Lisa Raye Net Worth – Income, Career, Bio, Award

As a public figure, Lisa Raye can get an impression from the perpetrators that she is a powerful, influential woman. She is an amazing actress and designer .

This woman from the United States has a lot of professions, and Lisa Raye net worth is in an amount that is around $12 million. She also has several other professions that she pursues since before.

Then, who exactly is Lis Raye? How is the life journey of a female designer on this one? Check out this explanation!

Summary tabel
Stage name Lisa Raye
Legal name Lisa Raye McCoy
Date of birth September 23, 1967
Gender Female
Height 5’7” (169 cm)
Net worth $12 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Model, businesswoman, and designer
Nationality American

Lisa Rey’s Background Identity

lisa raye mccoy

Lisa Raye is an American citizen and she is widely known for the work that she has done. She is a model, businesswoman, and fashion designer with a strong career path. With such busy schedules, it’s not surprising why her success inspires so many people around the world.

However, this American woman has some time to spare with the princess. This shows that time with family is important and gives hope to women everywhere.

That women can improve her career while providing a special time for her family as well. Plus, Lisa Raye is also able to become an internationally known designer by winning awards & being highly sought-after. However, Lisa Raye is also a famous model who has always been beautiful and charming.

Here are a few important things to know about Lisa Raye:

  • Legal name & stage name

This American woman whose real name is Lisa Raye McCoy has two parents (David Ray McCoy and Katie McCoy) and multiple stage names: LisaRaye, LRaye, LR. Stage name, often given by fans or even owned by most of the public figures.

  • Date of birth

Lisa Raye is a woman born September 23, 1967 and is now 54 years old. She has been handling various types of contracts since then which give us some insight into how Lisa Raye net worth is not small.

  • Gender & height

This Chicago-born woman has a tall body proportion of 5’7” (169 cm). Lisa Raye has an ideal body and is suitable to be a well-known model and designer in her home country.

  • Nationality

Lisa was born in Chicago in 1967, which would make her an American citizen. She is also active in public life since 1992 until now.

And of course, Lisa Raye is not only active as an artist or film player but as a model, businesswoman, and designer. We cannot deny that Lisa Raye net worth is in the major category.

  • Best known for

Lisa Raye is a business woman with many different talents, including being a model and artist. She makes quite a big salary from all of these jobs, but she also invests in some projects. It can be concluded that Lisa Raye net worth is definitely not small!

Life Beginning

Born on September 23, 1967, Lisa Raye McCoy was the daughter of a businesswoman and model. At such a young age, Lisa Raye was able to start working in a film player and model.

In fact, Lisa Raye also continued her father’s talent in business to be able to earn a large income. Lisa spent her childhood in southern Chicago. She then went to James College Prep, Kenwood Academy, and finally graduated from Thornridge High School in 1986.

  • Lisa Raye’s  Personal Life
lisa raye mccoy

Lisa Raye has a lot of life journey experiences. Her current status is as a single mom, but the following is explained related to her love story and small family.

  • Husband & kids

In 1989, Lisa Raye gave birth to her daughter, Kai Morae Pace. Her romance with Tony Martin and marriage happened in 1992. Lisa Raye’s marriage to Tony Martin turned sour and the two divorced 1994. However, it is still a matter of privacy that their divorce remains private.

Lisa Raye is happily married to Michael Misick in 2006. It’s because of this that she often goes by the name LisaRaye McCoy-Misick. The two were divorced in 2008, however, leading to some difficulties for her household.

At this point, Lisa Raye has a daughter and is continuing her career as a public figure.


Lisa Raye was already a well-known model when she made her debut as an artist in Monty Ross’s film “Reason.” From there, one of the sources of Lisa Raye net worth is the other roles she has taken in several films. Here’s a brief summary.

  • Awards & achievements

Lisa Raye was named grand marshal of the ’70th Magic City Classic parade and also became the brand ambassador for Birmingham’s Football match in 2011.

In 2007, Lisa got a nomination for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series’ at the The NAACP Image Award. Even during her marriage to Michael Misick, she was known as the First Lady of Turks and Caicos.

  • Notable Works in Films and Television Series
lisa raye net worth

Lisa Raye is one of the most popular actress in Hollywood. This woman is well-known for her acting skills, which have earned Lisa Raye net worth is over a millions.

Lisa Raye Net Worth

How much is Lisa Raye net worth? In 2021, Lisa Raye net worth is over $12 million.

  • Businesses of Lisa Raye

Lisa Raye’s job includes a lot of different things, including working as a fashion designer, model, artist and entrepreneur. Lisa Raye net worth is huge because she has such huge expertise.

  • How much Lisa Raye makes per year?

Lisa Raye’s salary history is not detailed in any detail. She was only recently worth $12 million with her most recent annual net worth statement as of December 2021.

  • How Lisa Raye earned millions?

Lisa made a lot of money from her acting in films and modeling as well as from being a designer and businesswoman.

What is Lisa Raye Recently Doing?

  • Is Lisa Raye Retired?

For now, Lisa Raye is still actively involved in her business, even though she is 54 years old.

Lisa has been a part of the fashion world for a while and is one of the most influential businesswomen today. She was also a single parent when she started her own line so she can see where her daughter is going in life.

Based on the description, it can be concluded that Lisa Raye net worth is a form of her struggles and skills. With that said, it’s no wonder she was able to get a net worth of $12 million.