Mossimo Giannulli Net Worth and Controversy of a Famous Designer

His career as a fashion designer has had a significant impact on Mossimo Giannulli net worth. As the owner of a well-known brand, this American man’s name is in the ranks of the prosperous people in his region.

His interest in the world of clothing and fashion has been in him since he was young. Furthermore, there are many stories and struggles to face for being at the point like now.

On the way to success, he has faced various kinds of controversies.

What is the story? What is Mossimo Giannulli net worth as one of the wealthy people in America? Here is the review:


1 Stage Name: Mossimo Giannulli
2 Legal Name: Massimo Giannulli
3 Date of Birth: June 4, 1963
4 Gender: Male
5 Height: 5 ft 8 in (178 cm)
6 Net Worth: $90 million
7 income per year: $8.5 million per year in the estimation
8 Profession: American fashion designer
9 Nationality: American

Biography of Mossimo Giannulli

Before discussing further Mossimo Giannulli net worth, we need to know in detail his reputation, life story, and actions.

In short, he is a famous fashion designer in America.

Although born and raised in America, he has Italian blood. He has been interested in the business field and has now succeeded in establishing Mossimo, a fashion and clothing company.

Firstly, this man started the business in 1986, and now it has grown and become the primary source of Mossimo Giannulli net worth.

However, he was also involved in a bribery case for college admissions.

  • Mossimo Giannulli’s legal name is Massimo Giannulli.
  • Mossimo Giannulli was born on June 4, 1963. Thus, his zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Talking about gender and body measurement, Mossimo Giannulli is a male with a height of 178 cm tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 154 lbs (70 kg).
  • Mossimo Giannulli was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S., so he is American.
  • What is Mossimo Giannulli Best Known for? Mossimo Giannulli is the founder and owner of a well-known clothing brand named Mossimo. This business is related to youth fashion, ranging from jackets, t-shirts, and accessories. Otherwise, Mossimo himself has shown positive results since his first year. At that time, his profits had reached $1 million, and it was growing year after year.

Early Life of Mossimo Giannulli

mossimo giannulli net worth

Born with the legal name Massimo Giannulli, he is the son of Gene and Nancy Gianulli. His father and mother work as architects and homemakers, respectively.

He spent his childhood in Encino, California.

While still in school, the teacher had difficulty spelling his name. As his teacher’s advice in grade 5, he changed his first name from Massimo to Mossimo because it was easier to pronounce.

Mossimo Giannulli’s Education

Mossimo Giannulli studied up to high school in California. After that, he entered the University of Southern California to study business and architecture.

However, he only lasted three years and finally dropped out in 1987.

At that time, he was already doing his own clothing business. Otherwise, he still asked his father for money even though he had dropped out to finance his business.

Mossimo Giannulli has also studied at the College of Continuing Education.

Mossimo Giannulli’s Personal Life

Mossimo Giannulli married model and producer Lori Loughin in 1997. After that, the couple has three children, namely Olivia Jade Giannulli, Isabella Rose Giannulli, and Gianni Giannulli.

Then, in March 2019, Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughin got tangled up in the college admissions scandal.

Likewise, they were proven to be involved in a college bribery scandal related to Olivia Jade Giannulli and Isabella Rose Giannulli’s enrollment to the University of Southern California (USC).

The accusation is that the couple has given bribes disguised as donations.

Initially, both denied it, but the evidence stated that they were both guilty and involved in the money-laundering case.

Mossimo Giannulli received a sentence of five months in prison and a fine of $250,000, whereas his wife Lori Loughlin only got him a month in prison and a fine of $150,000. The verdict fell on August 21, 2020.

Mossimo Giannulli’s Career

Mossimo is a clothing company created by Gianulli in 1986 in Newport Beach, California. At that time, he still focused on fashion for young people.

In no time, his business shot up. Then, profits reached $1 million in the first year and grew year after year. After eight years, Mossimo is at the peak of popularity.

Subsequently, at that time, the company’s image is as a provider of lifestyle sportswear and accessories. However, in 1994, the founder failed to make people like Mossimo’s streetwear and beachwear products.

Meanwhile, in 2006, Iconix Brand Group took over the company.

Even though the company is not doing well, a career as a fashion designer continues to boost Mossimo Giannulli net worth.

Mossimo Giannulli Net worth

Indeed, Mossimo Giannulli net worth is currently at an unbelievable number. Likewise, the amount is on estimated earnings, investments, contracts, and other assets.

Here is the review:


  • Mossimo Giannulli net worth continues to grow from time to time because of the currently-running clothing and fashion businesses.

Real estate (Mansion / House / Home / Apartment)

  • When Mossimo Giannulli and his wife were in a bribery case, they sold their house on the Bel-Air estate for $18.75 million. The buyer is the founder of Tinder, Justin Mateen. Then, after being released, the two returned to investing by buying a house in La Quinta, California. This property also contributes to Mossimo Giannulli net worth.
  • He was once spotted with a Mercedes Benz car.

How much Mossimo Giannulli Make per Year?

In the first year, Mossimo’s turnover reached $1 million. Afterward, the following year, profits touched $4 million and continued to grow.

After eight years, the company also has become a successful lifestyle sportswear and accessories business.

Despite the company switching under Iconix Brand Group, the income still provide an additional $8.5 million per year for Mossimo Giannulli net worth.

How does Mossimo Giannulli Make Money?

Most of Mossimo Giannulli net worth still comes from the clothing business. His company has indeed shown rapid development since its first year.

In the following year, turnover reached $4 million. Otherwise, the business did not run smoothly in 1996. In the end, Mossimo was acquired by Iconix Brand Group in 2006.

Is Mossimo Giannulli Retired?

Mossimo Giannulli has never declared retirement. He had indeed been inactive because he was serving a sentence related to the College Admissions Scandal.

However, the Mossimo clothing business is still running.

Finally, Massimo Giannulli and his wife, Lori Loughin, have been released from prison. As is known, the two were found guilty of the college bribery case in 2021.

The two returned to normal life and were once seen on vacation. Indeed, despite having to spend a lot of money on legal cases, Mossimo Giannulli net worth does not seem to be much affected.