Steven Yeun Net Worth – The Wealth of The Dead Walking Actor

Are you interested in discovering a detailed story about this American-Korean actor? Therefore, this page presents Steven Yeun net worth, personal life, career journey, and asset.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Steven Yeun
Legal Name Yeun Sang Yeop
Gender Male
Date of Birth 21st December 1983
Height 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
Steven Yeun Net Worth $5 million
Profession Actor, Producer, Voice Over artist
Nationality American

Who is Steven Yeun?steven yeun net worth


Steven Yeun is an American-Korean actor. Then, he gained huge fame due to his acting as Glenn Rhee.

Furthermore, after showing his great acting performance in this TV series, he got a lot of offers for appearing in other TV shows.

Subsequently, his oriental face steals the Americans’ attention. Then, no doubt, the public wants to know Steven Yeun net worth and the source of his wealth.

  • The real name of this actor is Yeun Sang Yeop, but the public recognizes him as Steven Yeun.
  • This American-Korean actor was born on 21st December 1983.
  • Steven Yeun is a male. This man is 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm), whereas he weighs 149.9 lbs (68 kg).
  • Even he was born in Seoul, Steven Yeun moved to the USA. As the result, he gets American nationality.

What is Steven Yeun Best Known for?

Firstly, Steven Yeun is well-known for his acting performance in the horror TV series, The Walking Dead.

Besides, he appeared in several television programs.

Additionally, his acting in the series about zombies is very amazing. No doubt, he has a lot of fans who are curious about Steven Yeun net worth and his success story.

Early Life of Steven Yeun

This actor was born in Seoul with the name Yeun Sang-Yeop. His father, Ja Yeun was an architect.

Meanwhile, his mother, Jun Yeun was a housewife.

To get a better life, Yeun and his family decided to move to Michigan, the United States. Thus, Yeun grew up in this town.

Otherwise, his parent changed his name to Steven since the parent met a doctor named Steven.

Finally, Steven Yeun and his family can live better in the United States. Likewise, his parents purchased a beauty-supply store and this business developed well.

Nonetheless, there is no information about where Steven Yeun studied in high school. However, he was a brilliant student.

Then, he continued his study at Kalamazoo College. Further, Steven Yeun took a concentration in neuroscience.

Steven Yeun married a professional photographer, Joana Pak in 2020. This couple has a happy life.

Moreover, they are blessed with a child. Their son’s name is Jude Malcolm Yeun.

Steven Yeun’s Career

Steven Yeun has a great passion for acting. Then, he is amazed by an entertainment group in his college.

Thereupon, he took a part in an audition to join this group. Unfortunately, he was rejected.

However, Steven Yeun never gave up. He joined in the audition in the following year and the result was satisfying.

Finally, Steven Yeun was selected to be a member of this group. After being accepted into this group, he insisted on pursuing his dream of an acting career.

Steven Yeun Acting Career

To reach his dream, Steven Yeun moved to Chicago. Then, he joined a sketch comedy group named Stir Friday Night.

Afterward, this actor also played The Second City. Furthermore, after appearing in some comedy performances, Steven Yeun got some recognition.

In addition, Steven decided to move to Los Angeles to search for a better career.

Subsequently, Steven Yeun struggled hard to get a big role. Then, he got a contract to play in a horror TV series entitled The Walking Dead.

Hence, since he played one of the main roles in this TV series, Steven can gain a lot of fame.

Besides, he received a lot of offers to appear in TV series, sitcoms, and movies. He appeared in a popular sitcom entitled The Bing Bang Theory.

For instance, Steven Yeun appeared in a lot of movies such as Burning, Okja, and Sorry to Bother You.

Moreover, due to his amazing acting, he can earn a big income. As the result, Steven Yeun net worth is automatically increased.

Meanwhile, in 2020, Steven Yeun starred in a film entitled Minari. In this film, he also became an executive producer.

Indeed, Steven Yeun has been nominated for many awards. Besides, he won an award as the best actor in Brooklyn Horror Film.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

Since he was active in starring in various TV series and films, Steven Yeun net worth is approximately $5 million.

Thus, he can earn a fantastic amount of wealth from his income as an actor.

Additionally, another source of Steven Yeun net worth is from the salary as a voice-over artist in several animated series.

For example, he gave his voice for Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.

Steven Yeun Net Worth from Businesses

Apart from his acting career, Steven Yeun has an investment in the business. Likewise, he becomes the investor of a Korean-Mediterranean restaurant named The Bun Shop.

The earnings from this restaurant also increase Steven Yeun net worth.

Luxurious house

Since Steven Yeun net worth is fantastic, it is easy for him to purchase a luxurious house. Therefore, this actor bought a mi-century house that costs $3.3 million in Pasadena.

How Much Did Steven Yeun Make on Walking Dead?

Indeed, Forbes estimated the amount of salary that Steven Yeun received from The Walking Dead was $60.000 per episode.

Thereupon, with this great salary, it is not surprising that Steven Yeun net worth is approximately $4 million.

Furthermore, Steven Yeun earns money from his acting performance in various movies and TV series. Besides, he runs a restaurant business.

Is Steven Yeun Retired?

Nonetheless, Steven Yeun does not announce any retirement plan. He is still actively working on several movie projects.

Steven Young is preparing his new film entitled Nope. This movie will be released on 22nd July 2022.

Besides, he plans to release other films: Get Out, Us, and Beef. Also, these three movies will be launched in 2022.