How Much Slick Rick Net Worth is Today ?

Slick Rick is one of the prominent rappers known for his strong lyrics and narratives in his rap. Even though his name is now overshadowed by newer younger rappers, he still holds an important place in the rap and hip-hop music scene.

The quite large amount of Slick Rick net worth also proved that his music and other creative endeavors games are still strong.

Do you want to know how much Slick Rick net worth is as of today? Read on to know the story of his career and its impacts for the music industry.

Summary table
Stage Name Slick Rick, Rick the Ruler, MC Ricky D
Legal Name Richard Martin Lloyd Walters
Date of Birth January 14, 1965
Gender Male
Height 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Net worth $3 million
Salary / earning / income per year Possibly around $515,000
Profession Rapper, songwriter, record producer
Nationality British, American

Slick Rick’s Personal Biography

Before we get to discuss Slick Rick net worth, first have a quick look at his profile to know him better.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Slick Rick, born Richard Martin Lloyd Walters, adopted the name Rick the Ruler and MC Ricky D as his stage name besides his most famous moniker, Slick Rick.
  • Date of Birth: The British-born rapper was born on January 14, 1965.
  • Gender & Height: Slick Rick is a 5′ 7″ (1.70 m) male.
  • Nationality: Because he was born and raised in London, he is automatically a U.K. citizen. However, in 2016, he is also granted U.S.  citizenship. He now has dual citizenship, both as British and American.

What is Slick Rick Best Known for?

One of the titles that Slick Rick is best known for is “the hip-hop’s greatest storyteller”. He is known for a lot of his works that have become hip-hop classics.

Other than music, Slick Rick is also known for many other thing, such as his unique fashion style, his charitable endeavors, and his several acting credits.

With various creative projects that have been going for almost four decades, it is not a surprise that Slick Rick net worth has reached a fantastic amount.


Personal Life

On January 14, 1965, Veronica Walters gave birth to Richard Martin Lloyd Walters in Mitcham, London, United Kingdom. Since he was eighteen months, Slick Rick had already worn his iconic eyepatch due to an incident that made his right eyes blinded by broken glass. He and his Jamaican family then migrated to New York in 1976.

In New York, they resided in the north area of the Bronx, Baychester to be exact.

  • Education

Slick Rick enrolled at the prestigious H. Laguardia High School in New York. Here is probably where Slick Rick net worth and success story started. Although he chose visual art as his study specialization, he still develop his interest in music together with fellow art student friends.

One of the people he met in the high school is Dana Dane. Together they formed The Kangol Crew and performed at some of the school’s events, parks, and local clubs.

  • Family

In the middle of 1990, Slick Rick got into trouble due to a conflict with his family. After being constantly threatened and terrorized by his first cousin, Mark Plummer, he lost his temper and fired shots. There were no fatalities caused in the incident, although Mark Plummer and a random passerby were hit by the bullets. Although he claimed that the act was self-defense, he was still sentenced to prison.

In April 1997, Slick Rick married Mandy Aragones. The two of them met at a Manhattan nightclub a few years prior. Slick Rick owns two children from a previous relationship, a son, Ricky Martin Lloyd Santiago, and a daughter, Lateisha Walters.


Around 1984, Slick Rick entered a talent showcase where he met Doug E. Fresh. The two of them, alongside Chill Will and Barry Bee, were united in a hip-hop group named Get Fresh Crew. During that time, Slick Rick was known as MC Ricky D. Soon, they shot to stardom with the hits singles The Show and La Di Da Di. 

As a hip-hop artist, Slick Rick was known as the greatest lyricist at that time, or probably of all time. His punchlines and wit, also confident demeanor in spitting melodious rhyme had landed him a contract with Def Jam Records. He was at that time under Russel Simmons’s Rush Artist Management.

Slick Rick net worth constantly grew after he released his solo album The Great Adventure of Slick Rick (1998). It got into the top place of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart. His unique accent and narrative power that shine through the singles in the album made the record an instant classic.

Nothing got in the way of Slick Rick’s productivity. During his serving time in jail, he was still able to release two studio albums. The latest album that he released was in 1999, titled The Art of Storytelling. Until now, Slick Rick net worth keeps increasing from his new singles and collaboration with other artists.


Slick Rick Net worth

Slick Rick net worth might not as big as other rappers around his age. As of now, Slick Rick’s net worth amount reaches around $3 million. However, Slick Rick net worth doesn’t only come from his career in music-making work, but also his other business endeavors and investments.

  • Businesses

As a creative worker who came from a visual artistry background, Slick Rick also has interest in fashion since long time ago. He worked with Bally, the Swiss luxury fashion line, and also Clarks, the prominent shoes brand. He has been wearing and making custom shoes out of Clarks Originals and Wallabee since the start of his career.

Slick Rick net worth also urged him to create charitable foundation called Victory Patch Foundation, where he gifts away Clark Originals shoes to underappreciated government officials.

  • Peoperty

Slick Rick net worth is most likely also come from his property investment, but there is no specific information regarding this. However, it is known that he currently still owns his old house in Bronx area.

  • Income

There is no complete information regarding Slick Rick annual salary, but it is estimated that he receives around $515,000 per year.

In conclusion, Slick Rick net worth came from his music career and brand endorsement.

What is Slick Rick Concern now?

  • Is Slick Rick Retired?

Slick Rick is still actively making music and doing live performances. His classic singles also still became the source materials that often be sampled by newer generation artists, such as Kanye West, Eminem, and Miley Cyrus.

Besides being busy making music, Slick Rick also still does some charitable acts. In 2020, he gave away his diamond eyepatch for an auction, which then sold for $25,200.