John David Washington Net Worth – The Popular and Multitalented Actor

Having had careers both in sports and the acting field, John David Washington net worth has reached quite a decent amount.

As the son of a legendary Hollywood actor, John David Washington inherited his father’s talent and astonishing performance on the big screen. With such talent that he possessed, no wonder he left football to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

Do you know how much John David Washington net worth is as of now? Let’s delve together into his life and interesting career journey so far.

Summary table
Stage Name John David Washington
Legal Name John David Washington
Date of Birth July 28, 1984
Gender Male
Height 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Net worth $6 million
Salary / earning / income per year $960,000
Profession Actor, producer, ex-professional football player
Nationality American

Personal Identity of John David Washington

Before we get to know further details on John David Washington net worth, let’s first take a quick look at some of his basic information.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • The son of the famous and well-respected actor in Hollywood was named John David Washington upon his birth.
    • He keeps his full name as his stage name both in the football arena and the showbiz.
  • Date of Birth: His date of birth is on July 28, 1984.
  • Gender & Height: John David Washington is a 5′ 9″ (1.75 m) male.
  • Nationality: John David Washington is a U.S. Citizen.
  • What is John David Washington Best Known for?
    • John David Washington is considered a newcomer in the entertainment industry. He shot into the stardom when he played the role of Ron Stallworth in BlacKkKlansman, a 2018 crime movie directed by Spike Lee. He then starred in several critically acclaimed movies, such as Tenet (2020) and Malcolm & Marie (2021). John David Washington net worth has been accumulated from these various movies for the past few years.
    • Prior to his career as an actor, John David Washington is also known as an American football player. He played for college football and later in United Football League.

Formative Years of John David Washington

Long before John David Washington net worth and popularity is as much as it is now, he already lived under the shadow of his parents’ fame. He was the firstborn of an A-list celebrity couple, Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington. He had three siblings, a little sister, Katia Washington, and also the fraternal twin Malcolm and Olivia Washington.

As an actor, he already made a debut performance alongside his father in Malcolm X (1992) at the age of 7.

  • Education

John David Washington graduated from Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles in 2002. He earned a letterman status, because of his performance in football, basketball, and track varsity teams. He then attended Morehouse College and played as one of its football team players. He graduated from college in 2006.

  • Personal life

John David Washington is pretty close with his parents and three siblings. They often appeared together in several public events. However, he kept his romantic relationship secret. He is rarely seen with any females under the spotlight.


John David Washington’s Career

John David Washington started as a college football player during his senior year at Morehouse College. He was a notable player who scored astonishing records, which then brought him to pursue a further career in football. Upon his graduation from college, he was signed as an undrafted free agent by St. Louis Rams. In the following year, he played for the Rein Fire in offseason NFL Europe. Then, for the rest of his football career, he played for California Redwoods (now Sacramento Mountain Lions) in UFL (United Football League).

John David Washington’s acting career took off again in 2015, as he played the role of Ricky Jerret in Ballers (2015), an HBO drama series. The show received good reception and was aired for a good five seasons from 2015 to 2019. John David Washington then landed his first leading role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman (2017), where he played the detective, Ron Stallworth.

The film was getting huge appraisals from many movie festivals, including the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. After being released widely in the U.S., the show gained massive attention. Apart from the storyline and direction of the movie, John David Washington’s acting also got people’s attention. For his role in BlacKkKlansman, he was nominated for Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

After the huge success of his first box office movie, he then starred in other festival films, Monsters and Men (2018) and Monster (2018). Both of the movies were premiered and competed at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. With such impressive acting skills, John David Washington was then scouted by Christopher Nolan to play in his 2020 spy film, Tenet. 

John David Washington net worth is steadily increasing, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. He starred opposite Zendaya in the drama film Malcolm & Marie (2021), which was filmed under strict guidelines during the middle of the social distancing restriction. After appearing in several indie and major motion pictures, John David Washington is now reported ready to venture into the theater stage, by playing in the upcoming Broadway show, The Piano Lesson. 

John David Washington awards

John David Washington has been rewarded by a few nominations in prestigious movie awards. The movie which earned him the most nominations as best actor is the 2018 BlacKkKlansman. His latest win is in 2021, as Best Actor in 2021 Saturn Awards, for his role in Tenet.

John David Washington net worth increase and multiple awards nominations have proved his hard work in the industry for these past years.

John David Washington Net worth

John David Washington net worth is probably not as much as his father’s. As of now, he has accumulated not less than $6 million net worth.

  • Businesses: It is currently unknown whether John David Washington net worth is generated from any business ventures or not.
  • Real estate:
    • Since he is still at the beginning of his career, it is unclear if there are any property investments that contribute to John David Washington net worth or not.
    • The actor is currently living in Brooklyn, although for a brief period during the pandemic, he went back to live with his parents in their house.
  • Vehicles: There are no further details that disclose vehicle and cars ownership that added up to John David Washington net worth.
  • Earnings:
    • John David Washington net worth is the sum of his possessions and earnings, including his annual salary that is estimated at around $960,000.
    • In summary, John David Washington net worth is generated from his contract as an actor, and also a former football player.

What is John David Washington Project now?

In 2022, there will be a new Sci-Fi movie that comes out, titled True Love, featuring John David Washington.