Kevin Dillon Net Worth, American Actor

Kevin Dillon net worth stands at 10 million US dollars. Kevin Dillon is one of the veteran actors who often starred in several box office films. He has spent his life at the top because he understands how to build his audience and keep them coming back for more.

This is a good example of why Kevin Dillon net worth is considered to reach 12 million dollars. This rare opportunity that comes with fame and fortune is something that you may have considered if you have a considerable income coming as an actor, film agencies, and/or investments.

Summary table
Stage Name Kevin Dillon
Legal name Kevin Brady Dillon
Date of Birth August 19, 1965
Gender Male
Height 5′ 7″
Net worth $10 millions
Salary / earning / income per year $2,000,000 per year
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Informing Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon has been a TV actor for a while. He started in 1998 and still continues to work and show significant amounts of promise on the small screen. There are no signs he will be slowing down anytime soon, which is great to see.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Born Kevin Brady Dillon, he chose to leave his middle name as his stage name.
  • Date of Birth: Kevin Dillon was born on August 19, 1965 in New Rochelle, New York, United States.
  • Gender & Height: Dillon is a male actor with a height of 5’ 7”, which is relatively short for Americans.
  • Nationality:
    • Kevin Dillon is an American citizen who was born and raised in America.
    • He has Irish blood, but he is of the United States and enjoys his citizenship.
  • What is Kevin Dillon Best Known for?
    • Although he’s had various film and television acting credits, the majority of his career success is through portraying the role of Johnny “Drama” Chase in the Entourage series.
    • Kevin Dillon played a character named Bunny in the film Platoon, as well as Jon Densemore in The Doors.
    • He has been in many movies over the years and is even more well-known for his work.

Early Stages of Kevin Dillon

early life of kevin dillon

Kevin Dillon was a successful actor whose career was long, diverse & inspiring. He was born and raised in New York; made his career in films, moved into television and ended up as an accomplished actor on screen.

  • Education

Kevin Dillon is not well-known for his school work. However, we have confirmed that he attended Mamaroneck High School and graduated in 1989.

  • Family Life

Kevin Dillon was born to a mother named Mary Ellen and a father named Paul Dillon. Although we can easily find out Kevin Dillon net worth, there is very little information about his family. Kevin Dillon is known to have a very close-knit family of five siblings: one brother and four sisters. He has a younger sister named Katy Scholz and an elder brother named Matt Dillon, who is also an actor. The other three siblings are Kevin’s three brothers, Brian, Tim, & Paul Jr.

Kevin Dillon was married to Jane Stuart in 2006 but the two decided to divorce in 2019. From this marriage, they both have 2 children. However, it is not certain exactly what the names of the two children will be given Kevin Dillon’s expertise in maintaining a difficult name.

Kevin Dillon’s Career

kevin dillon's career

Kevin Dillon’s long career path started from roles in several films before finally he also landed roles in a lot of TV dramas. Kevin Dillon has had a number of successful roles, including his 3 most well-known roles in HBO’s Entourage (as Eric Murphy), the film Platoon (as Chris Aragon), and The Doors (as Jim Morrison).

Kevin Dillon movies and tv shows

Kevin Dillon has been in the film industry for decades! He starts out as an actor and eventually grows into a leading role. His career was recently catapulted by winning a part in Heaven Help Us.

Kevin Dillon net worth has increased significantly since the release of the movie. The revenue he generates from hit films and a contract work on TV shows has allowed him to return to TV screens. Some of his memorable roles in films include “War Party”, “The Doors”, and when he played the drummer of The Doors.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of the millennium, he began to switch from the world of film to the television stage. He appeared in the series That’s Life and 24 which aired on the CBS TV network. Kevin Dillon returned to the world of film in 2018 after a few years away. He took on the role of Poseidon in Hotel for Dog and managed to make the box office list for one of 2018’s best films which makes Kevin Dillon net worth or wealth go up .

He began his career in television when he landed a role on the show Entourage. This was until the series ended in 2015, making Kevin Dillon net worth increase over time. Until 2019, he had appeared in four films. He is in the process of shooting the film Reagan which will release in 2022.

  • Awards & Nominations

Kevin Dillon has received multiple awards throughout his career, including three Emmys and a Golden Globe. At one point, he was nominated in 89 different categories as an actor across six television series. Unfortunately, he didn’t receive any appreciation.

Kevin Dillon Net worth

kevin dillon businesses

Kevin Dillon net worth is between 10 and 12 million US dollars. He was a famous actor who was making lots of Kevin Dillon net worth or money during his career.

  • Real estate

Although media outlets have mentioned that he had a real estate investment of 5 million dollars, it is not implied in what properties he owns.

  • Income Detail

Kevin Dillon net worth doubled during his time playing the character of Eric Murphy in the series Entourage. At that time, Kevin Dillon net worth and income reached 2 million dollars. His salary from this contract was as much as $150,000 per episode. That’s almost 14 million dollars for 8 seasons of acting on Entourage!

  • How does Kevin Dillon make money?

From what we’ve been able to find so far, Kevin Dillon net worth is mostly due to his contract value as an actor. Dillon does not invest in any other fields and doesn’t have a side business.

Is Kevin Dillon Still Around?

Even though Kevin Dillon decided to quit Hollywood in 2018, he has at least 2 films that are confirmed to be released later that year.

  • What is Kevin Dillon Doing now?

Kevin Dillon is still doing a lot of work as an actor and is shooting a movie called Reagan, which is about the former American president Ronald Reagan. He will also appear in a movie not yet released but entitled A Day to Remember, followed by two sequels already released and one that is scheduled for release soon.