Katherine Jackson Net Worth – What Is She Doing Now?

Katherine Jackson is best known as the mom of legend Michael Jackson. She’s also an accomplished singer behind the scenes. But she never did much and created a career for her children.

Katerine Jackson is also famous as the matriarch of the Jackson family. Katherine Jackson net worth is $100 million Dollars. As the mother of 10 children and wife to Joe Jackson, her background is very interesting & she was one of few females in that time!

Summary tabel
Stage name Katherine Jackson
Legal name Katherine Ester Jackson
Date of birth May 4, 1930
Gender Female
Height 5’1” (155 cm)
Katherine Jackson Net worth $100 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Writer, Bank teller
Nationality American

Profile of Katherine Jackson

katherine jackson

Before discussing Katherine Jackson net worth, let’s first look at her biography. Katherine Jackson may be difficult to track down because of her vast wealth. Other things you may find interesting are her age, date of birth, height, and nationality. All this information will be discussed in this article.

  • Legal name & stage name:
    • In her youth, Katherine Jackson was born as Kattie B Screws.
    • Her real name is Katherine Ester Jackson.
    • When her children became famous, Katherine Jackson changed her name to make it easier to remember.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Katherine Jackson was born in Barbour County, Alabama.
    • She was born on May 4, 1930 to Prince Albert and Martha Screws. She grew up with her siblings.
  • Gender and Height of Katherine Jackson: Katherine Jackson has a height about 155 cm with a weight of 60 kilograms.
  • Nationality: Born in Alabama, Katherine Jackson would then be an American citizen because of this fact.

Best known for

Before discussing Katherine Jackson net worth, here is her best known for.

Katherine Jackson has always dreamed of becoming a singer and never giving up, even after struggling with having polio as a child.

After she married Josef Jackson and they began collaborating on singing projects, they had enough money to support their children. She finally decided to take care of his daily needs after being busy with work & raising kids.

She’s an amazing mother and a powerful musician. She started The Jackson Brothers in her honor to prove that talent doesn’t end with gender and that practice should be a part of everyone’s everyday life.

The Jackson Brothers changed their name to the Jackson Five after Michael Jackson joined them. Katherine Jackson is a woman who works behind the scenes for all their success of her children, especially Michael.

Katherine Jackson had a significant impact on Michael Jackson’s career and was celebrated as Mother of the Year by US National Magazine Assessment.

Matriarch of the Jackson family until now

Katherine Jackson is rightly famous for being a perfect mother. She has made a huge contribution to her family, especially her children. Her extraordinary skills have saved them from all sorts of dangers, she’s also an amazing wife makes for a well-rounded life.

That’s an interesting biography of Katherine Jackson who has had a major impact on her children’s careers. Even so, she did not start off easy either.

Katherine Jackson’s Young Age

katherine jackson net worth

Born as Kattie B Screws, since childhood Katherine dreamed of being a singer. However, she woke up one day to find out she had polio and would never be able to pursue that dream. But then fate seemed to step in & give another chance for her children.

Katherine Jackson continued to shine on despite having the dream of being eliminated. She and her family had moved to East Chicago when she was four years old. Then her father changed his name to Easter or screws.

After a few years in Chicago, his parents separated. Katherine studied at Washington High School until she graduated. Though his parents weren’t there to help her, she still wanted to pursue a career as a singer.

  • Katherine Jackson’s Education

There is no name for Katherine Jackson’s old school, but she attended Washington High School as a teenager. Even from there, she found his true love. It could be that Katherine Jackson net worth was accumulated because of her education.

  • Personal Life

Katherine spent a lot of time as a kid dreaming about the country star lifestyle. As she grew older, she felt disappointment but her passion never died. In Chicago, her parents divorced & that did not make Katherine want to stop singing country songs.

Katherine Jackson started playing in a school band when she was in high school. And it was there that she met Joe, who would later become her husband.

Katherine started her first date with Joe, who was at that time a professional boxer. After dating for about a year, they finally decided to get married and have 10 children. Michael Jackson, one of them is his son. It was from Michael Jackson that Katherine Jackson net worth grew.

Katherine Jackson Net Worth

katherine jackson net worth

How much is Katherine Jackson net worth? Katherine Jackson may not have been singing on stage but she gained a lot from her children’s career. One of her children became a legendary singer and also became one of the richest in the world. Want to know Katherine Jackson net worth?

  • How does Katherine Jackson make money

Katherine Jackson is a loving woman who wrestles with a complex family situation in which she’s trying to take care of her loved ones while making sure they stay healthy and happy.

With her 2021 estimated net worth around $120 million, Katherine Jackson is set to become one of the most successful members of the family.

The reason some predict that Katherine Jackson net worth will drop little by little is because she spent her money on raising her grandchildren. There is a fixed division given to all the grandchildren of Katherine Jackson

  • How much Katherine Jackson make per year?

Katherine Jackson net worth is certainly amassed from her several efforts. Katherine Jackson was given an allowance from her son to pay for her needs. Let’s say her son, Michael Jackson, gave about $67 thousand dollars. In addition, his mother also got 40% of the shares owned by Michael for herself.

  • Real Estate

With Katherine Jackson net worth, does she own a home? Katherine has been the guardian of her grandchildren since Michael Jackson’s death. She has also received a share of his inheritance, which was split among his three children.

  • Cars

With Katherine Jackson net worth, what kind of vehicle does she have? Despite her wealth, Katherine Jackson just drives a simple car. She still embodies the role of a mother figure who has smoothly guided her son to become a pop star.

  • Businesses of Katherine Jackson

Katherine dedicated her life to her family while she worked as a shop clerk to provide for her needs. However, after that she left and focused on teaching her son so that he could become a singer.

Alleged Kidnapping

In 2012, Katherine Jackson was suspected of being kidnapped by her brothers. The news has been widely reported by the media and it’s a trending topic on social media.

Even though Katherine is originally the one who called up, it turned out to be a fake news. She’s in good health and fit despite the news being untrue.

That is complete information about the struggle of a mother who dedicated her life to the careers of all her children, namely Katherine Jackson. A wonderful mother who gave her encouragement when her own dreams couldn’t be fulfilled.

That’s a pretty thorough account of the struggle Katherine Jackson went through to make sure her family was okay during the difficult times. Having this kind of support from your mother can mean the world.