Supa Cent Net Worth – $1 Million Worth of Product In 2 Hours

Supa Cent’s company is achieving a very high level of success in a very short amount of time. They managed to sell $1 million worth of product in just 2 hours, which has raised the company’s value in the media. Her company created their name with an innovative idea, which made their brand famous and allowed it to grow.

Of course, this made a lot of people excited and raised the prestige of The Crayon Case, the cosmetic brand that she built. Supa Cent net worth is also quite high, especially among social media influencers & brands.

Summary tabel
Stage name Supa Cent
Legal name Reynell Stewart
Date of birth February 2, 1988
Gender Female
Height 6’2” (183 cm)
Supa Cent net worth $5 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Entrepreneur
Nationality American

Profile of Supa Cent’s

supa cent net worth

We may begin by looking at Supa Cent’s biography, to get a better understanding of who she is & where her wealth comes from.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Supa Cent’s real name is Reynell Stewart.
    • However, because his stage name is already widely known, he has become well-known by the nickname Supa Cent.
  • Date of Birth: Raynell Stewart was born on February 2, 1988.
  • Gender & Height: Supa Cent was born as a female. She has a height of 6’2” (183 cm).
  • Nationality: From birth until now, she’s been in the United States.
  • Best Known For:
    • As we all know, Supa Cent is the owner of a cosmetic company called The Crayon Case.
    • Her name reached new heights when The Crayon Case managed to sell cosmetics valued at a $1 million in just 2 hours.

Supa Cent’s Young Life

supa cent

Raynell Steward was born on February 2, 1988 from Louisiana, United States. She grew up in New Orleans, but her father was not around for the most part. Her mother took care of Supa Cent and her sister, even though it was a difficult time for them with a single income. She still maintains good relationships with her father now.

It was difficult for Supa Cent to get by in high school, and she was often bullied. She felt like she couldn’t do anything to stop it, and felt pretty hopeless about her situation. However, she eventually found a way out- by coming up with farcical jokes about her former bullies.

Bullying had a huge impact on Supa Cent’s character, making her popular among her friends for her funny joking style. She is also likeable because she makes fun of himself often and that’s always a plus!

  • Supa Cent’s Education

Babson Campus has a history of education and Supa Cent graduated from the Department of Business Administration and Management. Perhaps it was his education that helped amass Supa Cent net worth.

  • Supa Cent’s Personal Life

Right now, Supa Cent is a widow. She was married before and she had 2 kids named Tre and Lea. She divorced her husband when she found out that he was cheating on her. Currently, she only has the kids and lives with her two children.

Supa Cent’ Career

It wasn’t easy for Supa Cent over the years. She had to overcome several challenges along the way, but she achieved success eventually through hard work and determination. With her persistence, Supa Cent net worth can accumulate a lot.

How Did Wuzzam Supa Cent Career Start?

Even though Supa Cent has been very successful in her career, it hasn’t always been easy. She worked as a housemaid & waitress before getting the right opportunity. She still continues to work for different companies when needed.

Then there was an idea to start her own company aimed at benefiting children and adults alike. After moving on to several companies, Supa Cent secured a position as CEO of the company Nola, Bayou Scooter Rentals. She later founded a cosmetics line called The Crayon Case.

Supa Cent’s popularity started skyrocketing after selling out of The Crayon Case worth 1 million in just 2 hours. This is happened on Cyber ​​Monday in 2018. But in 2019 she reached the new record by making more than 1.37 million dollars from sales in just one hour. This makes Supa Cent net worth increase greatly.

  • Where Did She Work Before She Became Famous on Social Media?

Prior to becoming famous, Supa Cent worked as a housekeeper, waitress and the CEO of a company based in Nola, Bayou Scooter Rentals.

Supa Cent and The Crayon Case Cosmetics

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So, Supa Cent struggled in life, but eventually got ahead and became really rich. She then fulfilled her needs and wants from a lavish lifestyle.

Her sales in 2018 and 2019 were humongous, but they also helped her to become a very successful woman. Supa Cent net worth is now around $5 million & that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Quick Facts About Supa Cent

Originally, Supa Cent experienced a difficult life before she was able to find success. She worked in many places simultaneously while raising her kids to support her life. Now she has two children and is living a very successful life with great health.

Supa Cent Net Worth

How much is Supa Cent net worth? At least, Supa Cent net worth is not instantaneous. There are clear sources and a long history which cite previous instances of how Supa Cent earned her fortune.

  • How Does Supa Cent Make Money?

Supa Cent is a business owner and has earned income from the sale of her cosmetic product, The Crayon Case.

  • Businesses

Until this day, Supa Cent net worth has been attributed to her cosmetics business, The Crayon Case.