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Michael Winslow Net Worth: Is A Man With 1000 Sound Effects Rich?

For those who want to know about Michael Winslow net worth, this article would give you more information.

Moreover, there will be information about his early life, movies, other projects, businesses, and many others.


Stage Name Michael Winslow
Legal Name Michael Leslie Winslow
Date of Birth September 6, 1958
Gender Male
Height 5.11 ft (181 cm)
Michale Winslow Net Worth           $1.5 million
Profession Actor, Comedian, Comics, Voicetramentalist          
Nationality American

Michael Winslow Background Information

michael winslow net worth

For a fan of the classic comedy movie “Police Academy”, Michael Winslow is a legend. Likewise, he is an actor with thousands of sounds.

Also, he described himself as a Voicetramentalist, a man who can create a symphony of sounds just by using his own voice.

Further, Winslow became famous for his appearances in Police Academy movies in the ’80s. However, he decided to step down on his fame to focus on his family after his wife’s death.

Lately, he became popular again after taking part as a contestant for the TV show “America’s Got Talent 2021”.

Indeed, his ability to create thousands of sound effects became recognized by broader and younger people.

During his appearances in the talent show, he amazed all the judges and viewers. In addition, it is like a second career jump for him.

So, how is Michael Winslow net worth right now? We are about to know the answer.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Legal Name: Michael Leslie Winslow
    • Stage Name: Michael Winslow
  • Date Of Birth: September 6, 1958
  • Gender & Height: Male, 5.11 feet (181 cm)
  • Nationality: Michael Winslow is American
  • What Is Michael Winslow Best Known For?
    • Michael Winslow is best known for his ability to create a symphony of sounds by using his voice.
    • Then,  in the 80s and the 90s, he became popular because of his role in the ”Police Academy” movies.
    • Today, he gained his second popularity through “America’s Got Talent”.

Young Age Of Michael Winslow

He was born in Spokane, Washington. Michael’s parents are Robert and Verdie Winslow. Additionally, he spent his childhood in Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington.

Indeed, while growing up, Winslow did not have many friends. Sometimes, he made his own mates using his voice.

When he was a child, he liked to imitate the sounds of anything, like engines, animals, etc. Therefore, this man becomes so skillful with his voice.

  • Education

In Spokane, Washington, Michael Winslow attended the Lisa Maile School. Then, he learned about imaging, modeling, and acting here.

After that, he went to high school and college. However, there is no record of the name.

During his school year, he often performed his skills of imitating sound in theaters and nightclubs. Further, he made enough money from his performances to pursue the Hollywood dream.

Besides, he could gain a high Michael Winslow net worth due to his skills.

  • Personal Life

According to Wikipedia, Michael Winslow has been married three times. Thus, he has two children from his first wife.

Otherwise, Belinda Church died in 1993. After that, he married Angela Baytops in 1997. However, he got divorced in 2001.

Then, his third wife was Sharon Winslow, and got divorced again after one year of marriage in 2014. Thereupon, he is currently a single parent.

Michael Winslow’s Career

Initially, the first time Michael Winslow appeared on TV was on a popular show for an amateur talent contest called “The Gong Show”.

Then, he got recognized for his role in the Police Academy TV shows and movies. Hence, he acted as Larvell Jones.

Winslow got the role in “Police Academy” because of his appearance as the opening performer for a music show.

Additionally, in 1987, Michael Winslow joined in the movie “Spaceballs”. Also, as a radar operator, this man showed all the sound effects by himself.

After that, he decided to stop his career in the entertainment industry. Therefore, he focused on family without thinking about the growth of Michael Winslow net worth.

In 2008, he was a host of a cable channel and TV series. Winslow also became a stand-up comedian.

Furthermore, in 2010, he launched some apps for iPod Touch and iPhone. They are “ThatsKungFu” and NoizeyMan.

All the features and stuff inside the app were provided by Winslow. Meanwhile, he continued to be part of the gaming business in which he gave the sound effects from his voice.

In 2021, Michael Winslow took part as a participant for “America’s Got Talent” season 16. However, he got eliminated during the semi-finals.

  • Michael Winslow Movies
    • There are lines of movies that he appeared on.
    • For instance, the most notable ones are the Police Academy series of movies and Sharknado.
  • Michael Winslow Stand Up
    • He performed stand-ups all around the globe. However, there is no record of his specials and performances.
    • Then, some of them can be found on Youtube.

Michael Winslow Net Worth

According to sources, Michael Winslow net worth is $1.5 million. This wealth is not a high amount. However, it is a growing one.

His earnings grows big when he joined America’s Got Talent. Hence, it really makes him famous one more time.

  • Michael Winslow Net Worth from Businesses:
    • He is once again entered the show business that could be a part of Michael Winslow net worth. Also, he performed stand-ups as a Voicetramentalist.
    • Thereupon, he is so unique.
  • Real Estate: Michael Winslow lives in Washington. Nonetheless, there is no record of his property.
  • Vehicles:
    • He has a car to drive here and there. But, there is no information about the kind of car he drives. Well, Winslow can create the sound of cars of any brand by himself, that was enough for him.
    • Moreover, there is a high possibility for Winslow to purchase several cars to keep in his garage. It is according to his preferences about what kind of cars he would buy.
  • Income Detail:
    • Michael Winslow net worth is only about 1.5 million dollars. So, the earning is not that much.
    • For the record, that net worth is the amount after America’s Got Talent. Before joining this show, it is below a million.
    • In Police Academy, Michael Winslow did not play the main role. Therefore, the money is not that much to mention.
    • How Does Michael Winslow Make Money? Mostly, he got his earnings from the fees of appearances and comedy performances. Thus, Michael Winslow net worth will still be growing.

Is Michael Winslow Still Around?

Michael Winslow is still around. Also, he has reached his second chapter of fame.

  • What Is Michael Winslow Doing Now?

He has still received an invitation to appear and perform in many events. It is going to grow Michael Winslow net worth to the moon.