Patrick Ewing Net Worth, Career Highlight, and All You Need to Know about Him

Who doesn’t know Patrick Ewing, a warrior in his time? He was one of the greatest players in Basketball History. “Someone with a heart of a champion,” said Michael Jordan, His rival in the basketball game. Even before his retirement, he was named the 50 best basketball player in NBA history.

But what happens after basketball?

The sports industry is not for everyone. Some are going into bankruptcy right after retirement. But, on the other hand, some are learning businesses, investments and produce more income than their time as active players.

So, how was basketball helping in accumulating Patrick Ewing net worth? Was he able to gain wealth? What happened to his career after retirement as a player? What about his personal life? Was he doing well?

Continue reading to find more about Patrick Ewing.

Summary table
Stage Name Patrick Ewing
Legal name Patrick Aloysius Ewing
Date of Birth: August 5, 1962.
Gender: Male
Height 7 ft 0 (2.13 m)
Net worth $75 million
Salary $4 million
Profession Basketball coach/former player
Nationality Jamaican/American

Familiarize With Patrick Ewing

So, who is Patrick Ewing? Here is some information about him you might find helpful.

  • Legal Name and Stage Name:
    • His real name is Patrick Aloysius Ewing, and his stage name is Patrick Ewing or just Ewing.
  • Date of Birth:
    • He was born on August 5, 1962, in Kingston, Jamaica. Patrick Ewing turns 59 this year. He was born precisely on the day before Jamaica announced its independence.
    • His family wasn’t wealthy back then, they even need a few years before bringing Ewing to the US with them. in a way, the accumulation of Patrick Ewing net worth was one of the best presents he can reward to his family.
  • Gender & Height:
    • He is a guy, obviously, a male. But, in fact, with all that power, he is not just a usual male.
    • Patrick Ewing is a man. Ewing is 7 ft 0 tall or around 2.13 meters.
  • Nationality:
    • His nationality is Jamaican-American. It is possible to have dual nationality if both countries agree to it.
    • Ewing’s son, Patrick Ewing Jr. For example, even though born and living in the U.S., he is allowed to play for Jamaica national basketball team.
    • Ewing was born in Jamaica, but at age 12, he moved to America to join his family in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • What is Patrick Ewing Best Known for?
    • Patrick Ewing got many titles during his prime. He is regarded by many as one of the greatest centers of all time. In 2008, ESPN designated him the 16th-greatest college basketball player of all time.
    • After being selected as the 50 best basketball player in history in 1996, he was also chosen as one of the greatest 75 basketball players in 2021, which means that there are no 25 players good enough in 25 years to take his place. With these titles, it’s to be expected that Patrick Ewing net worth won’t be a small amount.

Particular Background

After moving to America from Jamaica, he attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, in short CRLS or “Rindge,” for his high school. He started to play basketball and became recognized as one of the best high school basketball players there in just a few years.

  • Education

During high school, Patrick Ewing joined MIT-Wellesley Upward Bound Program. It was a program provided by the United department of education to provide specific categories of high school students better opportunities for attending college, especially for those with low income or parents lacking a college degree.

After high school, he attended Georgetown University and played basketball under coach Thompson. His time in high school becomes the catalyst of his blooming career, contributed a lot to Patrick Ewing net worth in the future.

  • Personal life

Patrick Ewing Married Rita Williams in 1990 and welcomed two daughters, Randi Ewing and Corey Ewing. Before marrying Rita Williams, Patrick Ewing already had a son named Patrick Ewing Jr, which plant to follow his father’s footsteps to basketball, but achieving his father’s level of accomplishment was quite hard. As a result, he could not make it to the NBA draft and spent most of his career in the NBA Development League and Europe.


There are at least three stages of Patrick Ewing’s Career in basketball in general. First, as most people have known, Patrick Ewing’s Career in basketball started in college for four years, after that being drafted in NBA and played for around 17 years. Then, after retirement, Patrick Ewing began to coach basketball. Here are some notable things about his career pathway.

