Krist Novoselic Net Worth, Nirvana’s Bassist

Krist Novoselic is the former bass guitarist of Nirvana. They achieved success in the 90s and they are still considered one of the greatest bands to have ever come out of the US. Outside of his music career, Krist Novoselic has been involved in political activities and work on electoral reform projects for many years. As a result, Krist Novoselic net worth reaches $80 million US dollars.

Summary table
Stage Name Krist Novoselic
Legal name Krist Anthony Novoselic
Date of Birth May 16, 1965
Gender Male
Height 6′ 7″
Net worth $80 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Musician, Politician
Nationality American

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Detail Information About Krist Novoselic

  • Legal name & stage name: Krist Novoselic’s real name is Krist Anthony Novoselic.
  • Date of Birth: Born on May 16, 1965 or 56 years old.
  • Gender & Height: This man has a height of 6’ 7”.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Krist Novoselic Best Known for? Musician, Writer, Politician, Song Writer, Film director, Bassist.

Earliest Years of Krist Novoselic

early life of krist novoselic

Born in Compton, California, Krist Novoselic was raised by his parents with his two siblings. After that, Krist moved with his family to San Pedro, Los Angeles which is known for having the highest number of Croats. In 1971, he moved again with his family to Aberdeen, Washington.

Nine years later when Novoselic was 14, he was sent to live with his relatives in Zadar, Croatia. That part of the mission took a whole year and then he returned to Aberdeen. At a young age, Krist was very interested in punk rock. This eventually led him to explore other unique genres of music.

  • Education: Krist studied at Aberdeen High School and continued his studies at Washington State University.
  • Personal life: Novoselic married his high school girlfriend Shelli Hyrkas in 1989 and it ended a few years later in 1999. Later, he remarried artist Darbury Ayn Stenderu in 2004. From their marriage, they have two children.

Political & social activism

Novoselic was one of the earliest activists who fought against a bill called the Erotic Music Law. Krist eventually formed JAMPAC (Joint Committee for Political Action for Artists and Musicians). Currently, Novoselic is involved in a number of political movements, including electoral reform work.

Krist Novoselic’s Career

krist novoselic's career

Awards & Nominations

In the music world, this talented musician has received many nominations from various artists and festivals, such as the Grammy Awards. His award show reel includes prestigious prizes such as MTV and other music events.

Krist Novoselic Net worth

Novoselic was a rock guitarist for funk band Dave, who early on rose to fame. The popularity of his career was due to the success of Nirvana, which is why he’s considered one of the most iconic members. Then, he’s been collaborating a lot with bands for many years. Not only does his involvement in politics have a positive impact on Krist Novoselic net worth, it also has significant implications for the country and for progressive change in general. Here are the details.

Businesses Details

krist novoselic businesses

After his contract with Nirvana ended, he formed other bands namely Sweet 75 and Eyes Adrift, which released one album each. Then, he went on to play in the punk band Flipper, from 2006 to 2009. Chris has also contributed bass and accordion to one of the songs from the Foo Fighters studio album, Wasting Light.

From his work in the music world, Krist Novoselic has made 80 million dollars. The value of this was obtained by analyzing the album’s sales, which reached about 350,000 copies. Krist Novoselic net worth is also achieved from single sales which reached $900,000. From here, he made a salary of nearly $4.4 million at that time.

Novoselic has been politically active, both through his business and musical endeavors. Novoselic became one of the founders of JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Musicians Political Action Committee) political action committee. Krist Novoselic is also involved in other careers that help increase Krist Novoselic net worth.

Meanwhile from November 2007 to September 2010, Novoselic had the role of writing weekly columns on music and politics for the Seattle Weekly website. Though he has a Krist Novoselic net worth when calculated as a whole, he became chairman of the board of the electoral reform organization FairVote.

House and Vehicle

Krist Novoselic was the bassist for Nirvana, who had a major success known as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – one of their many popular songs. The Krist lives in a house with his wife, Darbury. However, most reports say they have their main residence on Anderson Road. More precisely, it is in the remote community of Deep River, in rural Wahlikum County.

For vehicles, Krist Novoselic likes old vehicles. He was caught on camera by the privately owned video camera of a neighbor. A single grainy video reveals an old VW car parked outside in his driveway. The style of this car is a representation of his dad and it’s the only car that he likes. After doing research, he found out that the father-son bonding experience is something worth remembering.

How and How much does Krist Novoselic Earn per year

Krist Novoselic net worth is indeed quite large, but this might not have been possible even if he was a “rock band musician”. But it can not be separated from the business and album sales are so successful. This is where Krist Novoselic net worth reaches 80 million US dollars. You can be sure that the revenue generated each year is a fantastic number.

Many musicians are still receiving honorariums after their former job even years later. This also applies to Krist Novoselic net worth which reaches millions of US dollars. He’s earnings consist of album sales, 12.5% song usage royalties and the rest from other music contracts.

Apart from royalties, Krist Novoselic may have amassed Krist Novoselic net worth US$4.4 million from album sales and single releases over his musical career. Copyright trends are on the rise, bringing a sizable amount of revenue with them. Later, he got into politics because of his interest in that world.

Some media have reported that Krist Novoselic has a Krist Novoselic net worth other than from the music world. He has an impressive portfolio of properties which have been funded through his own private sources. He also owns multiple houses that he inhabits with his family.

What is Krist Novoselic’s Focus at now?

Novoselic retired from music because of the cases that ensnared several musicians. Disappointed with them, he chose to leave the industry altogether. Later, he soon found a new passion by participating through electoral reform and becoming an advocate for local musicians. He founded a company called JAMPAC that fights for the rights of young music fans.

Since mid-2017, Krist Novoselic has focused on playing bass and accordion for the band Giants in the Trees. Outside of his music career, Novoselic is also politically active and was involved in the formation of a PAC committee called JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Musicians Political Action Committee).

He writes about the difficult electoral issues of popular rock bands and builds a blog for the Seattle Weekly which is read by hundreds. After Novoselic announced that he was quitting writing to return to college, he still hasn’t quit the music business.

Overall, Krist Novoselic net worth comes from music band activities when he was their bass guitarist. Even without public recognition, his involvement in a number of royalties and sales of best-selling albums also contributed to Krist Novoselic net worth. He also made a lot of money from investments in the property business and so on.