Leonard Nimoy Net Worth: How Much Money Did Leonard Nimoy Make?

Leonard Nimoy is an American character actor who plays Spock in the popular series Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy is one of the players who has amazing wealth among other players in the film. Leonard Nimoy net worth hits $45 million.

Having a diligent and enthusiastic personality has been seen in the figure of young Leonard Nimoy. He has helped his family to make ends meet. Coming from a simple family awakens his hardworking nature to get what he dreams of.

His acting career started at a very young age and he was encouraged to pursue it by his grandfather, who also helped him with his first role as an actor when he was just a kid. He realized that acting is what he’s best at and that it was eventually going to be his career.

He has been a part of the entertainment industry for over five decades and is considered to be one of the most respected actors in the world. His son Adam Nimoy also became an accomplished actor, before he died when he was 37 years old due to esophageal cancer.

Leonard Nimoy was a well-known actor, producer and director. He is best known for his role as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek franchise. The actor has played many different roles in his lifetime and has had his fair share of success. It is interesting to see how Leonard Nimoy net worth, career, and popularity have done so well for himself.

Summary Table
Stage Name Leonard Nimoy
Legal name Leonard Simon Nimoy
Date of Birth: March 26, 1931
Gender: Male
Height 180 cm
Net worth $45 million
Salary / earning / income per day $690 thousand per year
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Personal Data of Leonard Nimoy’s

  • Legal Name & stage name: Leonard Nimoy’s real name is Leonard Simon Nimoy.
  • Date of Birth: Leonard Nimoy was born on March 26, 1931 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Gender & Height: Leonard Nimoy is a male with a height of 1.8 m.
  • Nationality: Leonard Nimoy is a United States citizen.

What is Leonard Nimoy Best Known for?

Leonard Nimoy was a famous actor and director known for his role as Spock on Star Trek. His passionate dedication to the craft of acting is evident in his roles on stage, television, and film. Leonard Nimoy net worth grew gradually since he started performing at the age of 12 and went on to direct over 30 episodes of Star Trek and many other TV shows.

In addition to acting, he has been involved with music and photography. Leonard Nimoy net worth journey started when he became best known for his autobiography “I Am Not Spock” which was published in 1975 and became a best-seller. In 2009, he released his second memoir entitled “I Am Spock”.

Early Life

leonard nimoy early life

Leonard Nimoy was born on March 26, 1931 in Boston, MA to parents Max and Dora Nimoy. His father ran a barbershop and his mother was a tailor. In his youth, Leonard Nimoy always wanted to work with his hands and help out in his family’s barbershop to earn extra income. He was also a shoe shiner, selling newspapers and other professions.

Later, Leonard Nimoy was a well-known actor, director, and producer. He grew up to be a talented actor and is still well-known for his roles in Star Trek and the recent “Star Trek Beyond”. He was best known for playing Spock in the Star Trek series. Looking back on his journey from his early life, it is no surprise if Leonard Nimoy net worth was amazing and still increasing.

Personal life and Education

Leonard Nimoy was married to a woman named Sandra Zober for about 10 years and they had two children together, Julie and Adam. However, the marriage ended in 2007 after many public outcries, and Leonard remarried to Susan Bay in 1989.

Leonard Nimoy started life as a classic American success story. His father emigrated from Lithuania and worked as a barber in Boston, so he was raised in the Jewish community of Brookline. He studied at English High School of Boston and earned an MA at Antioch College. He has also received a Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Antioch.

Leonard Nimoy comes from a Jewish family and he is a devout Jew. During his life, he is also a member of the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish sect. Nimoy’s documentary is called “The World of Menahem Mendel”, which tells the story of one of the most influential rabbis in Jewish history. The documentary explores how he used language to convey his thoughts, change the world through his writings, and inspire new perspectives on Jews.

Leonard Nimoy Net Worth

leonard nimoy net worth

Leonard Nimoy is a successful figure who became a famous actor in America. He has starred in many popular films, including Star Trek, so that Leonard Nimoy net worth is recorded at $45 million.