College career

There are many recruiting visits that he made before choosing his university. Some of them are the university of north Carolina, where Ewing almost signs a letter of intent to play with dean smith, there are also the University of California in Los Angeles, even Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Some of his fans also believe that Ewing will play in Boston college, but He didn’t. In the end, Patrick Ewing chooses to go to Georgetown University under coach John Robert Thompson Jr, who coach the hoyas for 27 seasons.

Patrick Ewing’s college career is considered one of the most successful runs of all time. It was the seed that grow into Patrick Ewing net worth today. He already started on the varsity team in his freshman. The Hoyas (referring to intercollegiate athletics teams of Georgetown University) reached the final in NCAA after they defeated the University of Louisville 50–46. However, they failed to get the title championship after losing the game with North Carolina in the last seconds.

In the second year of Ewing with the hoyas, the team was unable to get even at the national championship game after losing to Memphis State in the second round.

Patrick Ewing was able to bring home Georgetown University title of the national championship in his third year on the 1983–84 season. The first time and the only NCAA Championship in school history. The Hoyas faced Houston university in the final and won with 84-75, in which Patrick Ewing was named the tournament’s most outstanding player.

In the last year of Ewing’s career in Georgetown, he and the hoyas were also able to push forward until the previous game in the final round when they faced Villanova university. But they couldn’t bring down the favorite in the game with only two points. But even the team was unable to get the title in the national championship. Ewing himself got the individual achievement after being awarded the Naismith Player of the Year Award and the Associated Press Player of the Year.

In general, Patrick Ewings’s career in college is considered one of the most outstanding college performances. It allowed him to get ESPN to designate him the 16th-greatest college basketball player of all time. Moreover, his accomplishment in his college became the foundation that bloomed his career in the NBA, in which he got most of his income and wealth.

Patrick Ewing’s NBA Career

Looking at his sources of income so far, it can be concluded that Patrick Ewing net worth mostly comes from his time when he played in National Basketball Career (NBA) in the US. He played in three teams in his 17 years career.

Of all his NBA career, Patrick Ewing spends most of his time with New York Knicks or the knicks. It began with a $32 million contract for 10 Years after the Knicks picked Ewing in the NBA Draft in 1985. Such a huge amount even for today’s U.S. currency, Ewing’s contract later named “a tremendous contract at that time or any time” by The New York Times. He played for 15 seasons from 1985 until 2000 before leaving for Seattle supersonic, two years before his retirement.

Among achievements of Patrick Ewing when he Played with the knicks are, named NBA All start eleven times, NBA All-Defensive Second Team for three years, becomes a rookie of the year for his first year, he also took part among the U.S. original men’s team member in the Olympic 1992 in Barcelona, called “the dream team,” along with Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, David Robinson and eight more, brought home a gold medal after beating Croatia with 32 margin points in the final game. He is also the only player who can play more than 1000 games with the knicks.

After playing with New York Knicks for 15 years, Ewing Joined Seattle supersonic for one year, then continued for Orlando magic for a while before announcing his retirement in September 2002.

Patrick Ewing’s Coaching Career

After announcing his retirement, Patrick Ewing started as an assistant coach for basketball teams. He first worked as an assistant coach for monumental sports and entertainment in Washington D.C, where he learned various aspects of coaching by sitting behind the bench under coach Doug Collins. However, this learning time only lasts for a year and a month until 2003.

His subsequent career as an assistant coach lasts for three years, from 2003 to 2006 with Houston rocket. On the contrary to his work before, this time, he worked directly with the players on and off stage and contributed to practice and game preparation.

From 2007 and 2012, he worked as an assistant coach for Orlando Magic, where he was said to be a key factor in the team reaching the final, even though they lost the game in the end against Los Angeles Lakers. He was also able to coach his son, Patrick Ewing Jr., when Ewing Jr. played for magic in 2010.

Patrick Ewing later worked as associate head coach for four years five-month for Charlotte Hornets until 2017. This was his last career as an assistant coach when he was finally hired to coach his former college team.

It is not clear how much money he makes by being a coach. But in 2014, when worked for Charlotte Hornets, he and David Falk give a $3.3 million donation for Intercollegiate Athletics Center under construction at Georgetown University. It can be refered that Patrick Ewing net worth at that time was not a small amount.

Head Coaching Record

Ewing was hired as head coach for Georgetown University’s men’s basketball team or the Hoyas on April 3, 2017. He was to replace John Thompson III that was fired 10 days before that.

