Martin Kove Net Worth – A Famous Martial Artist and Actor

You may only know this actor for his role in the TV series entitled Cobra Kai. But, you may not know Martin Kove net worth, wealth, and career journey.

Therefore, you can read this article to find out the detailed story about this American actor.

Summary table:

Stage Name Martin Kove
Legal Name Martin Kove
Gender Male 
Date of Birth 6th March 1946                                   
Height 6 feet (185 cm)
Martin Kove Net Worth $2 million
Income per year                               $400.000
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Who is Martin Cove?

martin kove net worth

Martin Kove is a talented actor who has appeared in numerous television series and movies. Besides, this man becomes a famous martial artist.

Furthermore, he gained much fame after playing in The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai.

  • The legal name of this martial artist is Martin Cove. He also uses the name Martin Cove as his stage name.
  • Martin Kove was born in 1946 and he celebrates his birthday every 6th March.
  • Martin Kove is a male and he is 6 feet (185 cm) tall. Besides, Martin weighs 176 lbs (80 kg).
  • Since Martin Kove was born in Brooklyn, his nationality is American.

What is Martin Kove Best Known for?

Martin Kove is widely known as a martial artist and actor. He has starred in various action movies and TV series.

For instance, he played in The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Due to his success in a lot of box office movies, the public is interested in discovering Martin Kove net worth.

Thus, if you are also curious about Martin’s wealth and success story, you should keep scrolling down this page.

Early Life of Martin Kove

Martin Kove was born and raised in a Jewish family. However, there is not any source revealing his family.

Unfortunately, we cannot find trusted information presenting about Martin Kove’s education. Still, nobody knows the high school and college he attended.

This actor keeps his personal life story to his fans. Thereupon, the public does not know his past relationship before he married Vivienne in 1981.

Then, Martin Kove and Vivienne are blessed with two children named Rachel Kove and Jesse Kove.

However, Martin and his wife decided to divorce in 2005.

Martin Kove’s Career

Martin Cove has started his acting career in 1971. Additionally, there are more than 200 titles of TV series and movies credited to his name.

Hence, due to his hard work as a martial artist and actor, Martin Kove net worth grows bigger. He not only can gain fame but also awards and wealth.

Martin Kove starred in a TV series entitled Code R in 1977. Then, from 1981 to 1988, he played the role of Victor Isbecki in Cagney & Lacey.

Because his appearance in the TV series was great, he had a contract to play in some movies. For instance, The Last House on the Left was one of them.

Further, the other films were Capone, Cops and Robbers, and Seven.

Indeed, the most popular films he starred in are The Karate Kid (Part 1 up to part 3), Rambo: First Blood part 2, and The Expendables.

Since most of his movies are box office, Martin Kove net worth skyrockets.

Martin Kove is not only popular as a movie actor. He also appeared in many television series. For example, he played in The Incredible Hulk and Gunsmoke.

Moreover, he starred in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Texas Ranger, Walker, Criminal Minds, Diagnosis Murder, and The Goldbergs.

Martin Kove acting career is so successful as he starred in numerous shows on television. In 2021, he appeared in a TV show entitled Dancing with the Star season 30.

Likewise, he became the contestant of this show. The salary he earned from TV shows also increases Martin Kove net worth.

Awards & Nominations

Martin Kove received a lot of awards and achievements during his career journey. In 2007, he became the winner of The Golden Boot Award.

Then, in 2009, he was awarded Lifesaver Achievement Award.

In 2013, he received an award as the best supporting actor from Hoboken International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, in 2019, he won the Best Actor award from Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Additionally, in 2020, Martin Kove received Tribute Award from Catalane Film Festival. Besides, he became a nominee from Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

Afterward, in 2021, he became the winner of the best ensemble in The Southern California International Film Festival.

Therefore, the number of awards affects his income in his acting career. No doubt, he can earn a big income and increase Martin Kove net worth.

Martin Kove Net Worth

Since he was starred in hundreds of movies and television series, Martin Kove net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Subsequently, the main source of Martin’s wealth is the income from his acting. Many of his films are successful and box office.

Thereupon, Martin Kove net worth is fantastic.

  • Businesses. Nonetheless, we cannot gather information about the business run by Martin Kove. Thus, it seems that Martin Kove only focuses on his acting career.
  • Real Estate. Moreover, considering the amount of Martin Kove net worth, it must be easy to spend it on property investment. Unfortunately, there is still no trusted information about real estate owned by Martin.
  • Sport Cars. Martin Kove really likes XKE Convertible Jaguar. Likewise, he adores this car since he was a child.
  • Since Martin Kove signed many movie and TV show contracts, he can earn $400.000 per year.

Indeed, Martin Kove net worth is accumulated from his income as an actor. Subsequently, he earns a huge salary from his appearance in a lot of movies and TV series.

Further, Martin Kove does not announce that he wants to retire from acting. Even he is 76 years old, he is still active in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, as Cobra Kai is very famous, Martin Kove has a plan to launch the Cobra Kai podcast.