PopularMMos Net Worth

PopularMMos Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend | 2021

Real Name:Patrick Brown
Net Worth:$41 Million
Birthday:25th November 1988
Age:32 years old
Height:173 cm or 5 ft 8 inch
Profession:Youtuber and gamer

PopularMMos Net Worth – $41 million

Patrick Brown is famous for his YouTube channel PopularMMos, he is also one of the famous gamer. As of 2021, PopularMMos has a net worth of $41 million. Like other YouTubers, his primary source of income is through subscribers, paid ads, and views. If you count his income from ads, on average, he makes around $600 per day, which amounts to $200,000 per year. And this is just an estimate; it can be more than that. With 14 billion views for his videos, it also means high income and more popularity.

Apart from ads and views, YouTubers can also earn through merchandise, sponsors, or commissions. So, the bigger the channel grows, the more revenue it can gain from other affiliate sources.

Who Is PopularMMos?

PopularMMos Net Worth

PopularMMos also owns a few other YouTube channels like DungeonNoobAdventure and PatVsTheWorld, apart from PopularMMos. Among gamers, his channel is a famous one and has lots of exciting videos that are hilarious.

His channel PopularMMos has around 17 million subscribers with more than 14 billion views for his videos. Patrick makes funny commentary videos that keep his fans asking for more content. His fans also get to play challenges through his videos which is an excellent way to engage fans. Some of his famous and well-known characters are Carter, The Disguised Man, and Captain Cookie.

Here is a compilation of how famous PopularMMos is. His net worth, biography, age, height, weight, relationship status, and everything else you need to know are here.

PopularMMos Biography

The creator of PopularMMos, Patrick Brown, was born in 1988, 25th November. He was born in Connecticut, United States of America. He spent most of his early childhood and teenage years in his hometown. There are no details about his parents as he kept it private, but he has a sibling named Billy. Patrick has stated that he is not on good terms with his brother.


There is no exact information about his school or college. We know that PopularMMos is a graduate with majors in Psychology and his educational institutions were primarily local. He contributes his ability to make hilarious commentary videos to his education.

Body Measurements: Age, Weight, Height

As of 2021, PopularMMos is 32 years of age as he was born on 25th November 1988. His height is 173 cms or 5 ft 8 inches with 70 kgs or 154 lbs in pounds.


PopularMMos Biography - NuorderTech
PopularMMos Biography

 Patrick Brown began his career in 2012 when he started his own YouTube channel PopularMMos. It was the beginning of his journey as a successful YouTuber. At the end of two years, he had almost a million subscribers for his channel. And within the next two years, he garnered around 10 million subscribers, proving that people loved his online content.

He has uploaded more than 4500 videos with an average of 1 to 3 videos per day. PopularMMos makes sure that his subscribers have enough content every day and they never go hungry. His efforts paid off because now his videos have around 14 billion views that show the channel’s popularity.

 PopularMMos’s videos are mostly about gaming, and some of the familiar games he plays are 100 Ways To Die, Tera, Atlantica, and Warcraft World. When Patrick saw the booming success of PopularMMos, he felt that he needed to expand his area of expertise.

So, he created two more YouTube channels DungeonNoobAdventure and PatVsThe World. Even though these later channels didn’t surpass the popularity of PopularMMos, they are still like an added feather to his cap of abilities.

Being a YouTuber is all about consistency and hard work and not an easy job, especially with so much competition around you. PopularMMos didn’t get his million subscribers overnight; he had to be creative to bring new and exciting content to his subscribers. Such as including popular games like Minecraft Mini games, Mapsm Epic Vs. Minecraft.

He keeps his videos interesting by using fictional characters like Captain Cookie, Jelly bean, Mayor, and Bellie. These fictional characters have different character traits, and they converse during video games.  Their humorous dialogues make the show more exciting and funny. His creative videos are a significant reason why he has around 17 million subscribers for his channel.

Personal Life

Patrick married Jennifer Flagg in 2015. They met when he was in senior high school, and after dating for almost five years, they got married. Jennifer has her own YouTube channel by the name ‘GamingWithJen,’ which she started in 2012. Her channel has around 5 million subscribers.

He usually mentions her as ‘Jen’ in his YouTube videos, so she is a well-known figure among his fans. But the marriage didn’t work out for them, and eventually, they got divorced in 2019.

Patrick is also fond of keeping pets. His recent one is a cat named Cloud.

Awards and Achievements

Patrick Brown didn’t win any awards yet now, but he has some achievements up his sleeve. With around 17 million active subscribers and about 4500 videos, his channel has over 14 billion views. These stats are an achievement on their own. As he is still very active, we can assume that the number of subscribers and views will increase in the coming years.

FAQs about Popularmmous

Who runs the channel PopularMMos?

PopularMMos is a gaming channel, and the creator is Patrick Brown, who started it in 2012.

Who is PopularMMos dating?

PopularMMos has a new girlfriend, ‘Liz’. She appears in some of his recent videos.

Is PopularMMos married? Does he have kids?

Patrick Brown, the creator of PopularMMos, married his long-time girlfriend, Jennifer Flagg, in 2015. But they got divorced in 2019. Both of them are in healthy relationships now. PopularMMos does not have any kids from this marriage.

Is PopularMMos a millionaire?

Yes, PopularMMos is a millionaire having a net worth of more than $41 million.

How much does PopularMMos earn in a year?

To make an estimate, he earns around $8000 in a day, which will make a total of approximately $3 million a year. His primary income source is through views, ad revenue, sponsors, merch sales etc.

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