Ryan Martin Net Worth, Career Highlight and Personal Life in 2022

The name Ryan Martin is widely known in the world of street racing. He first appeared in street outlaw in 2015 and continues in the race until today. Ryan Martin net worth from his work in the Street Outlaws is about $2 million. Most of that net worth was accumulated through racing.

Continue reading to find out about Ryan Martin net worth, some info about his personal life, and how he earns his income and wealth.  

Who is Ryan Martin? (Biography)

Ryan Martin is one of the best racers in the Street Outlaws, a street racing competition based in Oklahoma City. Of course, the racing itself is considered illegal, but it was still aired on the Discovery Channel since 2013, showing its tremendous popularity. 

The racing in this competition is actually really dangerous. Most cars arms with advanced body parts and are also expensive. As a driver, Ryan Martin net worth must be quite large as he is able to participate in this race with his car, the Fireball Camaro.

Summary Table
Stage Name Ryan Martin
Legal name Ryan Martin
Date of Birth December 1, 1997
Gender male
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Net worth $2 million
Salary $20000/month (Television)
Profession Racer, Business Owner
Nationality United State of America

Legal name & stage name

His legal name and stage name are both Ryan Martin. There is no information in public telling his use of a different name for his career.

Date of Birth

He was born on December 1, 1977. Ryan Martin turns 45 this year. 

Ryan Martin net worth

Gender & Height

He is a male with 5 feet 11 inches in height or about 1.8 meters. His last known weight is about 196 lbs.


Ryan was born American, and most of his life was spent in Oklahoma, the United States.

What is Ryan Martin Best Known for?

As mentioned earlier, he was mostly known for participating in Street Outlaws. But his winning on the No Prep track has boosts his popularity even more. Street Outlaws – No Prep Kings is the type of race where every racer wasn’t given the time to prepare for the race, so it is more dangerous than an ordinary street racer.

Early life of Ryan Martin

We found too little information about his early personal life. But it is known for sure that he loves his mother, which he regards as his hero. 

Ryan Martin net worth related to his Education

Most of the information about Ryan Martin is his participation in the race, rarely unrelated details being present in the public space or internet about other stuff other than racing, so we still have no clue about his educational background. To sum up, Ryan Martin net worth must not have any relationship with education. Most people don’t learn how to street racing from school after all. 

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Ryan Martin was not married yet. But he has already been in a relationship with his partner for six years with two kids. His wife’s name is Cherish Chasey.

Ryan Martin’s career

Ryan’s first appearance on Street Outlaws was in 2015 with his fifth-gen Camaro. He has already participated in various races and has won quite many of them. In Street Outlaws, the name Ryan Martin is one of the people expected to win. 

Ryan martin net worth

Ryan Martin Net worth

So how much is Ryan Martin net worth he got from his work as a racer? Our research shows that Ryan Martin net worth in 2022 is about $2 million. The money comes from several sources, mainly from racing, like winning the prize money or winning a bet. There is also income from television appearances. He also has an investment in his business. 


Ryan Martin is the co-owner of B&R Performance, specializing in aftermarket performance products for automobiles. It sells various products like Cold air intake, throttle bodies, etc. We can also find package products that sell thousands of dollars from the website at https://fireballcamaro.shop/.

Investment in Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

Too little information is available to pinpoint his investment in buildings. Most of Ryan Martin net worth is always related to street racing. One thing for sure is we can estimate that his living home, whether it is a house or apartment, must be located in Oklahoma City. He has many activities in that city, both for his racing career and business. 

Ryan martin car

Ryan Martin net worth in sports cars / yacht / vehicles

Ryan Martin uses modified cars instead of purely expensive sports cars as a racer. He uses cars primarily for moving vehicles. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any trace of his spending time on a yacht or whether Ryan has one of them in his possession. Because he must have a contract with BR-Performance, many modification materials for Fireball Camaro must have come from this brand.

How much does Ryan Martin make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

It is not clear yet how much Ryan Martin net worth derived from a fixed salary. Our research shows that his contract with the discovery channel for Street Outlaws gave him about $20,000 for every episode. He might gain more income from another source compared with this one. Usually, business owners earn more wealth from business endeavors instead of side jobs.

How does Ryan Martin make money?

As mentioned above, Ryan Martin gained most of his wealth from racing-related activities. He earns money from competition prizes, his business products, and maybe some endorsements on social media accounts like Instagram that you can access from https://www.instagram.com/fireballcamaro/?hl=en.

Ryan martin net worth

Is Ryan Martin Retired?

It is still too early for Ryan to retire. Although Ryan has spent quite a lot of time with cars, his participation in the race is not even at double-digit years yet. He is also still relatively young to participate in more races.

What is Ryan Martin Doing now?

He attended Street Outlaws-No prep king in various cities in 2022. His last known races are in Virginia Motorsport parks, Maple Grove Raceway, and New England Dragway. He has won many different No Prep King so far. So, it is positive that Ryan Martin net worth is still increasing as more races he participates in in the future.