In the first season under his leadership, the 2017–18 season, The Hoyas Finished with 15-15 (interpreted as 15 wins and 15 losses) and 5–13 in Big East play, ended up in 8th place without the postseason tournament.

In the 2018-19 season, Ewing’s team finished with 19-14 and 9-9 in the big east, allowing the hoyas to participate in the postseason game for the first time since 2015. In his third season as a coach, the overall score is much lower than the previous one, but the postseason was canceled due to covid-19.

His highest achievement since becoming head coach was in his fourth year in the 2021–22 season. The hoyas became Big East Conference Tournament Championship after defeating Creighton Bluejays with 73–48 in the final. With that, Patrick Ewing led Georgetown University to NCAA tournament for the first time after being absent for six years.

Patrick Ewing Net Worth

Back to the main question, how much is Patrick Ewing Net Worth? His overall net worth is approximately $75 million as of today. His assets come from many sources, but the most significant was his income when he played in the NBA, his shoe business, and his salary for coaching his alma mater, Georgetown Hoyas, which is assumed to be at least 4 million per year.

Many sources estimate that Ewing’s salary in the NBA combined was between $115 million and $125 million. His first contract with the knicks, which is $32 million even considered one of the highest in basketball history. There is not enough information about Patrick Ewing net worth coming from other means, except possible income from his business, so it is safe to assume that most of his wealth comes from or is always related to his basketball career.

Business and Belongings

Patrick Ewing founded his own signature basketball shoe brand company in 1989, named Ewing Athletics, with his agent David Falk. Said to be the first basketball player who owned a shoe company. It happened after Ewing parted ways with Adidas after three years of endorsing his signature shoes.

Ewing Athletics grow rapidly as its owner popularity in basketball keeps increasing. It was estimated that its revenue counted about 40 million per year up to the early 1990s. Unfortunately, there is no record of how much this money entered Ewing’s pocket. Ewing Athletics closed its business in 1996 because of a distribution problem and relaunched in 2012 with the help of David Goldberg and his company, GPF Footwear LLC. The business is still growing and is expected to have been distributed to over 30 countries.

  • Investment

Patrick Ewing bought a mansion in New Jersey for $6.35 million in 2007. But the investment wasn’t fruitful as he had to sell it for only $2.65 million in march 2020, leaving Ewing with a massive loss of $3.7 million or equivalent to 60% of the initial price. He was renting the mansion for 25k a month before selling it.

He also has a 14,500-square-foot home in Potomac, Maryland. But he already sold the house two decades earlier, in 2000. Right now, Patrick Ewing is living in Washington D.C.

  • Vehicles

No sources can pinpoint his spending regarding his vehicle use like sports cars any other vehicle like a yacht. Not even one media on his Twitter account shows his mean for transportation. It is hard to start guessing his choice of vehicle by only data the amount of Patrick Ewing Net worth alone.

Amount of Income

When he played in NBA, Patrick Ewing’s average salary was about $8 to $10 million or around $14 to $15 million in today’s Dollars adjusted to inflation. While data regarding his share in Ewing Athletic is not available. His current salary from coaching in Georgetown Hoyas is about 4 million a year.

  • How does Patrick Ewing make money?

Most of his money comes from his career related to basketball. So the wealth mostly comes from salary as a professional player, endorsement, salary as a coach, etc. He also has earnings in his own business Ewing Athletic.

Ewing also did some work like being an intern in a senator’s office, playing in movies as a side character, or even co-writing a book. But the amount of money coming from these side jobs is too insignificant compared to Patrick Ewing net worth from basketball-related activities.

Present Days Activities

He already retired as a professional basketball player for almost two decades. But Ewing is currently working as a coach for The Hoyas. With only 59 years old and that healthy body, It looks like he won’t be fully retired for another decade.

As mentioned earlier, Patrick Ewing is now the head coach for Georgetown University’s men’s basketball team in Washington DC. The Hoyas are counting to five years under his leadership. Ewing was hospitalized for covid-19 around may last year but getting better and brought back home afterward. Looking at his Twitter account, it seems like he loves Georgetown so much.