of Love, Tiffany Pollard and Flavor Flav were romantically involved and they got engaged from 2005 up to 2006. Even though their relationship is not always smooth, the couple finally separated and Tiffany continue her career in other shows. Nevertheless, there is no report whether Tiffany and Flavor remain friends or not, and apparently, they ended the engagement on good terms.

That’s all the discussion about Tiffany Pollard net worth, wealth, income, or salary as well as her story as a television personality. You can follow her Instagram for more updates on her personal life.

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