Lauren Daigle Net Worth — The Woman Behind No. 1 Amazing Christian Albums

You may not know yet that Lauren Daigle net worth as a Christian music singer is quite fantastic.

Her albums and singles had been on the Billboard chart, certified Platinum, and earned her multiple Grammys.

Do you want to know how much Lauren Daigle net worth is up to this day? Let’s find out about the life and career of the woman behind No. 1 amazing Christian songs and albums.

Summary table
Stage Name Lauren Daigle
Legal Name Lauren Ashley Daigle
Date of Birth September 9, 1991
Gender Female
Height 5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Net worth $6 million
Salary / earning / income per year $580,310
Profession Singer, songwriter

Who is Lauren Daigle? (Biography)

Before we jump to discuss Lauren Daigle net worth, let’s first get to know the singer better.

Legal Name & stage name

Known as Lauren Daigle on stage, her full name is Lauren Ashley Daigle.

Date of Birth

Lauren Daigle was born on September 9, 1991. She is currently 20 years old.

Gender & Height

She is a female with 5′ 5″ (165 cm) height.


The Lousiana-born singer is an American.

What is Lauren Daigle Best Known for?

Lauren Daigle net worth came from her best-known works as a musician. She started her musical journey when she was a teenager. Although she didn’t make it quite far on American Idol, her career took off in the music industry when she focused on singing gospel songs. Right now, she is known as one of the best Christian music singers in America.


Early life of Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle spent her childhood in Lake Charles and Lafayette, Lousiana. She started singing from her earliest age, influenced by zydeco, blues, and Cajun music from her environment. As a ‘music box’ — a name given by her mother cause she was always singing — she started to consider music seriously at the age of 15. She took vocal courses during the period she stayed out of school due to an illness.


After high school, Lauren Daigle intended to focus on the medical field and doing mission work while in college prep school. She ended up enrolling in a charter school and graduated earlier than others, just in six months instead of a year and a half. She then did mission work in Brazil for a year before finally attending Lousiana State University to focus on Child and Family studies.

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Lauren Daigle is the daughter of Mark Daigle and Laura Daigle. She has a sister and a brother, named Madison and Brandon.


Lauren Daigle’s Career

Lauren Daigle net worth has been accumulated from the days she was professionally involved in the music industry. Here is the highlight of her career journey from the beginning.

Lauren Daigle music career

Lauren Daigle career as a Christian music singer took off when she sang two of the songs in North Point InsideOut’s album, Hear. She sang the song Close and You Alone in the contemporary worship music band’s hometown in Alpharetta, Georgia. After her debut, she started to sing in other local bands as a background vocal and was finally signed by a record label in 2013.

Lauren Daigle net worth began to increase much more after she released her debut singles and albums. She was named as one of Christian music’s break-out artists in 2014. Her debut singles and albums gained success for her, by reaching top spots on music charts and earning multiple awards.

In 2016 and 2018, she released her second and third albums: a Christmas album Behold: A Christmas Collection, and Look Up Child. The two albums also had huge reception by Christian music listeners. It replicated and even duplicated the success of her debut album a few years prior.

American idol

Lauren Daigle was one of the contestants of American Idol in 2010 and 2012. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the top 24 contestants in 2010 and didn’t make it to Hollywood. She did better in 2012 by making it to Hollywood, although in the first Las Vegas round she lose to other contestants.

Lauren Daigle on the voice

Lauren Daigle had appeared on the talent show The Voice, not as a contestant but performer. She belted her voice in The Voice finale and made a debut for her song Hold On To Me on television.


Tour and other projects

Lauren Daigle net worth also came from her musical tour that started in 2015. She joined Outcry Tour in 2015 and 2017 also Winter Jam Tour in 2016. She began her own tour in 2016, named A Night With Lauren Daigle. 

As of now, she had toured all over the U.S. and New Zealand. Lauren Daigle also appeared in the 202 College Football Playoff National Championship to sing the national anthem.

Lauren Daigle awards

Lauren Daigle had won many awards, from American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, to Grammy Awards. The song and album that one her most awards are You Say and Look Up Child.

Lauren Daigle Net worth

Lauren Daigle net worth is estimated to be around $6 million as of this year.


Currently, Lauren Daigle net worth comes mostly from the show business. There are no other resources citing her business in other industries.

Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

Lauren Daigle net worth also comes from her property investment. However, the details regarding her real estate ownership is unknown.

Sport cars / yacht / vehicles

One of the cars that Lauren Daigle drives is a Ford Bronco. The car contributes around $30,000 to Lauren Daigle net worth.

How much does Lauren Daigle make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

With the total amount of Lauren Daigle net worth is estimated at around $580,310.

How does Lauren Daigle make money?

To sum up, Lauren Daigle net worth is generated from her contract as a Gospel music singer.

What disease does Lauren Daigle have?

Lauren Daigle contracted a virus called cytomegalovirus at the age of 15. The illness made her stay out of high school for two years.

Is Lauren Daigle Retired?

Lauren Daigle is still actively making music and performing live on stage.

What is Lauren Daigle Doing now?

Currently, Lauren Daigle is still touring and performing her song while making more music on the side.