Mike Judge Net Worth In 2022 & His Successful Career Journey

Most of Mike Judge net worth or income comes from his work as a producer, director, animator, actor, and screenwriter. In 2022, Mike Judge net worth is reckoned to be $75 million.

Summary Table
Stage Name Mike Judge
Legal Name Michael Craig Judge
Date of Birth October 17, 1962
Gender Male
Height 5′ 11½” (1.82 m)
Net Worth $75 million
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Producer, director, animator, actor, and screenwriter
Nationality American

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Mike Judge Biography

Here’s what you need to know before we have more discussion about Mike Judge net worth and where his wealth comes from.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Michael Craig Judge’s stage name is Mike Judge for shorter.
  • Date of Birth: Born on 17 October, the 59-year-old Mike Judge was originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • Gender & Height: For the body measurements, he is a male about 5 feet 11½ inches (1.82 m) with a weight of approximately 75 kg.
  • Nationality: Even though he was born in Ecuador, Mike Judge is a Citizen of the United States of America.
  • What is Mike Judge Best Known for? Mike Judge is famous for being the creator of popular series including Silicon Valley, King of The Hill, Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus, and The Goode Family, alongside becoming the creator of Beavis and Butt-Head. 

Personal life of Mike Judge

There is not much to discuss Mike Judge’s early life. It is known that he was born to parents William Judge and Margaret Yvonne, which are archaeologists and librarians. Mike had two other siblings and they moved to New Mexico at age seven.

  • Education:
    • St. Pius X High School
    • The University of California, San Diego (Graduated with BSc in Physics)
  • Family Life:
    • Mike tied the knot with Francesca Morocco in 1989 and separated in 2009 after they finalized the divorce.
    • The couple had three wonderful kids named Julia Judge, Charles Judge, and Lily Judge.
    • Although Mike Judge is not marrying anyone at the moment, it was reported that he dated Cherie Thibodeaux a few years after the divorce.
    • That’s all the information about his personal life.

Mike Judge’s Career


One thing that’s very stand out from Mike Judge is the fact that he is exceptionally creative in creating concepts for series or films. Yet, he has made it far with his career. Before starting a career in movies or shows, he held jobs that related to pure science or physics, including his work in a Silicon Valley company named Parallax Graphics. Any unpleasant experiences during that time are the reason why he portrays some uncomfortable parts of Silicon Valley in the series. After working in Silicon Valley, he joined a band as a bass player, which shows how versatile he is. During his work at the band, Mike also attended Grad School and study Math.

  • Mike Judge movies

Mike started to show his interest in animation around the year 1989 and worked on his first animated short movies. Three years later, he made a short movie titled Frog Baseball which includes one of the characters of Beavis and Butt-Head in it. Then in 1992, he made “Office Space”, a short movie that was collected by Comedy Central. This moment is the turning point of Mike’s Career. After becoming the voice in several animated movies, he began to show his acting skill in movies like Spy Kids, Punching Henry, The Front Runner, Punching Henry, and others. Besides being an actor, Mike is also directing films like Idiocracy and Extract.

  • Mike Judge shows

As the co-creator, director, and writer of several notable TV Shows, he also directed several episodes in his biography series which discuss several popular figures like Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Billy Joe Shaver, George Clinton, Bette Davis, Rick James, Bootsy Collins, and many more. As a genius creator and writer of several shows, he put a trademark on his creation which is creating unique characters, idiotic characters, set in Southern US or Texas, and many more. Based on the amount of work and projects he has done over the course of his career, no surprise that Mike Judge net worth or wealth is considered staggering.

  • Award & Nominations

Regardless of Mike Judge net worth that majorly came from the series or movies he created, the guy has been honored with 11 Primetime Emmy and won one of them. The nominations are mostly for his work in King of the hill and Silicon Valley. Further, he also won several awards including the Annie Awards, SXSW Film Festival, Texas Film Awards, Online Film & Television Association, and Writers Guild of America.

Mike Judge Net Worth

Mike Judge net worth is reckoned to be$75 million as previously mentioned. This part will discuss more the sources of his net worth or salary.

  • Businesses

Mike Judge net worth from business is unknown because apparently, the filmmaker of office space does not do business or investment outside his work in the entertainment industry.

  • Real estate

Mike Judge net worth from real estate is considerably impressive. He bought a $4.5 million villa in Santa Monica in 2011. In addition, he also had estates in Texas and Malibu.

  • Cars

In reference to an interview he did, it seems that Mike owns an expensive Tesla. However, there are no official details about Mike Jude net worth from other cars or vehicles he had.

  • About Income

The information about Mike Judge net worth or salary per year is unavailable.

Mike Judge net worth or wealth comes from every project and contract he has done as a producer, director, animator, actor, and screenwriter. He earned primarily from King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-Head, and The Goode Family.

Is Mike Judge Still on a Job?

Throughout his entire career, he has been on career vacum only once and for four years. Presently, it seems that he keeps working and does not have any retirement plan soon.

Mike Judge is enjoying living his life in California and occasionally went to his Texas home. It was announced through his Twitter account that he will be focusing on the new project, which is the return of Beavis and Butt-Head the film and some more stuff on Paramount+.