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FGTeeV Net Worth, Family Biography, Facts | 2021

Net Worth$35 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer, Vlogger
Place Of BirthUnited States
FamilyVincent Carter, Michael Ryan, Shawn Ryan, Alexis Ryan & Chase Ryan
Net Worth of Funnel Vision

FGTeeV is a well-renowned family channel that has been trailblazing the YouTube community for a while now. If we are talking about rich and creative family channels, then FGTeeV takes home the cake. Their channel transcends everything in content, from gaming to vlogging, all the time. They are one of those channels that bring in all the views.

FGTeeV is also held on a pedestal by many people, just like The Ace Family. By garnering so many views over the years, this channel is one of the richest in the YouTube community. Almost every age group can relate and enjoys their channel because of the inclusive content. The fans are always tuning in to their channel whenever new content pops up on their YouTube homepage.

FGTeeV Net Worth$35 Million

FGTeeV has a stunning net worth of $35 million as of 2021. This jaw-dropping sum for a YouTuber is a huge deal. Of course, many YouTubers are millionaires, but bagging that much amount speaks of the channel’s creativity and authenticity in such a short period. Plus, FGTeeV is receiving 1-2 million+ views on their primary channel. So, it will bring tons of money every day. Plus, they also have multiple secondary channels on YouTube. So, you can imagine their net worth’s ever-increasing nature.

How Much Money Does FGTeeV Make From Youtube?

FGTeeV currently sits on a net worth amount of $35 Million. Their main channel has over 19.1 million subscribers, along with an overall view of 19 billion. The family also has multiple secondary channels such as “FV FAMILY” with 8 million subscribers, “IntellVEVO” with 468K subscribers, “Family Gaming SHORTS” with 434K subscribers, “FUNnel Boy & Friends” with 707K subscribers, “DOH MUCH FUN” with 1.77 million subscribers, and “TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl” with 2.63 million subscribers.

With all these channels combined, they can obtain over 10 million views daily from their multiple sources of videos. In this way, they can earn over $18K every day, which leads to an incredible annual income of $6.6 million. You have to remember that their channels are always increasing. So, you can expect their views to increase, causing more accumulation of earnings.

FGTeeV Biography

FGTeeV is an American Family YouTube channel that came into the picture on 23rd May 2013. The channel dedicates itself to the gaming genre with other interesting content as well. They also go by other names such as “FUNnel Vision” and “The Family Gaming Team.” The meaning behind the FGTeeV abbreviation stands for “Family Gaming Teams.”

Their team consists of Vincent Carter, Samantha Ryan, Alexis Ryan, Shawn Ryan, Michael Ryan, and Chase Ryan. The family is currently residing back in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. FGTeeV also has multiple secondary YouTube channels such as “FV FAMILY,” “IntellVEVO,” “Family Gaming SHORTS,” “FUNnel Boy & Friends,” “DOH MUCH FUN,” and “TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl.”


Some YouTubers aren’t keen on sharing their education level. And Vincent Carter and Samantha Ryan fall into that category. But you can say that they are well-equipped for building their channel towards success from scratch. As for the other members, i.e., the kids, are all young and attending their kindergarten or high school like every other kid.

Relationship Status

Vincent Carter and Samantha Ryan are married with four kids. Their kids are Alexis Ryan, Michael Ryan, Chase Ryan, and Shawn Ryan. Alexis was born on 24th July 2006, Michael was born on 30th September 2008, Chase was born on 1st October 2011, and Shawn was born on 17th November 2015. Unfortunately, the wedding details of Vincent and Samantha aren’t disclosed. But for all we know, they are happily married and in a healthy relationship.

How Did FGTeeV Start Their Career?

FGTeeV began his YouTube journey back in December of 2006. His channel was called “FUNnel Vision,” with the name derived from the family’s motto meaning “Fun ‘Ol Day.” He started uploading his videos on YouTube in 2007 with the 1st video titled “Baby Eating Salt and Vinegar Chips! First Time Trying & Eating Reaction!” At first, most of his content consisted of vlogging videos. Finally, however, he decided to become a regular uploader in 2009.

One video of his that went viral was “If kids Were in Charge!” in 2011. In the video, his son Michael and daughter Alexis were present. However, this channel isn’t available anymore on YouTube. That is when his channel “FGTeeV” came into fruition in 2013. In this current channel, the family makes content on numerous gaming videos. This channel crossed the 100K mark back on 22nd June 2014.

In 2015, the channel reached the 1 million subscribers mark. After that, FGTeeV reached 9 million subscribers by 2018. By 2020, the channel accumulated over 17 million subscribers, accompanied by 17 billion views. And as of 2021, the channel is sitting on 19.1 million subscribers accompanied by 19 billion total views. From there on, FGTeeV began creating multiple secondary channels, where all of them has an impressive number of subscribers.

Facts About FGTeeV

  • FGTeeV currently has over 395K followers on Instagram. The family also has over 3.7 million followers on YouTube. When it comes to their content, they have their funny characters. They include FUNnel Boy, Postal Jenkins, Clarence, Raptain Hook, Sensei Duddy, and Mart. FGTeeV also won an Annual Bloxy Award under the category of “Roblox Video of the Year.”
  • FGTeeV is all about creating top-tier content on vlogging and gaming. Their channel mainly focuses on games like Among Us, Minecraft, and Roblox. You might not know this, but FGTeeV was one of those gaming channels with the most views in 2020. The parents of Vincent Carter are Tom Carter and Jody Carter.
  • Vincent’s ethnicity consists of British, French, and Irish. He also has two sisters named “Heidi Carter” and “Elyssa Carter.” Vincent’s sisters and parents have their own channel called “Funkee Bunch,” too. Vincent has green eyes and light brown hair color. His zodiac sign is that of a Scorpio.

Is FGTeeV Family a Millionaire?

The answer to that question is a massive Yes! The family has garnered a staggering net worth of $35 million through their YouTube channel. But, of course, their videos and sponsorships are responsible for this. And with their channels growing every day, the family is set to obtain even more by the end of this year.