Nile Niami Net Worth, The Developer of Super Bel-Air Mansion

This article is going to talk about Nile Niami Net Worth. So, how rich is he actually as a real estate developer?

Well, we are about to know more about him.


Stage Name Nile Niami
Legal Name Nile Niami
Date of Birth           February 25th, 1968
Gender Male
Height 5 ft (172 cm)
Net Worth $13 million
Profession Former Film Producer, Real Estate Developer
Nationality United States of America

Nile Niami’s Background Information

nile niami net worth

Nile Niami was an American film producer. Also, he becomes a viral sensation lately because of his gigantic lavish mansions in Los Angeles.

Since Nile Niami becomes a real estate agent, he develops many properties. Then, the most popular one is “The One” which is worth about a hundred million US dollars.

However, it does not mean that Nile Niami Net Worth reaches a hundred million or more.

Indeed, it is just half of it in 2021. Before he became a real estate agent, Nile Niami was known as a film producer that produces about 15 movies which mostly B Movies.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Nile Niami
  • Date of Birth: Nile Niami was born on February 25th, 1968
  • Gender & Height: Nile Niami is Male. Then, his height is 5 ft (172 cm)
  • Nationality: He was born and live as an American

Famous For?

As mentioned, Nile Niami is best known for his super lavish mega Mansion called “The One”. Likewise, this huge property is worth about 100 million dollars. It locates in Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Paul McClean designs the house.

Indeed, the One is the world’s largest and America’s priciest mansion. Therefore, they need 8 long years to build the entire property.

Thus, many people already know about this mansion since it went viral on Social media.

Life Beginnings

Nile Niami comes from Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California. Then, he was born there in 1968.

After that, he stayed in San Fernando Valley. Additionally, Nile Niami lived with his mother who is a special education teacher.

Besides, the mom owned a bar where she worked at night. Sadly, Nile’s mother died in 2001 since a home intruder killed her.

  • Education

Obviously, Nile Niami is an educated and skillful person. Thereupon, we can see this from his works and projects.

However, we do not get detailed information about his education.

Moreover, what we know, Nile Niami works in Hollywood special effects and makeup after graduating from High School.

  • Personal Life

Currently, Nile Niami is single. He was married to Yvonne Niami and got divorced. Then, from the marriage, he has two sons, Bryce and Brent.


nile niami net worth and career

Nile Niami was a film producer that produces several films. Otherwise, he changed his passions to selling houses and mansions.

Subsequently, he became a real estate developer which is where most of Nile Niami Net Worth comes from.

Nile Niami As Producer

Nile Niami began making movies and working as a film producer as he grew old. Also, there are about 15 films he produced.

However, they were mostly B-grade films. Initially, Nile Niami’s first movie was released in 1995, titled Galaxis.

Meanwhile, the last movie produced by Nile Niami is called “Tart” which was released in 2001.  As a producer, his films did not really give much to the Nile Niami net worth.

Nile Niami Career As Real Estate Developer

After his film-producing career is over, Nile Niami began building condominiums and renovating houses to sell.

Hence, in Los Angeles, he became a well-known real estate agent. Also, he made millions of dollars by selling a mansion and a luxurious house.

Besides, to develop Nile Niami Net Worth, he hired an architect named Paul McClean to design a house in Bird Streets of Sunset Boulevard.

Moreover, Nile built a house and sold it to very rich buyers. Even so, some of them are popular people.

Furthermore, let us talk about ”The One”. This is the most talked-about thing about Nile Niami net worth.

Well, The One is a mega-mansion in Bel-Air which was built by Nile Niami.

Aforementioned, this mansion becomes a viral sensation as it was billed as the priciest private residence in America.

Also, it becomes the largest in the world, 105,000 square feet. This mega-mansion is valued at $500 million.

However, it is so hard to sell. Besides, there are several issues regarding the maintenance. Eventually, the price got decreased and it is listed for $295 million in 2022.

Nile Niami Net Worth

Indeed, based on the data and information in 2021, Nile Niami Net Worth raises to be $13 million. He has gathered a lot of his money from the projects as a real estate developer.

Apparently, his movies do not have any effect on his net worth anymore.

Currently, Nile Niami is still actively working as a real estate developer. Therefore, more projects will be coming.


As mentioned before, his businesses are related to real estate. He has renovated and sold properties for many years.

Likewise, it became his main business since then. Thereupon, Nile Niami is no longer making movies or doing film-related projects.

Thus, all of Nile Niami Net worth comes from his real estate business.


Nile Niami has been selling a lot of mansions for celebrities and many other important people. Also, he once sold a mansion in Holmby Hills for 44 million dollars to a Saudi buyer.

Besides, another home around the location sold for 39 million dollars to a musician. In 2017, a famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather, purchased a mansion from Nile Niami.

It was for $26 million. Therefore, he was making a lot of money just from selling mansions. Meanwhile, another popular mansion built by Nile Niami is the “Opus” which is sold for $100 million.

Further, a mega-mansion in Bel-Air called “The One” is the most important part of Nile Niami Net Worth.

Then, it is listed for $500 million.

  • Cars

Selling a lot of super mansions for a huge amount of money would surely make him a millionaire. Besides, sports Cars or other vehicles must be part of his lifestyle.

However, there is no available information about his vehicles.

  • Income

According to some sources, Nile Niami net worth makes about 4 million dollars per year.

  • How Does Nile Niami Make Money?

Nile Niami gets his income by building and renovating a house or mansion. Then, he sells to the rich people.

What Is Nile Niami Concern At Now?

  • Is Nile Niami Retired?

Nile Niami is still an active real estate developer.

Since the mega-mansion “The One” does not interest the buyers, Nile Niami is currently planning to open the auction to Crypto investors.

Hence, that is going to be part of Nile Niami net worth for next year.