Lily Tomlin Net Worth – The 82 Years Old Legendary Actress

Lily Tomlin is an 82 years old noteworthy actress from Hollywood who has begun her career in the 1960s.

Summary Table
Stage Name Lily Tomlin
Legal Name Mary Jean Tomlin
Date of Birth September 1, 1939
Gender Female
Height 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Net Worth $20 million
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Actress & Comedian
Nationality American

This article will present a further explanation of Lily Tomlin net worth and anything surrounding her professional life as well as personal life.

Lily Tomlin Personal Biography

Take a look at the glimpse of her biography before we dive into Lily Tomlin net worth or total wealth.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Mary Jean Tomlinson has been using the name “Lily Tomlin” as her stage name for several decades.
  • Date of Birth: The celebrated American actress was born on the first of September in 1939.
  • Gender & Height: The female actress-comedian has a body measurement of 1.73 m tall.
  • Nationality: Tomlin was born in Detroit and she is a US Citizen.
  • What is Lily Tomlin Best Known for? Lily Tomlin is popularly known for movies titled Nine to Five and Nashville as well as series like Grace and Frankie and Laugh-In. 

Previous Years of Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin’s parents are Guy Tomlin and Lillie Mae. She and her sibling, Richard Tomlin, was originated from Detroit, Michigan. Lily Tomlin found her curiosity in theatre and art when she was in college. There is no further explanation of her early life.

  • Education:
    • Tomlin went to Lewis Cass Technical High School before she started her journey at Wayne State University to study biology.
    • She altered her major when discovering her love and admiration for theatre.
  • Personal life:
    • The glimmering lights of Hollywood in the past were not as beautiful and nice as what you think.
    • For some celebrities, including Lily Tomlin, it was difficult to express the kind of love that was categorized as something different than what is normal.
    • It took her more than 40 years to finally able to married to the love of her life, Jane Wagner, on the last day of December, in 2013.
    • The couple lives gracefully for many years without having a plan to have kids.

Lily Tomlin’s Career

The discussion of Lily Tomlin net worth is connected to her career journey for many decades in the entertainment industry. According to IMDb, there are 66 credits of Lily Tomlin’s work as an actress.

Stand Up Comedy Career

Before joining the glamorous and fascinating life of Hollywood, Tomlin started her work as a performance of stand-up comedy in Michigan and moved to New York City afterward. There are not many details of her work as a stand-up comedian.

Lily Tomlin Acting Career

Lily Tomlin learned acting at the Herbert Berghof Studio, New York. Before showing up on the first television show and later made her debut on the highly acclaimed motion picture titled Nashville, in which she garnered Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Tomlin then appeared in countless movies such as Moment by Moment co-starred with John Travolta, Grandma, Short Cuts, And the Band Played On, Nine to Five, I Heart Huckabees, Ponyo, Nashville, Inequality for All, All of Me, and many more.

Lily Tomlin TV Career

Tomlin showed her acting skills firstly on The Merv Griffin Show and The Garry Moore Show. Her first quantum leap is when she was involved in the NBC comedy show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. She triumphantly played many characters and became the first one to show up in male drag as a female comedian. Tomlin then continued her appearances until nowadays on several shows like The Carol Burnett Show, The Electric Company, The Magic School Bus, Woman Alive!, Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, Desperate Housewives, Eastbound & Down, Pryor’s Place, Murphy Brown, and other long list followed. Within this amount of projects, it is understandable that Lily Tomlin net worth is reckoned to be a good deal.

Awards & Nominations

There are long lists of Lily Tomlin accolades and honors throughout her entire career including:

  • One time Oscar nominee
  • Granted with a Women in Film Crystal Awards
  • Four-time Primetime Emmy Awards winner
  • Granted with a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
  • Two time BAFTA nominee
  • Six-time American Comedy Awards winner
  • Eight-time Golden Globes nominee (Won one of them)
  • Five-time Grammy Award nominee (Won one of them)

Although there are long lists of awards and nominations that we could not put there, Lily Tomlin is unbelievably one of the most legendary actresses and comedians in the history of Hollywood. Moving to the next part of our discussion is a deeper explanation of Lily Tomlin net worth or details of the salary she received.

Lily Tomlin Net Worth

Lily Tomlin net worth from many decades of career is calculated to be $20 million. It is considered as such a great deal amount of wealth, compared to some of her legendary peers who also have been in the industry for a long period. Tomlin mentioned in an interview that so many of her female actress peers experiencing the wage gap, and do not get the deserving paid unlike the men in the industry.

House and Vechicles

Lily Tomlin net worth from her current real estate is unknown. Regardless, she lives with her wife in their lavish Los Angeles house. In 1999, it was reported that Tomlin sold her property for approximately $2.75 million.

The dearest actress’s favorite car is the iconic 1955 Dodge Lancer that she purchased several decades ago during the 1970s. She had a fond love and adoration for vintage cars ever since a teenager. The 40-year-old car named ‘Dora’ was only $1.500 when Tomlin acquired her. Even when filming Grandma in 2015, Tomlin proudly drove ‘Dora’ for some of the scenes. Regardless, there is no information on whether she has other vehicles or cars that contribute to Lily Tomlin net worth in total.

How does Lily Tomlin make money?

Lily Tomlin net worth or salary comes from her work in the entertainment industry for more than a half-century, including the contracts, deals, projects, solo comedy, or anything she has done related to her career as an actress and comedian.

Is Lily Tomlin Productive in the Industry?

The energic actress, Lily Tomlin, does not have a retirement plan sooner because she is in the filming process of a movie titled Moving On, and preparing for her next role in The Road Home as a character named Mrs. Cambridge. Tomlin’s recent Netflix series Grace and Frankie, is still going on on Netflix, alongside her long-time friend Jane Fonda who also appears on the show.

Lily Tomlin is living her life as merrily and healthy as ever with her dearest wife, Jane Wagner. Any updates or information regarding the actress is also presented on the personal website and social media account.