Sean Gilmartin Net Worth – Income, Career, Bio, Family

Sean Gilmartin net worth – As a baseball player, Sean Gilmartin has had an interesting life that has allowed him to write about what matters to him. Now, he’s not tied down with any agency and is deciding if he wants to continue playing or retire. It is estimated that Sean Gilmartin net worth will reach USD 4 million in 2021.

Apart from discussing Sean Gilmartin net worth, you will find interesting information regarding his personal life, career as a baseball player, income and more.

Summary tabel
Stage name Sean Gilmartin
Legal name Sean Patrick Gilmartin
Date of birth May 8, 1990
Gender Male
Height 6’2” (188 cm)
Net worth $4 million
Salary/earning/income per year $500,000
Profession Baseball player
Nationality American

Sean Gilmartin’s Bio

sean gilmartin rays

For the past few years, Sean Gilmartin has bounced around between many different teams. It is not yet known where he will play next, but his resume includes success on several levels.

Gilmartin may not have been known as a professional baseball player until he attended Florida State University. Since then, he’s poured his efforts into going pro and has played on teams in the Major Leagues.

  • Legal name & stage name: By birth, Sean Gilmartin was given the name “Sean Patrick Gilmartin” and has been using the alias “Sean Gilmartin” during his baseball career.
  • Date of birth: Sean Gilmartin was born May 8, 1990 in Moorpark, California. His father is Paul J. Gilmartin and his mother is JoAnna Gilmartin. He is the only child of an ordinary and low-profile family but has always loved baseball since childhood.
  • Gender & height: Sean Gilmartin is a male of height 6’2” (188 cm).
  • Sean Gilmartin’s Nationality: Sean Gilmartin was born and raised in America. He also played baseball in America. Therefore he is an American citizen.
  • Best known for: Gilmartin is famous for starting his career as a professional baseball pitcher.
  • Kayleigh McEnany’s husband: Gilmartin and Kayleigh McEnany have been married since 2017.

Sean Gilmartin’s Life Beginning

sean gilmartin net worth

Sean Gilmartin was born in Moorpark, California in 1990. Before becoming a professional athlete, he had a formal education like many of his peers.

Gilmartin attended Crespi Carmelite High School and later got an offer from the San Diego Padres. He chose to continue his studies which has had a huge influence on Sean Gilmartin net worth later.

Gilmartin went to Florida State University, where he received a scholarship as long as he wanted to play for the team. While still in the junior classes, Gilmartin was even named an All-American by Baseball America.

Personal life

Gilmartin’s personal life is also very interesting to talk about. He married his girlfriend, Kayleigh McEnany in 2017 and has now teamed up with her as spokesperson on the national committee for Republicans.

Gilmartin was a pitcher on the New York Met and got to know McEnany when he was still new. The source also revealed that McEnany had worked for White House as a Press Secretary.

Gilmartin and McEnany welcomed their first child in November 2019 – Blake Avery Gilmartin.

Professional career

A series of clubs and then related them to his career. This is the most common route Sean took as a professional career contributed Sean Gilmartin net worth to this category.

Gilmartin staying away from controversial storylines & avoiding any media rumors proves that his focus is on his career in baseball and not going after controversy.

  • Minnesota Twins

Before signing a contract with the Minnesota Twins, he played with the Atlanta Braves but at the end of the season suffered a shoulder injury. He hit a lot of achievements in 2014 with the Minnesota Twins.

  • St. Louis Cardinals

In 2017, St. Louis Cardinals is where he took shelter after his career in New York did not live up to expectations. After that, he played with St. Louis Cardinals and Gilmartin’s career here is quite stable even though he played a lot in the minor leagues.

  • Tampa Bay Rays

In 2020, Sean Gilmartin continued his career with the Tampa Bay Rays in the minor league and continued to be an active roster player. Those two pursuits still boosted Sean Gilmartin net worth.

However, his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays has had its ups and downs. He has been on assignments several times but then the Rays resumed his contract. Therefore in 2020 he became a free agent.

But as of 2021, Minnesota Twins purchased Gilmartin’s contract and he became the oldest player in AA Central.

Sean Gilmartin Net Worth

sean gilmartin net worth

According to legit reports, Sean Gilmartin net worth is estimated at $4 million. Much of this fortune came from his earnings as pitcher in the baseball league

Then, have there been other sources of income for Gilmartin? Does Gilmartin have any side jobs? You can check out the following review of Sean Gilmartin net worth.

  • Sean Gilmartin’s Businesses

There’s been no mention of any other investments by Gilmartin. It is speculated that his wealth mainly comes from his baseball career.

  • Real estate

It is not known what other properties they have. After it was sold, Gilmartin and his wife no longer owned any property in Tampa.

Because this house was built in 1940 and has lots of renovation, it’s really popular. The couple Gilmartin & McEnany did a lot of renovations, which helped make this house sell for over a million dollars.

  • How much does Sean Gilmartin make per year?

Sean Gilmartin net worth reaches USD 4 million. This makes you curious about what his salary or income is at as well. According to estimates, he could make around USD 500,000 annually.

  • How does Sean Gilmartin make money?

Gilmartin had a lot of success as a professional athlete. He’s been on several different clubs, and now his status is a free agent.

If you wanted to say that Sean Gilmartin net worth comes from baseball, it is unknown what the rest of his business side consists of.

Although Gilmartin has played for different clubs in his career, he is listed as the fifth best player according to Baseball America.

Sean Gilmartin avoids rumors and controversies publicly. He is private about his personal life and keeps his Instagram account private to respect his privacy. Thus the information related to Sean Gilmartin net worth.