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Theresa Caputo Net Worth and Her Long Island Medium Journey

Lately, many people have been curious about Theresa Caputo net worth. The fans and some sceptics also want to know about it.

Despite all the pros and cons that she got throughout her career as a medium, Theresa did not necessarily quit the television industry.

Suppose you are curious about Theresa Caputo net worth and her detailed biography. Then, this article will provide you with brief information.

Summary Table

Stage Name Theresa Caputo
Legal Name Theresa Caputo
Date of Birth June 10th, 1966
Gender Female
Height 5’ 4” (163 centimeters)
Weight 121 lbs. (55 kg)
Marital Status Divorced
Theresa Caputo Net Worth      $3 Million to $5 Million
Income per Year      Ten of thousands per year
Profession A Medium, Television Personality, an author     
Nationality American

Profile of Theresa Caputo

As has been echoed by the entertainment media, Theresa Caputo is a well-known American medium.

Initially, this woman made her first debut in 2011 as a television personality on the TLC series Long Island Medium.

Also, she is a writer. Currently, she has published about four books from 2013 to 2020. So, it is reasonable that Theresa Caputo net worth can reach up to $3 Million to $5 Million to date.

Furthermore, here is complete information about her biography, early life, and Theresa Caputo net worth.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Since childhood, Theresa Caputo has been known by the same name.
    • Likewise, she made no changes to her complete and stage name.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Caputo came to the world on June 10, 1966.
    • This woman was born in Hicksville, Long Island, New York, USA.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Currently, Caputo is a 55-year-old woman. At this age, Theresa Caputo heights 5 feet 4 inches (163 centimeters).
    • Meanwhile, she weighs 121 lbs. (55 kg).
  • Nationality: Theresa Caputo is an American due to where she was born and raised.
  • What Is Theresa Caputo Best Known For?
    • Theresa Caputo is best known for her ability to speak and connect to the spirit of the dead. However, some people still think she is only good at “cold reading”.
    • What is more, Theresa is also identical with an eye-catching appearance with her unique hairstyling and long-beautiful nails.

Young Life of Theresa Caputo

theresa caputo net worth

Theresa Caputo’s ability to see and feel the presence of the spirit of the dead has been acquired since she was four years old.

Then, at the age of twenty, she learned to communicate with souls from heaven.

Since learning her new ability, Theresa had experienced endless anxiety. Thus, she regularly went to the therapist and managed it herself well.

However, she felt that she had not yet received a cure. Therefore, her mother finally asked her to meet Pat Longo. He is a spiritual healer.

Theresa finally knew the main reason for her anxiety was suppressing too much the Spirit energy.

After that, she was asked to channel the spirit energy using chakra and release it with words to overcome this.

Hence, she has been determined to use her “gift” to connect with the spirit to help convey the message and heal the grief of the bereaved clients.

Personal Life and Education

In her teens, Theresa attended Hicksville High School. However, we found no updated data regarding her follow-up studies at universities.

Theresa’s parents are Nicholas and Veronica Brigandi. Her father became a volunteer firefighter. Moreover, Theresa has one sibling named Michael.

Based on her website, the parents (Nick and Ronnie) live next door to Theresa. Meanwhile, Michael lives with his family a few cities away from them.

Furthermore, maybe you ever wonder, “does Theresa Caputo have a partner?” Then the answer is yes, she had.

Additionally, Larry Caputo married Theresa almost 30 years ago. However, they chose to split in 2017. Otherwise, in 2018, they were legally divorced.

With Larry, Theresa has two children. Their names are Larry Caputo Jr. and Victoria Caputo.

Theresa Caputo’s Career

Besides Theresa Caputo net worth, many people are curious about how this woman started her career as a psychic medium and owned a television show.

Initially, the history of her career began when her best friend, Victoria Wood, said that Theresa was born a celebrity.

Then, Victoria’s sister, Courtney Mullin, and her friend Jonathan Patridge agreed upon this statement. Since they both were producers, they realized ​the idea and made Theresa a celebrity soon after.

In addition, Theresa debuted with Long Island Medium under TLC and Magilla Entertainment in 2011. Since then, Theresa’s career and life have been brilliant.

Subsequently, Theresa Caputo net worth skyrocketed even more. However, there was a time when her career was tortuous.

Even James Randi Educational Foundation criticized her. More than that, many YouTube channels also said Theresa’s abilities are unbelievable.

But Theresa fought the rumors quite well. And, managed to remind popular till now. Besides the TV Show, she performed a country tour under “Theresa Caputo Live The Experience.”

Further, recently she launched a Podcast with the title Hey Spirit! which you can listen to any time and anywhere.

Theresa Caputo Net Worth

Well, now we come to the Theresa Caputo net worth part. Until January 2022, Theresa’s wealth is estimated to be $3 to $5 Million.

Aside from her salary as a TV personality, her wealth also counted from the business she runs and other assets.

Theresa Caputo Net Worth from Business

Still, there is no detailed information about the business run by this popular medium. However, Theresa is also an author and successfully launched her books.

One of them is entitled There’s More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight from the Other Side (2013)

The others are “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Life-Changing and Lessons from Heaven (2014).

After that, she published “Good Grief” Heal Your Soul and Honor Your Loved Ones and Learn to Live again in 2017.

Moreover, she released Good Mourning: Moving Through Everyday Losses with Wisdom From The Other Side in 2020.

Earnings Detail

Suppose you are curious about Theresa Caputo salary and once asked, “how much does Theresa Caputo charge?”

Then, here are the precise answers. Theresa earns approximately $25,000 per episode Ling Island Medium.

On top of that, suppose you want to book a reading section with her. Then, you can pay between $50 to $175 depending on the private or group package you choose.

Her income comes from her profession as a Long Island Medium star. Meanwhile, the books increased Theresa Caputo net worth from time to time.

Moreover, she gains some income with her live country tour, podcast, and fans club membership card.

Is Theresa Caputo Out of Job?

No, she is not. She is still active in becoming medium to date.

  • What Is Theresa Caputo Doing Now?

Recently, Theresa has provided some spiritual advice through podcasts she shares on her official website.

Finally, that is all about Theresa Caputo net worth and her complete career journey. Despite many controversies about her ability to connect with the spirit, she is such an inspiring woman, indeed.