Ryan Upchurch Net Worth 2021 |Age, Height, Girlfrien, FAQs

Full NameRyan Upchurch
Net worth$5 million
Age30 years
Birth PlaceCheatham County, Tennessee
BirthdayMay 24, 1991
Nationality American
Height5ft, 9 inches (175cm)
Girlfriend / WifeTaylor Eileen Smith
ProfessionComedian, rapper, singer, songwriter
Ryan Upchurch - NuorderTech

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth- $5 million

Upchurch is an American artist who gained popularity via creating music, rap videos on Youtube. As of 2021, Upchurch owns a net worth of 5 million dollars, which is massive. He has a large fanbase of around 1.8 million followers on Instagram and approximately 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Upchurch gets 1.7 million above monthly listeners on Spotify.

The overall breakdown of how much Upchurch makes is as follows- $7,500 monthly, $29,500 weekly, $99,333 monthly, and well, you now know how much he makes yearly. Upchurch released his latest, ‘Mud to Gold’ official music videoon Youtube, which received around 21.7 million views.  

Who Is Ryan Upchurch?

Ryan Upchurch was born on May 24, 1991, in Cheatham County, Tennessee. Ryan Upchurch being a talented musician, sings different genres such as country, country rap, hip hop, rock, rap rock, southern metal, country rock, and more. Upchurch also coined ‘raise hell’ eat cornbread,’ a slogan for the RHEC movement, which he made a song out of it, and his clothing line, Redneck Nation, supported it. Upchurch is often known as the Redneck from Cheatham, a title from one of his early albums that have been well-acclaimed.

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Ryan Upchurch Wife, Dating, Girlfriend
Ryan Upchurch With His Wife

From watching his parodies on YouTube to tuning in his soulful music, Ryan Upchurch is definitely worth the talk if you have been or still are a fan. Ryan Upchurch is professionally known as Upchurch and is a professional songwriter, singer, and rapper. With so much talent and being tagged as a popular performer, he certainly is bankable. 

How did Ryan Upchurch start his career?

The tagline of being one of the best rappers in the world didn’t come overnight for Upchurch. But what made Upchurch famous? His comedy videos. Initially, Upchurch started a YouTube channel with a friend, Shade Glover, naming the channel Upchurch the Redneck and uploaded comedy videos. He created an impression of a funny character who made videos on stereotypes of young men from the Deep South and occasionally flaunt his skills in rap. The word regarding his work spread, and an EP, Cheatham County got released in May 2015. The EP was a great success as it hit on the nation albums chart at number 29. 

Later, Upchurch started releasing many albums like Heart of America, Chicken Willie, Bad Mutha Fucka, and many more and made his name on Heatseekers, US Rap Indie charts with high rankings. Hence, by 2017 Upchurch became quite popular on the social media platforms, which helped him garner so many fans, and since then, there is no turning back.

How much money does Ryan Upchurch make on YouTube?

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth - NuorderTech

YouTube is one of the sources for Upchurch to make money. It is a fact that Upchurch generates generous revenue from YouTube. To know more, let’s have a look at the list of Upchurch’s most viewed videos and the estimated earnings made out of it.

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Video Title No.of views along with estimated earnings 
Hillbilly42 million: $147,000
Rollin Stone97 million : $339,500
Can I get an Outlaw 76 million: $266,000
Simple Man 42 million: $147,000
Nutshell34 million: $119,000
Old Days, Justin Adams ft Upchurch 35 million: $122,500  
Radio Jam 31 million: $108,500
PondCreek Road26 million: $91,000
Dirty South 30 million: 105,000
YZ 24 million: $84,000
Campfire Cologne 20 million: $70000
White Lightning 25 million: $87500

Ryan Upchurch has many multiple sources to make money. One is through his music career. Let us take a peek at his popular albums, which made dollars rain in his bank.

Albums Label & Number of sales 
Chicken Willie (2016)RHEC Entertainment: $3,500
Heart of America (2016)Johnny Cashville: $1,800
King of Dixie (2017)Redneck Nation: $14,800
Son of the South (2017)Redneck Nation: $6,000
Supernatural (2018)Redneck Nation: $16,800
Creeker (2018)Redneck Nation: $15,800
Raider Rat (2018)Redneck Nation: $16,800
Parachute (2019)Redneck Nation: $12,400

Ryan Upchurch’s interesting facts

Apart from learning about Upchurch as a professional entertainer, here are few things about him which reflect his personality and him as an individual.

  • Initially, Upchurch was interested in automobiles and would upload images of cars on his social media account.
  • He is a sucker for tattoos, and that’s why you see him covered in fascinating and creative tattoos.
  • Looking at Upchurch, it is evident that he loves hitting the gym.

Upchurch is indeed a very hardworking individual who always brings something new to entertain his audience. With this pace, no doubt we will soon see him in the billionaires club.

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Is Ryan Upchurch Rich?

Upchurch has released many more albums, but there is no accurate data on the sales. Apart from all these, Upchurch successfully made total sales of $400,000 in the USA with his albums- Cheatham County, Summer Love, and Project X.Summer Love, yes he is a millionaire.

How much does Upchurch make a year?

Ryan Upchurch has also made money through social appearances. Although there is no rough estimation of how much he made, he receives a figure of $62,000 annually.

It looks like Upchurch indeed attends many programs/events as a guest.
Upchurch’s clothing line, Redneck Nation, which deals with merchandised goods and other garments, is one of the side income sources for him yet, the estimated amount data is not available.

How much is Upchurch worth?

Overall, Upchurch makes around $7.58K in a week from YouTube, followed by $31.5K in a month and $90.1K in 3 months. According to the latest estimate earning data, Upchurch made $18.7K in February 2021 and $28.9K in March 2021 via YouTube.

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