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Funnel Vision Net Worth | Family, Bio, and FAQs (2021)

Funnel Vision is a popular channel on YouTube. It is owned by a family of six members, including four kids with their parents, Samantha Ryan and Vincent Carter. As of 2021, Funnel Vision has an impressive net worth of $30 million. They make a high income through their popular YouTube channels, endorsement deals, ads, product placement, and selling merchandise. Adding up all their revenue from different sources. Hence, FGTeeV makes an estimated annual revenue of $6.6 million from the ads they put up on their YouTube videos.

The channel is dedicated to fun and interesting content like vlogs, challenges, skits, vacation vlogs, music videos, etc. Hence, you can find all sorts of exciting content on Funnel Vision.

The channel has more than 6 million subscribers and is among the most popular channels on YouTube. With such a massive fan base, you must’ve already gotten an idea about the net worth of Funnel Vision. And yes! It is in terms of millions.

However, this is not the only channel that the Funnel Vision Family owns. They run a couple of other channels on YouTube, such as the FGTeeV channel, The Skylander Boy and Girl, etc. All their channels have millions of subscribers.

Hence, all these channels combined make a great source of income for the Funnel Vision Family.

About Funnel Vision Biography

Funnel Vision, also popularly known by their YouTube channel’s name, FV Family, is an American family of six who is known for their super fun video content.They also run the more popular YouTube channel, FGTeeV, which has more than 10 million subscribers.

How Much Money Does FGTeeV Make

While the channel Funnel Vision is more dedicated to vlogs and family challenges, FGTeeV is known as their ultimate gaming YouTube channel. In fact, it stands for ‘Family gaming Teams’ Extraordinarily Entertaining Videos.’

Let’s take a closer look at the Funnel Vision Family. Parents Samantha Ryan (a.k.a Moomy) and Vincent Carter (a.k.a Duddy) along with their four children Alexis Ryan (Lexi or the Skylander Girl), Michael Ryan (Mike or the Skylander Boy), Chase Ryan or the Lightcore Chase, and Shawn Ryan (a.k.a Shawn Funnel Vision), together own the Funnel Vision channel. They also have a 3-year-old dog named Oreo that appears on most of their vlogs.

How Much Money Does Funnel Vision Earn On YouTube?

Funnel Vision or FV Family, has a total number of more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube presently. Due to its family-friendly vlogs and funny content, the channel is extremely popular among kids, teens, and even adults.

To date, FV Family has garnered more than 5 billion views. The channel receives an average of around 6.5 million views from different videos and vlogs in a day.

How Much Money Does Funnel Vision Earn On YouTube

Similar to other YouTubers, Funnel Vision Family also earns most of its income through advertisements on YouTube. Different advertisers (companies) have a minimum bidding amount of $0.01 for one single view of their posted ads. Hence, on average, YouTubers receive around $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized on YouTube.

Overall, since the FV Family receives around 6.5 million views in a day, on average, the estimated review per day comes at around $32,500 per day. Thus, if you sum this income, FV Family earns about $12 million in a single year. This income is solely from the ads they put up on YouTube.

Funnel Vision’s Other Sources of Income

FV Family makes tons of money from several other sources. For one, they also have a merchandise line where they sell all kinds of goodies like t-shirts, toys, sweatshirts, and lots more.

Other than this, they also make great revenue for doing brand deals and product placements. Additionally, Funnel Vision also sells a popular book titled “FGTeev Into The Game.” You can get this book anywhere from Amazon, Target, etc.

Net Worth of Funnel Vision

The Fusion Vision Family’s major sources of income are their other YouTube channels such as The Skylander Boy and Girl, DohMuchFun, and The Skylander Boy and Girl. They make millions of money from these channels as well.


  • Funnel Vision Family is one of the most accomplished YouTubers. They run a total of three YouTube Channels. And all their channels have over a million subscribers.
  • Fusion Vision Family is run by Vincent Carter and Samantha Ryan, along with their four children. They run a total of three YouTube channels, which have already garnered a huge fan base.
  • They are known for their gaming videos, hilarious challenges, and super fun vlogs. Their content is mostly targeted towards children, and they upload all kinds of family-friendly vlogs and videos.


Here is a breakdown of how much money the Fusion Vision Family makes on their other channels:

How Much Money Does FGTeeV Make?

FGTeeV has more than 10 million subscribers, with a whopping total of over 10 billion views to date. On average, the channel receives around 10 million views per day. This leads to an estimated income of about $18k per day.

How Much Money Does The Skylander Boy and Girl Make?

Michael, a.k.a. The Skylander Boy, and Lexi a.k.a. The Skylander Girl, are the main duo that creates the content of this channel. Presently, their little sister has also entered the channel to make regular appearances. Their content mostly includes gift unboxings, music, gameplay, custom videos, etc. 

The channel has a total of over 1.7 million subscribers, with around a thousand new fans joining every day. The channel receives more than 1 million views combined from various content and videos. Hence, they are able to make an estimated income of about $1800 in a day. Their estimated daily income makes annual earnings of around $660k.

How Much Money Does DohMuchFun Make?

Last but not least, the DohMuchFun channel has gathered more than 2 million subscribers and mostly includes videos for young children.  They post about 2-3 videos in a month and has accumulated a total of more than 1 billion views so far.

As an estimate, DohMuchFun receives an income of around $1,200 per day. Thus, their annual earnings from this channel come up toaround $440k.