Leonard Nimoy also supported by his hobbies playing music, singing and the world of photography. From these several professions, it is very clear how much Leonard Nimoy loves the art world. So the tens of millions of dollars in Leonard Nimoy net worth is well deserved.

Earning per year

Leonard Nimoy net worth came mostly from acting. Dozens of roles played on the big screen increased Leonard Nimoy’s fortune drastically. During Leonard Nimoy’s early career from 1950 to 2015, he raised $45 million. This means that every year, Leonard Nimoy’s income can reach $690 thousand per year.

Leonard Nimoy net worth has been on the rise since 1966, when Star Trek films began broadcasting. Leonard Nimoy has been nominated for an Emmy award (award in the field of entertainment on television in the United States).

Source of Wealth

leonard nimoy

Leonard Nimoy’s income does not only come from working as a professional actor. He also acted in several films and experienced success. 2 Star Trek film sessions are among the films he has directed and starred in. So that the film field does provide the largest contribution to Leonard Nimoy net worth. Leonard Nimoy’s salary as an actor gives him the opportunity to buy a house and collect other assets.

Apart from film, Leonard Nimoy net worth also came from his activity in photography. Because of his love for the world of photography he had to study at the University of California in Los Angeles. His strong determination is slowly providing evidence, as well as adding to the success of Leonard Nimoy’s career. The reason is extraordinary that the images from his photography activities have been successfully displayed at the R Michelson Gallery and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

His next job writing an autobiographical book has added Leonard Nimoy net worth. The title of his first writing was I Am Not Spock. This article is about his role as Spock which shows his heart while playing Spock. The title of the second article is I Am Spock. The second article explains that Spock is a figure who influences most of his life and he also explains how Spock’s figure acts.

It seems that Leonard Nimoy’s net worth will never run out, because he is also pursuing the world of music. His musical works have reached number 3 in the US pop category. He is also noted to have produced about 5 music albums. Success in this field of music also makes Leonard Nimoy net worth continue to increase.


Leonard Nimoy net worth from his profession as an actor, writer and director makes this figure have several assets and luxury properties. Among them is the house in the Westwood area which is worth about $1.95 million. This house has a traditional design, with 2 floors and a swimming pool. This house was built on 3.6 thousand square meters.

In addition, Leonard Nimoy net worth is also included an apartment in Manhattan. This apartment was later built in the French style by the architect Rosemary Peck. The atmosphere in the house looks very calm and bright.

Vehicles and Businesses

Among Leonard Nimoy’s many riches assets is the 1964 Buick Riviera. The type of vehicle owned by Leonard Nimoy also seems to describe Leonard Nimoy’s personality who likes unique things.

In addition, Leonard Nimoy’s wealth is also equipped with the aircraft he has. The plane is also often driven by Leonard Nimoy, because Leonard Nimoy already has a license as a private pilot.

Leonard Nimoy’s net worth was kept to grow since he has business related to the work he does, which is writing screenplays and being a film director.┬áLeonard Nimoy’s career in writing scripts for films began when he was just a child. He wrote and directed the feature film “The Great White Hope” at the age of nineteen in 1934.

Acting career

  • Before and during Star Trek

Before joining the Star Trek series, Leonard Nimoy had a few small films to his name. He then went on to play the main role in the film Kid Monk Baroni. Leonard Nimoy also had been a member of the military for some time. After leaving there, Leonard Nimoy net worth and popularity were increasing as he returned as a supporting actor in 50 minor films.

  • After Star Trek

Leonard Nimoy has become a film success and has a net worth of tens of millions of dollars. Leonard Nimoy has also received various awards for his achievements in the film industry.

  • Star Trek films

Leonard Nimoy played Spock in the Star Trek film series as well as directed volumes 3 and 4.

  • Awards and nominations

The Leonard Nimoy award is an Emmy award for best supporting actor.

Do Star Trek actors get royalties?

Not all Star Trek cast or actors get royalties, but Leonard Nimoy gets 7-10% of sales of Star Trek goods.

Illness and death

Leonard Nimoy suffered from chronic lung disease in 2014, then died in 2015.