Kate Chastain Net Worth, Wealth, and Luxurious Yachtie Life

If you have watched the earlier seasons of Below Deck, you might be familiar with Kate Chastain. Although her name is still associated with the reality show, the former lead stewardess had long quit the program.

With her quite lavish lifestyle, Kate Chastain net worth doesn’t only come from her contract in Below Deck. In fact, she had other sources of income after she left the show.

Do you know how much the total of Kate Chastain net worth is? Read on to know further facts about her.

Summary table
Stage Name Kate Chastain
Legal Name Kate Chastain
Date of Birth January 2nd, 1983
Gender Female
Height 5’4″ (1.63 m)
Net worth $300,000
Salary / earning / income per year $75,000
Profession Yachtie, TV Personality
Nationality American

Kate Chastain’s Background Identity

Before we get to Kate Chastain net worth, let’s take a quick look at the yachtie’s personal background.

  • Legal Name & Stage name: The Florida-born reality star’s real name is Kate Chastain. She uses the same name to introduce herself to the public.
  • Date of Birth: Kate Chastain was born on January 2nd, 1983 in Melbourne Beach, Florida.
  • Gender & Height: She is a 5’4″ (1.63 m) female.
  • Nationality: Kate Chastain was born in U.S.A and remain an American citizen until now.

Famous For

Kate Chastain biggest work, and probably also the biggest contributorr to Kate Chastain net worth, is the Below Deck reality show. The program which now is still produced by Bravo TV is all about the life of yacht crew members who work together.

Kate Chastain was one of the people involved since the very start of the show. She took the role of lead stewardess along with the head of the board, Captain Lee. Kate Chastain is definitely one of the top cast members throughout the entire aired shows. Although she quit Below Deck after season 6, she is still affiliated both with the program and Bravo TV.


Life Beginnings

Long before Kate Chastain net worth reach quite impressive amount, she worked hard from the bottom. The 39 years old woman was raised by her mother Jerri Renee, a housewife, and her father Michael Monastery, who happened to be a Rock Musician. When she was at the age of 7, both of her parents agreed to separate.

  • Education

A few sources said that Kate Chastain finished her high school education in El Camino Fundamental High School, Sacramento, California. It is unconfirmed whether the Florida-born went to California’s high school or not.

She then went to the University of Central Florida and graduated in her early 20s.

  • Personal life

Kate Chastain grew up with her two brothers and two sisters. She is currently not married. She once stated that she doesn’t really have a type, because she had dated various kinds of people.

Kate Chastain is known to have dated her fellow Below Deck cast member, the head chef Ben Robinson. They broke up in 2015.

She is also known for her former relationship with Ro Hernandez, an ex-pro football player from Spain who made an appearance in season 4 of Below Deck. There was an incident prior to their break up in 2016 where Kate Chastain physically attacked Ro Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend. For this allegation, Kate Chastain was arrested by Melbourne Police Department and released a day later after paying $5,000 bail.



Kate Chastain net worth was starting to raise after she started her career as a yachtie. At first, she planned on having a gap year after graduating from college, but then she fell in love with the glamors that yacht life offers.

She started her career as a laundry stewardess (third stewardess) at the age of 24, in 2007. Kate Chastain then worked her way up, while the yacht travels all over the world, until she got the lead position in stewardship.

Kate Chastain then joined Below Deck for the show’s second season as a Chief Stewardess. During her time on the show, she is known for her extravaganza party planning skill. She is still very involved with the show, even after she left, she still join Below Deck Galey Talk. It is a show where former casts and guests watch together and discuss the ongoing episode of Below Deck. 

After semi-retiring her yachtie life, she develops other career endeavors such as writing, broadcasting, and also starting a charitable business.

Kate Chastain Net worth

Here goes the information regarding Kate Chastain net worth. Compared to other female TV personalities, she might have less income, although it is still a quite fantastic amount of wealth. She also has managed to get other opportunities besides yachting that help her after she ended Below Deck contract.

Businesses and Belongings

After quitting the reality show, Kate Chastain published a book that tells the stories of her more than a decade living as a yachtie. The book which is titled Lucky Charming was released in 2016 and managed to be number 1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List.

Besides starting her writing career, she also built a non-profit business venture. She made a resale shop called Genetic Boutique in Melbourne, Florida. All the boutique’s profit is going to Genesis House, the organization that helps women and children with no home.

  • Real estate and Vehicles

Kate Chastain has been moving 7 times since March 2020, before finally settling in a place that she bought in early 2021. It is unclear where the property is located, but some sources said it is still in Florida.


Although she worked in yachts, Kate Chastain net worth doesn’t make her purchase a luxury boat for her own. Although, it is unclear whether some parts of Kate Chastain net worth comes in the form of luxury vehicles investment or not.

Income Details

With the esteemed amount of Kate Chastain net worth, it is no wonder that she earned approximately $75,000 salary per year.

  • How does Kate Chastain make money?

In summary, Kate Chastain net worth came from her profession as a yachtie, her contract with Bravo TV, and also her other business endeavor.

What is Kate Chastain Recently Doing?


Kate Chastain recently did an interview and talk about her life as a yachtie in BelowDeck. Her other activities can be followed on her personal social media.