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The Journey of Spencer Paysinger Net Worth, Career and Salary

It is really difficult to believe that Spencer Paysinger net worth reaches 5 million dollars if you only take into account his salary as an American Football player. You might be surprised to find out that Spencer Paysinger’net worth is largely due to the royalties of his books.

Spencer Paysinger is not just an American Football player, he has also been a well-known host of ESPN’s First Take for six years. He has hosted other shows on NBC Sports Radio and also appeared on the show “MTV Cribs” as a commentator. As well as being a TV personality, Spencer Paysinger is also an author of both fiction and non-fiction.

Here we have provided information about the biography, career and work, salary and income per year, contracts served, and investments owned by Spencer Paysinger.

Summary Table
Stage Name Spencer Paysinger
Legal name Spencer Paysinger
Date of Birth: June 28, 1988
Gender: Male
Height 188 cm
Net worth $5 million
Salary / earning / income per day $840 thousand per year
Profession Athlete
Nationality American

Getting Familiar with Spencer Paysinger

Spencer Paysinger is a former American Football player who was signed to the New York Giants in 2011. Currently, Paysinger has a job as a co-producer at CW’s All American. This show is popular among teens and young adults for its honest discussions around the difficulties of growing up and navigating the world as an African American.

Spencer Paysinger net worth also comes from his activity as a social entrepreneur. He is the founder of an organization called Find Your Hilltop, which helps low-income black and Latino students in Los Angeles get into top American universities. This organization has a mission to help American football players nearing the end of their careers.

Spencer Paysinger is a multi-tasker. He’s been an assistant coach for the American football team, Seattle Seahawks, for over four years. He’s also helped manage Afterball LLC, a company that develops and markets sport balls and accessories in the United States, since March of 2014.

Looking back at Spencer Paysinger’s career, it is interesting to see how much his net worth, salary, and income has grown over the years.

  • Legal Name & stage name: The real name of this former American Football player is Spencer Paysinger.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Spencer Paysinger was born in Crenshaw, California on June 28, 1988.
    • This means that he is currently 33 years old.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Spencer Paysinger is male.
    • He has a height of 188 cm and a weight of about 113 cm.
  • Nationality: Spencer Paysinger is an American citizen.

What is Spencer Paysinger Best Known for?

Spencer Paysinger is a professional football player who has been playing in the NFL since 2010. He is widely known for his position as a backline. He received a contract from the New York Giants from 2011 to 2014.

The New York Giants are a professional football team that competes in the National Football League. They are well known for being one of the most successful teams in NFL history. Spencer Paysinger is their most recent addition to the roster as a linebacker.

Spencer Paysinger was drafted in the 7th round by the Miami Dolphins in 2014. His contract with the Dolphins expires after the 2016 season, and he has also been contracted by the New York Jets. Spencer Paysinger net worth is quite large, which means that he does not need to worry about money at all.

Life Story

Spencer Paysinger is an American football player, currently playing for the Green Bay Packers. Paysinger was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Before Spencer Paysinger net worth and popularity rose, he attended college at the University of Oregon. He was drafted in 2013 and has been playing for the team since then.

Spencer Paysinger has two brothers. The first brother is Justin Paysinger who works as a Senior Manager at Organizational Development at Republic Services. Meanwhile, his second brother, Carter Paysinger is an actor and singer.


Spencer Paysinger is popular because he is an American football player who currently plays for the New York Giants, but he also played college football for the Oregon Ducks. He attended Beverly Hills High School and has been a fan of the sport from a young age. It was there that he met his wife, and they began dating in 2007.

Upon graduation from Beverly Hills High School, Spencer Paysinger chose to continue his education at Oregon College in Oregon, where he studied economics and majored in the discipline. He enjoyed a variety of extracurricular activities including playing on the football team and serving as a swimming coach.

Personal life

spencer paysinger family

Spencer Paysinger married Blair Duckworth Paysinger in 2016. This woman was his high school friend. Blair Duckworth has a job as a graphic designer. As we know, Spencer Paysinger net worth was fantastic, so the wedding was held at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California.

According to an article in the New York Times, Spencer proposed to Amanda at sunset on top of a mountain before the sun had set one evening in June of 2016.

Spencer Paysinger and Blair pay tribute to their marriage in their children’s names. Cairo and Madden represent the harmony and balance the couple has found in each other, as well as their love for culture, music, and travel.

Career & Professional Life

spencer paysinger profesional career

Spencer Paysinger’s career as an American Football player began when he was elected captain during his school days at Beverly Hills High School.

Spencer Paysinger net worth has grown significantly since he started playing professional American football, signing contracts with various teams. He has been fortunate enough to play for the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New York Jets.

  • Spencer Paysinger Football Career

Spencer Paysinger got his first contract from the New York Giants in 2011. However, during that contract, he only got a few playing opportunities. He appeared in 12 of 25 matches. His salary at this club was not much. In this time, Spencer Paysinger net worth was still on average.

In 2015, he signed for the Miami Dolphins club. However, he decided to leave in 2016. The following year, he got another contract from the New York Jets club.

After completing his contract with The New York Jets, he got a new contract from The Caroline Panther at the end of 2017.

Unfortunately, he only played three times. Then he decided to retire from the sport that had made his name.

With the many professional contracts and salaries he has earned playing for various football clubs, this is where Spencer Paysinger net worth began.

  • Spencer Paysinger NFL and Retirement

Spencer Paysinger decided to retire forever as an American Football player after his contract with The Caroline Panther expired at the end of 2017.

It was always Spencer Paysinger’s intention to retire from the NFL before he turned 30. In reality, he stopped playing when he was just 29 years old.

Originally angling at his sport as a way to use it as an avenue for his future success, Spencer Paysinger net worth still increases as he has aspirations beyond entrepreneurship.

Spencer Paysinger Net Worth

spencer paysinger net worth, salary and another income

Spencer Paysinger net worth is estimated at 5 million dollars. This amount of income was obtained from the contract value and salaries of several well-known American Football clubs.

After deciding to quit his career as an American Football player, he took his new job as an American Football coach at Beverly Hills High School. Of course the salary he gets is quite large and can increase Spencer Paysinger net worth.

Apart from that, Spencer Paysinger net worth also comes from investments. He is an investor in Find Your Hilltop. Not only that, he also serves as a co-producer at CW’s All American.

How does he make money?

Spencer Paysinger net worth is estimated at around 5 million dollars. With such a fantastic amount, the public may be curious about how he could raise the money.

Spencer Paysinger is an accomplished American Football player. Therefore, it is easy to get contracts from various teams. From this contract, he earned a fairly large amount of income. So, Spencer Paysinger net worth has been increasing year over year.

In addition, now he also works as an American Football coach at his former school. Spencer also has a role as co-producer at CW’s All American. His investment in Find Your Hitop has contributed to Spencer Paysinger net worth.

His other job is managing the investment fund of an organization called Afterball LLC. This organization has a mission to help all American football players whose careers have ended.

  • How much does he make per year?

With Spencer Paysinger net worth of 5 million dollars, it is estimated that he earns an annual income of around 840 thousand dollars.

  • Real estate

Spencer Paysinger net worth is a fantastic sum. However, there is no source that mentions the property investment he has.

  • Businesses

Spencer Paysinger net worth of $5 million doesn’t just come from his career as an American Football player. The former athlete also manages several businesses. Among them, he is an investor in the company Find Your Hilltop.