John Hagee Net Worth, The Famous Pastor

John Hagee was a man of great wealth known as a seasoned pastor, writer, founder, and head of several successful Christian organizations. Of all these jobs and incomes, John Hagee net worth stands at $7 million.

Summary table
Stage Name John Hagee
Legal name John Hagee
Date of Birth April 12, 1940
Gender Male
Height 5’ 6”
Net worth $7 million
Salary / earning / income per year $100,000 per year
Profession Pastor
Nationality American

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John Hagee’s Background Identity

  • Legal Name & stage name: The stage name owned by John Hagee is the same as his real and legal name.
  • Date of Birth: This famous pastor who often appears on the small screen was born on April 12, 1940.
  • Gender & Height: His body is stocky and large, where it is written that his estimated height is 5 feet and 6 inches.
  • Nationality: American.

Celebrated For

This man is better known for his profession as a pastor. He also has a business under the name of Cornerstone church–a church founded by himself.

You don’t have to wonder why the John Hagee net worth is so abundant: His dedication to his work has been broadcasted on American and Canadian television.

He is also known as an actor, book writer, producer, and founder of Christian organizations. Like Christian united for israel, where he has the position of head and inventor.

Life Beginning

early life of john hagee

This man had many years of experience before joining the priesthood. He was an academic student before that. He graduated from Trinity University, San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in history and education.

This man was originally training to get a soccer scholarship. However, he eventually found the church of choice, and is now the fifth pastor in his family all from different generations.

  • Education

Prior to John Hagee net worth, he had a master’s degree in educational administration at the University of North Texas, Denton. He is also a graduate of Trinity University, San Antonio. In fact, he also received an honorary degree from the reputed university Roberts University.

  • Personal life

This man was married twice, first to Martha Downing in 1960 but they later divorced. Tish & John Christopher were born to this man after their parents got married. They are the light of his life.

Meanwhile, his sister Diana Castro has been married 3 times, and has 2 sons with her husban Hany and 1 daughter with her husband Chris. His father’s name is Willian Bythel Hagee and his mother’s is Vada Mildred Swick.


john hagee's career

Hagee has worked in the market for a long time and is well established. His salary, connections and influence make it possible to survive the tough times, plus he has got a job track that could last decades.

He began Cornerstone church in 1987 and started the 1981 A Night To Honor Israel Organization event. Since then, he has also been active in business and political careers. He was a supporter of the presidential election.

His career in politics began in 1996 when he supported Alan Keyes who finally lost in 2004. In 2006, his career spread with the action of forming the Christian United community for Israel.

Many careers in politics and religions often appear. Like his support for John McCain at the presidential election in 2008.

Criticism of some of his political decisions and public persona has been appearing over the course of his time in the public eye. His support of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, however, is a save topic that he still continues to discuss.

During this time, John Hagee also co-authored a book. That makes up a huge chunk of John Hagee net worth.

  • John Hagee books

Several of John Hagee’s books have religious themes. Some of them are God’s Two-minute warning, The Invasion of Demons, From Daniel to Doomsday, Final Down Over Jerusalem, Day of Deception, His Glory Revealed, and many others.

John Hagee Net worth

john hagee businesses

John Hagee net worth is estimated at $7 million. David has been in the entertainment world since the start of his professional career, which includes well-thought out estimations and other important jobs. The estimate is just one of many reasons he makes a wealth in this industry.


Besides his religious career and businesses, he also has careers in a variety of other fields. Most highlighted was the business and huge investment he had in the John Hagee ministries which had over 20,000 members. As a result, he also has a position as CEO of the organization.

Not only that, their business has branched out into several different media companies. Companies like NBC and Fox rely on his all-encompassing knowledge of Christianity to generate John Hagee net worth from viewers.

In addition, he has served in a number of leadership roles with the Christian multi-media empire and is head of Christians United For Israel. Some of these successful organizations are a huge income on John Hagee net worth.

Not only that, this man was also a famous writer. Some of his books were still related to religion. In fact, he was also active in the world of politics. Which one is more active in terms of being active with regards to conditions in Israel.

As a Christian religious figure, he uses social media to share the gospel. He’s dedicated to his work & business, and John Hagee net worth reflects that.

Which can be found on social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. E-commerce research company Socialbakers claimed that more than 3 million people follow these accounts.

  • Estate

A seasoned pastor, this man lives with his family and children in an elite estate in San Antonio.

  • How much does John Hagee make per year?

John Hagee net worth is $7 million, with an estimated annual income of $100,000.

  • How does John Hagee make money?

Hagee is a pastor and producer, writer, actor, president, member, and founder of the church. In fact, he was also paid from shares as CEO at John Hagee Ministries, Christian Evangelism television, and several other media publishing companies.

John Hagee is a best-selling author and many of his books have reached the top 20 list. It helped him obtain most of John Hagee net worth, which was made possible thanks to the royalties these books earned.

What is John Hagee Recently Doing now?

  • Is John Hagee Retired?

Although a good ol’ drabble of sadness affected him from the coronavirus, he still managed to stay standing. Especially after recovering from Covid, he is still actively giving da’wah online through his social media.

This man is still active as a religious member. He also continues to preach on his social media accounts. John Hagee net worth has persisted.

John Hagee Social Media (Twitter/Instagram/Youtube)

Even after he retired, he continued to focus on social media and was interviewed on a number of programs. Some of them are facebook accounts with the name Hagee Ministries which have 2.5 million followers.

There is also a Twitter social media account with the same name which has 462,000 followers.

His Instagram account is also given the same name, which has been followed by as many as 204 thousand followers. And the youtube account that is being run is Hagee Ministries with a total of 87 thousand subscribers.

As an influential religious figure, it is not surprising that his business generates a lot of John Hagee net worth – despite people being turned off by the old man’s tendency to speak about religion for a living. Even from other careers and businesses, John Hagee net worth reaches 7 million dollars.