Kendrick Perkins Net Worth, Pro Basketball Player

Kendrick Perkins was a star on the 2008 Boston Celtics team that won the NBA title. He’s known for his work in basketball and for being one of the youngest superstars in the world with quite Kendrick Perkins net worth.

Kendrick Perkins had to take a number of risks in order to turn his passion into a career. He started out as an ESPN NBA analyst then went on to become the President and CEO of Next Level Fitness. He spends most of his time these days focused on cutting-edge fitness solutions & programs, something that appears to be paying off for him as he’s been able to make.

Summary table
Stage Name Kendrick Perkins
Legal name Kendrick Le’Dele Perkins
Date of Birth November 10, 1984
Gender Male
Height 6′ 8″
Net worth $40 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Nationality American

Individual Background of Kendrick Perkins

  • Legal name & stage name: Kendrick Perkins’ full name is Kendrick Le’Dele Perkins.
  • Date of Birth: November 10, 1984.
  • Gender & Height: This man has a height of 6’ 8”.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Kendrick Perkins Best Known for? Former professional basketball player or ESPN Analyst.

Early Stages of Kendrick Perkins

early life of kendrick perkins

Born in the Netherlands, John has been interested in basketball for a very long time. When he was little, he started playing and has competed in a few national championships.After enrolling in his school and participating in McDonald’s All-American Game, he was recruited by After graduating from college, he began playing for the NBA.

  • Education: Perkins attended Ozen High School in Beaumont Texas.
  • Personal Life: Kendrick Perkins married his girlfriend Vanity Alpaugh in 2009. From this marriage, they had their first child together who is now nine years old.

Kendrick Perkins’s Career

kendrick perkins's career
  • Basketball Player
    • Perkins has been on some great teams in his time, including his tenure with the Lakers. This includes the Boston Celtics (2003–2011), Oklahoma City Thunder (2011–2015), Cleveland Cavaliers (2015), New Orleans Pelicans (2015–2016), Canton Charge (2017–2018), and back again with the Cleveland team in 2018.
  • Kendrick Perkins’s NBA Career Bests
    • In the NBA, Kendrick Perkins had a number of records that are so proud when he was on the Boston team. He had good statistics in 2007 to 2008 with high points.
  • Television sports analyst
    • After his stint in basketball, Pete Perkins started to join ESPN & Fox Sports 1 to talk about sports on their shows and offer analysis. He later joined the TV shows The Jump, Get Up, First Take and SportsCenter in the new job.

Kendrick Perkins Net worth

kendrick perkins businesses

Kendrick Perkins has accumulated a Kendrick Perkins net worth through his work as an athlete. In addition to winning many illustrious championships, this athlete has also given back to the community. Kendrick Perkins is a professional basketball player that has made a lot of money throughout his career. In this article, you’ll be able to find out more about what Kendrick Perkins net worth is.


Who would have thought that this one athlete, who is quite famous for his amazing performances, has a Kendrick Perkins net worth of millions? Due to the success of his career and work, he reaches a Kendrick Perkins net worth of $40 million US dollars. This amount is the result of his hard work throughout his career in basketball.

Apart from being a pro basketball player, Kendrick Perkins’ income does not only come from this career. In fact he made a lot of money at earlier stages of his life and invested it in other businesses. Kendrick Perkins has been earning a lot of money using cryptocurrency as a way to sell products and support his music. Along with other passive income, this allows him to improve Kendrick Perkins net worth and lifestyle.

This ESPN contributor confirms he is making millions in his new business model. No animals were harmed during this process. French bulldogs are among some of the most charming pets and a lucrative breeding business. One of the sibling pair who started this family business at first bought a top-of-the-line Diesel for $18,000 and then purchased a female to breed with for $20,000.

His estimated income from the four puppies he has is $230,000. Perkins hopes to someday grow his business into reaching 7 digits. This is why he is investing time & effort into it now so if a career in broadcasting doesn’t pan out, he will have a backup plan.

Despite the paucity of data, Kendrick is still capable of doing well at work. But if there is a change in his main job, Kendrick can do other jobs to make up for the income. As a hobby, he started breeding dogs and this ultimately turned into his first career.


Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving has been playing professionally for almost 13 years. His career began in 2003, when he joined the league. From this perseverance, Kendrick Perkins has a luxurious big house to live in. Kendrick Perkins net worth is not only seen in the form of material money, but can also be seen in terms of property investment.

In July 2008, Kendrick Perkins purchased a Mediterranean style home for $850 thousand in Tomball, Texas. Built in 1999 this 2 story home is located in a subdivision of Haven Lake Estates. It features high end and luxurious amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool, car garage and a billiard room.


Kendrick Perkins owns a whole lot of cars, even including a luxury sedan and sports car. His total Kendrick Perkins net worth is about $40 million.

Kendrick Perkins’s Income

Kendrick Perkins is an American professional basketball player. Kendrick Perkins net worth is mostly obtained by what he earns from his sports-related career or other related jobs. Each game, he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in income simply by playing basketball! This athlete has a huge earnings!

In his basketball career, JaKarrar Perkins earned an estimated $57.75 million from the NBA according to a website called Spotrac. In addition, he made more than 17 million dollars with the Celtics, and 29.45 million dollars with the Thunder. Perkin’s growing wealth allowed her to have such a huge Kendrick Perkins net worth.

How does Kendrick Perkins make money?

Perkins’ first career was in the field of basketball. During his time in basketball, Perkins averaged 5.4 points per game. His success as a professional basketball player helped him amass a great fortune. Over time, if he continues to work at ESPN and Kendrick Perkins net worth increases, it would be a tremendous benefit to him.

Is Kendrick Perkins on Business?

After 4 years in Oklahoma, Perkins signed a contract with Cleveland to reach the finals again in 2015 and then 2018. In 2019, to be exact on April 5, Kendrick Perkins announced his retirement from the NBA.

After winning the 2008 NBA, Kareem left basketball. He once worked as a professional basketball player and now he is a content creator for ESPN. Kendrick Perkins shares his opinions with other world-level teams to give the average NBA fans opinion on life in the league. Kendrick Perkins net worth did so too, but he has made much more since then.

That’s some information about the details of Kendrick Perkins net worth. It is possible that his wealth is increasing every day thanks to their careers as ESPN analysts. This is thanks to the hard work he has put in so far and his commitment to have a future in broadcast journalism.