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Gaming With Jen Net Worth 2021 | Age, Height, Bio, Facts

Real NameJennifer Jen Lynn
Net Worth$4.5 Million
Date Of Birth28 October 1990
Height5’6 or 168 Cm
Weight55 Kgs or 121 Lbs
ProfessionGamer, YouTuber
Place Of BirthConnecticut

Gaming With Jen Net Worth$4.5 Million

As of June 2021, Gaming With Jen has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. Her amazing top-tier gameplay and vlogging videos are to blame for this impressive amount. She is raking in a crazy amount of $730K every year, so you can only imagine how her net worth will continue increasing. She is a great example of a talented independent woman. Let her net worth speak for itself.

Gaming With Jen Net Worth - NUORDER
Gaming With Jen

Gaming With Jen is a popular figure in the world of social media. Over the years, she has accumulated a great sum of revenue through her gaming videos, reaction videos, vlogs, and social media presence. It is no question that she is a well-established star in the YouTube community. She was married to another famous YouTuber named “PopularMMO,” where you will find most of her highest viewed videos. However, Jen is living in a different state at present after divorcing her husband.

Gaming With Jen Biography

Gaming With Jen Bio

Gaming With Jen or Jennifer Jen Lynn was born in Connecticut, United States, on October 28th, 1990. She is a famous American YouTuber and Social Media Star who is known for her vlogs and gameplays. She married a fellow Gamer and YouTuber called “PopularMMO” in 2015. But they divorced after four years of marriage back in 2019.

Jen was born in Connecticut but later moved to Florida. Many avid gamers and her fans know her as the “SuperGirlyGamer.” All of her videos are funny and entertaining. She has content from daily vlogging to some of the best reaction videos on the internet. At present, Gaming With Jen is super consistent with her gaming uploads.


Jennifer attended her high school back in Hartford, Connecticut. Later on, she moved to California to attend college. She met ‘now her ex-husband’ Patrick while getting her Bachelor’s Degree. It all happened back in 2010.

Relationship Status

Gaming With Jen or Jennifer Lynn met her husband Patrick back in 2010. They met each other during their college days back in the west side. The couple ended up dating for five years. They were engaged for ten months and eventually ended up tying the knot in 2015. However, things took a turn for the worst, and they got divorced in 2019 after four years of marriage. After their divorce, Jen relocated to a different state. She currently has a boyfriend named Andy.

How Did Gaming With Jen Start Her Career?

Jen’s channel came into the picture on November 27th, 2012. She began her channel by posting Minecraft videos. Just like most YouTubers, her videos weren’t going viral at first. But she started playing and uploading many gameplay videos of hard levels. She was able to win all of the games using her skillset. Her subscribers started increasing once she began winning all these tough matches with ease. Today, Gaming With Jen has accumulated over 5.26 million subscribers on YouTube, which is just insane.

Facts About Gaming With Jen

  • Apart from being a popular gamer, Gaming With Jen is also famous on her social media platform. She also had a YouTube channel in the past called “Fashion by Jen.” Jen has siblings, but their identities are unknown, including her parents. Another intriguing fact about Jen would be her love for her pets. Jen also spends time practicing her daily Yoga. Her favorite color and destination are “White” and “Dubai,” respectively. She is heavily into the world of Roblox gaming for people that don’t know her.
  • Jennifer is quite an outdoorsy person, as you can see from her Instagram. Her feeds are all about nature and outdoor activities. She also has a cute cat named “Cloud,” who constantly makes appearances on her social media platforms. She is always pampering and interacting with her cat with her huge audience. Of course, we also know her for her insane love for Minecraft and Roblox.
  • She plays these games almost all the time. But she also partakes in other games, with almost everyone operating at a difficult level. She previously shared a channel called “PopularMMO,” with her now ex-husband. Her fun reaction videos are some of the bests on the internet today. She will instantly make you smile with her charm and charisma.
  • The fans know her by one of her famous catchphrases called “OMG! I totally Dave Copperfield that like a boss.” Jenn’s great strategies and quick reflexes in her games bring her on the same level as Vengelfe, another amazing YouTuber and Gamer specializing in Minecraft. Back in the day, whenever Jen and her ex-husband Patrick would team up, it’s over for everybody.


Is Gaming With Jen a Millionaire?

Yes, Gaming With Jen is a certified Millionaire. By being an active YouTuber accompanied by a huge social media following, Gaming With Jen has a whopping net worth of $4.5 Million as of 2021. Plus, she currently has a YouTube channel with 5.26 million subscribers and an Instagram page with 966K, so you can expect her millionaire status to increase even more soon.

How much Money does gaming with Jen make On Youtube?

Gaming With Jen earns a handsome sum of $730K every year from her YouTube videos and sponsorships. Her channel has over 5.26 million subscribers in 2021, with a total view of 1.5 billion. Jen’s channel gets about 250,000 views in total daily from multiple videos. So, it brings her a sum of $2000 every day or more. Most YouTubers in the US, Australia, UK, or Canada receive between $2-$12 for every 1000 monetized views.

It happens after YouTube takes its cut. The monetized views are mostly between 40% to 80% of the overall views. Plus, many factors influence this payment, such as “the played-on device,” “viewer’s location,” “number of ads in a video,” “time of the year,” “number of people skipping the ads,” “content type,” “advertisement type,” “ad inventory” etc. Here, the advertisers need to pay a sum of $0.01 at minimum for every view.